Sunday 16 May 2010

Michael Shrimpton QC on YouTube

Link Here ;

I was most interested by his talk, though I suspect he is working to an agenda whereby the US, Israel, the Zionists, the British intelligence services etc and the big bankers all see Germany as a useful scapegoat to divert attention from that they are doing - the idea that Iran is shipping in cocaine into Europe via mini submarines, that the Titanic was sunk to kill all the bankers on board to ensure the german intelligence services run the banks of the world etc etc are all interesting but it comes down to one issue ;

Cui Bono

who benefits from Michaels thesis - all those who want to stay in the shadows and hide whilst germany is blamed for the ills of the world from running Al Qaeda to kidnapping Madeline Macann for an EU paedophile ring.

Israel, the Zionists and the US.

I would like to ask him these questions and get his response.


Ade said...

Glad you put this up Lee, I have severe Problems with this talk.
Firstly I had several email interchanges with Shrimpton which I passed on to BNP.
He claims that 9-11 was not an inside Job, that the Iraqi's were behind 9-11 etc, failing to account for the Thermite and all the other stuff, molten steel or the free fall collapse of three buildings severasl hours after the attacks by just TWO planes.
Not to mention all of the other stuff.
Is Germany behind the Olympis Log.
If you look into Shrimpton you will see lots of Israeli links, Friends of Israel etc.
It was Sharon that said, 'We own America, and America knows it'
In the video, he claims British intel are the good guys.
Look into the use of depleted uranium in Iraq and the fact that 1.2 million have died violently since our invasion.
Another serious ommision is the swine flu, he states that it was a Bioweapon, which I think many wuld agree with, but he claims it was an attack on Mexic because they were interfering in German run drugs.
There are two serious faults with this scenario, anyone with half a Brain would know that if you want to attack a country, you don't do it with a Virus, simply because it isn't going to stay in that country very long but will spread to other countries.
The people who released Swine flu may be deranged, mass murdering psychos, but they're not stupid.

The Mexican origins on swine flu also fail to take into account the 'accidental' explosion of a swine flu container on a swiss train

Swine flu container
Exploded on a Swiss Train

The Swine flu release was not an attackk on Mexico but an attack on Humanity by the Globalists.

At least he confirms the Fed and Bank of England are Private Companies.

All in all, my best guess is that the Euro may be set to fall, or the EU put under severe strain, this will be blamed on Germany, Europe gets into a big squabble again, they let us knock our selves to bits for a few months then in comes the UN.

Job Done, Global Control, welcome to the New World Order.

Watch out for more demonisation of Germany and maybe France, stirring the British people towards hating our neighbours.
Even if Germany were to blamre for all our ills, all we need do is tear up the treaties and tell the EU to fuck off, no war necessary.
Start coining our own money, rebuild our industries, stop poisoning our kids with Mercury, and nutrient depleted foods courtesy Agenda 21, watch our country and people prosper,
Other eu people would say, hey, why cant we have that too, that's how you defeat the EU.

Shrimpton is leading us to a war in Europe on behalf of the Globalists.

Ex Italian President reveals 911 run by Mossad and the CIA

Ade said...

There is much truth in what he is saying of course.
The Fed and Western Banking Institutions
Are Private Companies

Including the Bank of England

If he is at liberty to say that why isn't Komrad Kameron.

If it's German, it certainly isn't the German people who are being exterminated just as much as we are.
Also, look at the Demonization of the German Psyche with repeated use of the Holocaust.

So Germany is using Vicious Pychological warfare against its own people, exterminating its own people so they, like us will end up as minorities within decades.

Is Bernanke German, Greenspan, Geitner, Mervyn King, Rockefeller, Rothschild etc etc.

Even if it were Germany, we don't need a war, just tear up the treaties.
What could they do against


Is it Germany waging a pychological war against our people via the media, OK, is it Germany selling our Gold, giving away our industries, our fishing grounds, destroying our farming, No its Whitehall and Westminster.

But presumably shrimpton is suggesting, Whitehall and Westminster is going to lead us to war against those Nasty Germans again.

Germany is not the enemy, certainly not the German people, Our Govt are the enemy, they have sold out to the Globalistst.
Western |Europeans are being exterminated and now we are being told we need to go to war in Europe.

NO, all we need do is tear up the Treaties, that's how you defeat the EU, because then the French and the German people themselves would demand the same.
It looks to me like the Globalists are engineering another European War.

Last night of the Proms

Ade said...

