Tuesday 18 May 2010

Denise Garfield and Lancaster Unity

harridan  – noun
a scolding, vicious woman; hag; shrew.

harridan - 1700, "one that is half Whore, half Bawd" ["Dictionary of the Canting Crew"]; "a decayed strumpet" [Johnson], from Fr. haridelle "a poore tit, or leane ill-favored jade," [Cotgrave, 1611], in Fr. from 16c., of unknown origin.

Normally I would take the time to rip the piss out of Denise Garfields psychotic rant on Lancaster Unity, but after reading it my eyes have started to bleed and I have a migraine. Its longer than the Das Kapital, and about as tedious.

Seeing as Denises last address was c/o of Rampton what else should we expect.

Anyway heres a song that Denises first (and only) boyfriend wrote about her, a paen to her beauty and elegance ;


Nuff said.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have schools in Kent Barnes, you illiterate bitter little moron?

Russia Truth said...

Typical deluded lefty. Facts are facts no matter how much retarded scum like Garfield try and deny them: BNP vote increase was the second best, proportionately we trounced UKIP. So, what the fuck is this stupid bitch going on about?

BBC: Full election results

Anonymous said...

Hey Garfield have you protested the ethnocide of white Africans?

If not, why not? are you in fact a racist? and a subversive marxist that will use every oppressive means you can muster to creat misery and a mass of the down trodden in order to usher in a deadly communist ideology?

Do you think you will have a special place saved for you in the communist power struggles and purges, was it not Searchlight who dumped your sorry ass due to the fact that the UAF is an embarrisment that is undermining their communist cause.

Thats the truth isnt it Garfield, an undemocratic communist agenda, lets be honest now, just for once.

Do you think Garfield that the immigrants who fled communism want more communism?

What to be the captive poor with no grammer schools to copete with people such as your priviledged selfs!

and why don't you give your job over to one of these oppressed people little miss middleclass?

You are a phoney and the funny thing is, through your stupidity you ave been exposed as such time and time agin through the mass media, the people now support the BNP just to annoy you marxist cretins!

Now get back to your crew of middleclass idiots who have never had to suffer at the hands of your policies and agenda, your praying on the innocent with indoctrination and lies that will eventually destroy their future would make Hitler proud and the rest of the country sick!

Again Garfield the public now see you and your hateful gang of thugs as the Nazis, ironic huh!

Still carry on you are the best recruting agents we have. you draw us publicity but rather than isolate us, you isolate yourselfs, you see liberalism and PC is yesterdays ideology, you are the past.

Red Squirrel said...

Denise Garside is a bitter and twisted carpet muncher.
Nuff said.