Monday 17 May 2010

The Key To Power In the Multi-Cultural Process


Anonymous said...

Try starting with the control of the money supply, then the control of the politicians, then the media, then oppress the majority.

That is the secret of Multiculturalism, nothing else.

Defender of Liberty said...

You are correct that the media, economics and politics are not in our hands and that we need to reclaim them back so that they represent our community interests - but that is an end goal, not a methodology to get us into power.

I am interested in a methodology that allows our community to organise, to promote our interests in the multi-cultural system and that allows us to get into power.

Once we are in power then any group that seeks to prevent the democratic majority restoring power to themselves in relation to the media, economics and politics via the right to pass laws to allow us to do so - then they must be regarded as a threat to democracy and treated as such.

alanorei said...

As you'll be aware, Lee, the written British Constitution becomes a decisive weapon in this respect.

The documents of 1215, 1688 etc. are the foundation for our rule of law and self-governance*.

*God-guided, according to the KJB.

And for punishing the traitors who've subverted this foundation, also for getting out of Europe, dismantling multi-culti-ism, expelling Islam and reversing immigration.

extant said...

Excellent lee,
this is what I keep banging on about, organisation and unity , no matter what !!

All for one and one for all, and all that..

Ironic I know but Boudica also lost the battle of our Homeland,simply through just disoranisation.

Please watch-

YouTube - Warrior Women - Boudica 5

extant said...

Watch part 5, it is the most important display of what the narrator expains at 7 minutes on' as a spectacular mark of utter failure-

YouTube - Warrior Women - Boudica 5

Anonymous said...

Democracy and multiculturalism ? in the sentence ?

Multicultural process what is that?

Jews have dominated and for the most part directed Western European societies for a long time ...

I have never heard of Jews of any kind standing up and objecting to the flooding of immigration into Britain and our disfranchisement ...

Defender of Liberty said...

Err Pat Richardson of the BNP is Jewish, and she is a BNP councillor who objects fiercely to mass immigration and a true patriot and nationalist.

Defender of Liberty said...

and is a true nationalist and patriot that should say

Rijker said...

Pat is Jewish, but not the sort of Jew we're talking about, Lee.
"We have a Jewish councillor" is old hat now, and Pat, like many Jews is very anti-the other sort.
Let Pat speak out against the other sort, then we'll see some movement on this issue.

Anonymous said...

The exception makes the rule huh Lee?

Now did we just see you deconstruct your whole speech in that one sentence about the success of people fighting for their own ethnic agenda in others countries and how sucessful and worthy it is as they have this feeling of kin ship that we lack!

Which is it Lee, one or the other?

Defender of Liberty said...

Its not Pats job to speak out against anyone, its her job to represent the BNP and her constituents.

I have explained previously that there are three types of Jews in Britain - orthodox religious Jews who represent their own community and who are often anti-Zionist, there are Zionist Jews with dual nationality that represent the interests of their own Zionist Jewish community and who are loyal to Israel before Britain and who are of all political affiliations and there are assimilated Jews who are British by culture and nationality and who like Pat have no loyalty to Israel and Zionism but are 100 % loyal to Britain.

The first type have been very succesful at representing the interests of their own community as have the second, whilst the last are as British as we are and represent the interests of the British Nationalist community.

We have to learn from the two types that represent their own communities, at the same time as we assimilate those who put the interests of Britain first.

There is no one Jewish group, they are as varied as we are. But the ones who have suceeded the most are the Zionist Jewish community - and we have to learn from them as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

Power comes by demographics as well. The Islamisists in Europe are trying to outbreed the natives with a birth rate which will see the natives become minorities in Holland, Germany and England within 40 years.
Nigel and Fiona with their children Oliver and Mia will soon be a minority if not in their private school definately at the local red brick uni.

Anonymous said...

Japanese may pick Robots over immigration.....or an advanced society chooses technology and further advance over cheap labour and decay.

alanorei said...

I suggest that Cllr Richardson is true to her Jewish religion:

"And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace" Jeremiah 29:7.

Any anti-British Jews are therefore disobedient to their own religion. They have made "a covenant with death" Isaiah 28:15, 18 and will inevitably suffer the consequences, as the chapter shows.