The release of this Video is significant proof that there is an intention on the part of the British Establishment to lead the British people and Europe into another war under the Pretence of us gaining our Sovereignty, which the sheep will fall for unless they can be educated about the real intention,
which, as with all their other engineered crises, like the Global war on terror, Global Warming, Global Pandemic, and a Global Financial Crisis,

is all about Global Governance.

All the Globalists need now is produce some Saviour wrapped in a Union Jack to lead us all into War singing Rule Britannia.

Anonymous said...

So who will lead the call for this nonsense European war? well the only people there at the head of european nations right now now are all NWO clones so if they declared war they would in fact be declaring war on themselfs!

I see the NWO setting us up for a European war, who benefits from this war as in all other wars - the rothschilds, yes the very poeple he praises.

Mny of the people he praises are in fact the biggest screameers for the NWO yet he claims the NWO is a german based construct!


join the dots!

Lee why did you post such obvious nonsense? unless it was to illustrait, their dangerous propaganda in action!

Adrian, should be head of the BNP NWO watch, get him a seat on the advisery council now.

He will be your most important asset over the next 5 years.

and no I am not kidding.

Anonymous said...

Adrian is pot on again, lee I am serious please consult nick on making Adrian a BNP, NWO adviser.

he would also help significantly in our future stratagy in countering the NWO and our policies and emphasis needed to get the peopl on side.

Anonymous said...

If we go to war in europe who will be fghting in it and dying in it?

will it be the duel passport holders who can leave at the drop of a hat and then return later!

will it be the illegal immigrants?

Defender of Liberty said...

I posted it show you that the fact if someone is well spoken, intelligent, nice and decent that doesnt mean they can be regarded as reliable.

The British Nationalist movement is in many ways a a snobbish movement, with its perpetual assumptions that 'we need someone with a middle class accent, who went a public school as leader' etc etc

Michael Shrimpton obviously cares about our country, is well educated, has the perfect middle class accent and is intelligent and erudite - yet we can see that he would be exactly the wrong kind of leader for nationalism because of what he believes.

Its not how well you speak that should make you a leader of nationalism, not what school you went too and not your accent nor the tailor of your nice suit - it is only ideas that matter.

I am sick of seeing on forums like the British Democracy Forum people saying 'we need to get rid of nick and put in a new leader' and then basing their decision on simply how well the person speaks !

Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

If you sound common people assume you are thick, this is often because common people can have trouble articulating themselfs and even if they were correct in a debate would come out worse off as a skilled manipulator of words can appear to win the argument using all kinds of tricks.

also a middleclass person is also generally less ignorant of the world view due to a superior education and so has more tools to call on in a debate.

even common sounding people prefer to be represented by an articulate middleclass person as they feel their message will be conveyed better, as long as that person truly tries to represent them.

as for BNP leader being middleclass or at least sounding middleclass(sounding middleclass is probably mor important than being middleclass), this is in fact quite important, The reason being that it is often claimed that the BNP are all working class oiks, thugs etc and the middleclass leader helps to dispel that image helping to appeal to the middleclasses while still apealing to the working classes, a working class leader is someone both groups would rather avoid unless the alternatives were really unpalatable.

now that is not to say that a working class leader would be worse at running the show, it could be that he is far better, only a rarer animal is an articulate working class man with a world view of politics.

But that common man would still be a hard sell do to perceptions.

You are the perfect example, you sounds like a east end taxi driver when you get going on a rant(nothing wrong with that), but this instantly gives the general impression of someone who is possibly thick, yet you are clearly one of the most intelligent people around in politics today, but would i want you as the front man to sell the party to the masses?

probably not, though if you gave me the choice of an incapable middleclass snob and you, you would win every time.

Unfortunately that is just the way the public works, which is also in some ways how people can be swayed to vote on the way a candidate looks.

so yes it does matter, unfortunately.

Adrian Peirson said...

So we Western Europeans are being aborted, sterilised, gangraped murdered and flooded out of existance, and Michael Shrimpton QC is suggesting the best strategy Western Europeans can adopt is to kill each other in another war.
Noithing whatsoever to do with Communism and setting up the Soviet people all around the World.

Senator Traficant on the Israel Lobby


Israeli Penetration of Western Intel and Communications


Of course all Countries spy on each other, that's to be expected, and this does not mean of course all Israelis are evil anymore than all Muslims are evil, the people at the very top maybe.
Bush and Blair are not Muslim or Israeli but they are most certainly evil when you consider what's happened in Iraq and elswhere like Serbia with the concentration camp lie.

Albert Einstein, Feynman, Barbara Streisand, Gell Mann, Gershwin, Rachmaninov, Elmer Bernstein, Aaron Russo, Dr Leonard Horrowitz and many many others are certainly not and humanity would be much less without them.

The Israel Lobby

Then look at Peter Power working for Visor Consultants on 7-7 for a company of 1000 people.

Peter Power Visor Consultants

David Shaylor ex MI5 on 7-7

8 months after 7-7 the home office released an official statement saying the bombers boarded the 7:40 from luton.

Guess what, the 7:40 according to thameslink was CANCELLED on 7-7.

David Shayler Sky News Part 1

Anonymous said...

Tory eurosceptics seek referendum

Conservative eurosceptics are planning an attempt to force a referendum on the EU’s Lisbon Treaty within the next few months, it has been revealed.

Tory MP Douglas Carswell said that he and colleagues are planning to take advantage of a minor technical change to the Treaty to trigger a public vote.

The move would be a headache for Prime Minister David Cameron, who dropped his “cast-iron guarantee” of a referendum on the Treaty after it was ratified into European law last year.

And it would provide an early test of the unity of the new Tory coalition with the strongly pro-European Liberal Democrats.

hands up who thinks cast iron Dave will give us a referendum? The BNP should bpublicise this now and build it up as then when dave betrays the party the BNP will have beeen right all along.

Anonymous said...

Without Nick the BNP would have collapsed many times over and would be about as effective as the NF.

Nick need to rule with an iron fist as there are plaenty that want to destroy the party, that iron fist may not make Nick popular at the top but without it there would be no BNP worth a damn.

Ignore the losers and traitors and move on, Nick is doing just fine.

Not so long ago the BNP was one man and his dog, now nick has built it up and kept it alive all the maggots want a slice of the pie.

If only `i` was the leader blah blah blah, bollocks, you would all be eaten alive by paxo and co, you would be a laughing stock. the only people that could compete in this field are not so good for other reasons.

Brons too old to have wide ranging appeal.

Lee barnes, sounds too common for mass appeal and has a track record of outbursts that look unprofessional - even if he is right.

jonathan bowden, intellectually capable, but lacking charisma.

Simon darby, likable but not as good at debating as Nick and not as driven.

No one else comes close at this moment in time.

so shut up muppets and get on with it or expose yourselfs as moles, plants and morons.

Anonymous said...

Besides i'm bored already of the anti Griffin crew, if they can do better go form your own party rather than trying to destoy this one, if you are all so good, you will win the next general election, right? but you won't because not one of them is worth a toss, move on, nothing to see, Nick ran a pretty good election, nothing else needs to be said and the website is better than ever, no more distracting crap all over it.

BGD said...

How do Lee,

The man sounds almost like a LaRouche but with less willingness to advance any evidence for his strange pronouncements. And looking at his face and the Colonel's I'd say their animosity towards the Boche is at least partially ethnically driven. Shame the seemingly well heeled audience are on-side.

On your comment above I think you must admit that class still has a strong impact across all social segments in this country. Working class suspicions of middle class and vice versa and a thousand other permutations.

Unfortunately appearances count for more than it should in British politics. As we all know if ideas were the main currency neither the Lib-Dems nor the Conservatives would be where they are right now.

Doesn't mean it's right or that I agree with it BTW.

Defender of Liberty said...

Interesting comments.

The way I look at is that the BNP is primarily a working class party - so why not have an individual, male or female, of the working class who connects to that audience ?

I am not interesting in leading any political party - I am more interested in the struggle on the streets than in Parliament.

The idea of being a leader of a political party, or being an MP, would bore me rigid - thats for people who enjoy that sort of thing, I need a bit more of a 'buzz' than that.

I am more of a John Lilburne radical - whilst nationalism needs an Oliver Cromwell.

Wait until Nationalism creates its New Model Army - then I will find my home amongst its ranks.

I am an agitator and polemicist, whilst politics needs politicians.

But that doeant mean we should expect, or want, any future leaders in the nationalist movement just to be always middle class with a middle class background - dont you think people are getting a bit sick of the Blairite bollocks and politics being about the middle class mafia ?

I personally believe that the next populist nationalist leader who takes nationalism to Parliament in the future will be a man of the people, a working class man, probably ex-military and a decorated soldier, who can engage the working class directly as a member of the working class - I also believe the politics of appealing to the middle class has run its course.

The future is a growth in the working class and radicalisation of the working class as the economy collapses - so the person who can engage with that class will win their support.

The middle class era of economics and politics is about to end, whilst a new militant class war based on working class radicalism is about to begin.

BGD said...

To "anonymous" above...

**Regardless of the merits or otherwise of the case** I agree.

Firstly there isn't a visible champion that could seamlessly take on the role and also get the support and consent of the wider party. That person if / when they did emerge would have to take on a role similar to that which NJG originally did and write for the publications or something to show his thought-leadership credentials and create faith in the wider party(and nationalist community).

Secondly there is the practical issue: if Nick doesn't want to pass on the baton it seems clear that he couldn't be forced to. The constitution was rewritten various times to keep John Tyndall out and then was rewritten again to keep Nick Griffin in.

Anonymous said...

This chap is obviously plainly nuts. It is worrying if anyone takes him seriously.
Ethnic Germans will be a minority in their own land within 40 years and have the lowest birth rate in Europe. Been to Berlin or Hamburg recently? The largest mosque in Europe is being built in Cologne at present and there was no significant opposition.
He seems similar to Major Walker in the 1970s who used to write books about how the Brits were the lost tribes of Israel. He was well spoken as well.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article on the NWO timeline.

"April 1972 – In his keynote address to the Association for Childhood Education International, Chester M. Pierce, Professor of Education and Psychiatry in the Faculty of Medicine at Harvard University, proclaims: “Every child in America entering school at the age of five is insane because he comes to school with certain allegiances toward our founding fathers, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being. It's up to you, teachers, to make all of these sick children well by creating the international child of the future.”"

Russia Truth said...

I have just watched the entire Shrimpton video and I am left with the over-riding feeling he is, in some way, a con-man. He makes many interesting points, no doubt.

As regards the idiots slagging off Nick Griffin, you will find that they are moronic chaff that don't know their arse from their elbow; therefore anyone who listens to them is equally stupid.

Lee, you have the right idea, and you exert much influence on the thinking nationalists, keep up the great work. You are the best example of a nationalist because you are beyond politics. Brilliant stuff.

BGD said...

Regarding working class revolution and a champion from that quarter I say character will overcome all. The right person can bring together everyone under his banner. I think a mid level (i.e. not Sandhurst type) military man would serve very well. If he would but show himself (and not get sent straight back to ze front). Not sure I agree on the revolutionary working class part but, another day.

On another issue regarding your cultural entrenchment arguments. I have just been rereading (more scan reading) Sean Gabb's Cultural Revolution, Culture War. Which put an idea in my head. It strikes me that the children's club element that you mention could be open to all but perhaps by the methods outlined below whether in an inner city yoof club or a commuter belt village would likely only attract our people by the following method (of course this can be but one cultural element as a branch on the wider tree):

Have a society / charity that functions through a website run by a definite non-member of the BNP or similar group (but who won’t likely bend to the politically correct currents or flattery or manipulation of various sorts.)

The function of the society would be to collate pertinent (and non-standard) episodes from British (and European) history that have been put into the memory hole. Get a few Victorian books out of the British library and drill down into our own knowledge resources.

These days the main historical teaching in schools is based around moral lessons for the progressive age (Hitler, Stalin, slavery). So there's a void to fill.

Done well it would encourage the spread of “Sunday school” type classes for children to be entertained by stepping back into time. Sounds a bit like American home schooling but this is intended to be lessons and a perhaps active fun for kids. Jackanory with muskets.

On the one hand there could be lessons on inspiring & terrifying historical episodes in a Boy’s Own style and on the other a syllabus about the impoverishment of the majority and the fuller freedoms that all Britons only came into under a century ago and are now being made to give up.

The website would function as a resource for 30 minute set pieces & talks on particular subjects and one or two of these can be delivered in a sitting depending on requirements. Then locals around the country can somehow get accredited and be listed on the site and generally come together and arrange one a week and deliver them by hiring out halls, corners of parks (maybe invite some re-enactors), houses, gardens etc.

As we know our history doesn’t have a real resonance with those who’s ethnic histories lie elsewhere (and if it does, well then, good for them). It would implicitly make the attendees aware of their ancestors, their place in that story and therefore themselves as part of that ethnic grouping.

A firm rule (with exclusion as a penalty) would be no current politics whatsoever, nor idle chatter among the parents at the back for the NoW to gatecrash & splash over the front cover (at least until the adults bona fides had been firmly established and people met afterwards)

The main website would have listings of local groups as the society grew for people to search for online (and / or set up their own). At each sitting there would need to be a level of parental supervision (to prevent cranks derailing) but also act as a way of reawakening that part of the racial soul of the parents and inspiring them to get more involved too so each participant agrees to put in 5/10/15 hours a month or something.

Its non-political background would make it somewhat untouchable (or harder to lay a glove on) but its real purpose would be obvious to the usual progressive suspects though I assume those opposed to it could only bring it publicity by trying to denounce it. And hopefully if the structure and PR is properly calibrated their slings and accusations can be deflected back at those who questioned the right of people to participate in such activities and thereby be an own goal.

Anonymous said...

According to Mr. Shrimpton's own CV he has: represented US and Israeli intelligence officers; held an Adjunct Professorship of Intelligence Studies in the US; and has previously had 'red phone' access to Dick Cheney (the then US Vice President).

Adrian P said...

Mr Shrimpton is giving us false info or if he is himself merely passing it on.
The Idea of German Intelligence is misleading in itselfe because it is becoming increasingly obvious that our intelligence services do not work for us or our country.
That may not be true of all operatives but the CIA for example is relatively well known to be a law unto itself, reguloarly caught smuggling drugs into the US.
Black ops funding from Drugs money etc.
Mr Shrimpton would say yes they are controlled through Germany, well, why Germany, why not some Supranational entity.

The german people are being wiped out as we are, the 'German' intelligence doesn't appear to be working for the benefit of the German people, perhaps we are not dealing with 'German' intelligence but a supranational organisation that has Hijacked German, British and US Intelligence.

That's the way it looks.

Amazing isn't it he reports an Iranian sub firing a modified Phoenix, ( an Air to Air weapon isn't it developed for the F14 tomcat) from a surface vessel.

We should buy some of those from the Iranians they sound useful.

Anyway, has it not occured to him / them to wonder in whose interests it might be to blame Germany and Iran on recent aledged events.

Whoever controls German Intelligence has no loyalty to the German people, they are going to end up being wiped out just as we are.

Who do we know that would like to see western civilization and Islam knock each other to bits, in a mid east war and civil war in Western Europe.

Where do all roads lead to.....

Do try to keep up Mr Shrimpton.

Warburg he claims was head of German intelligence, OK, so what, that does not mean he was working for the German people.

Who was warburg working for, Germany or the International Bankers.

The Jekyl Island deal and WWI

My limited understanding of WWII is that Hitler kicked out the Marxists who were undermining German society, He took control of the money supply and that's how 'Hitler's economic miracle' came about.

They retaliated

Eventually persuading the West to wage War against Germany, Germany was defeated and the Central banking system reinstalled.

After WWII the internationalists decided to subvert the whole of Europe, rather than just Germany.

The war ended in 1945, HMS windrush docked in 1948 we were told this was to replace the workers lost to war, but how many could or were shipped in.
Had a famikly friendly policies been introduced, within 20 yrs they woiulod have had several million extra workforce, I'm quite sure this would compare well with the numbers shipped in by Windrush.
In other words to my way of thinking, Windrush was about Genocide, continuing where the Marxists left off before they were kicked out of Germany by Adolph.

Cultural Marxism

Hitler's own writings suggest he never wanted war with England arguing he needed another Western Christian Bulwark against Communism.

Don't forget all through this there was the Red Army poised to roll into Europe once Britain and Germany had knocked each other to bits.

Is this why Hitler attacked Russia, because he knew they intended to sweep into Europe once Germany and Britain were sufficiently weakened.

There is some considerable coherence in the above, especially when what is happening is western civilization now appears to mirror what was going on in Germany before Hitler took control.

My best guess, and I'm not a historian, nor have I looked to much into the details but my best guess is we have been lied to on the reason for WWII.

As General George C Patton said.

'We fought the wrong enemy'

Anonymous said...

One thing people may skip over is the fact that America and Britain controlled germany post WW2, it would have also installed its own spy network and would not have tollerated anyothers, this is during the cold war remeber.

using this external spy group set up by the NWO americans and british in germany it could target anyone it wanted, such as British and american intelligence and work outside of said groups, meaning they had a licence to do anything it wanted.

then we get back to the speaker who then tries to point the finger at the germans when it was the NWO all along.

Adrian Peirson said...

Just watched the whole thing all the way throughj again, it seems the German people have been sold out by their Govt, as if we didn't know that already with their mass immigration policies.
Shrimpton goes on about lack of real leadership in the UK, yet is quite happy for this lack of leadership to lead us into war against a Sovereign nation.

As if the aledged German Intel assets are going to be in Dachau when the war starts anyway.
According to him anyway German assets are already installed all over the West, no need for an invasion of Germany.
And post invasion, what good does carving up Germany do.
Let's see, the NWO Carved up Yugoslavia on a lie.

The Picture that fooled the world

Nothing to do with the NWO or divide and conqEUr eh Mr Shrimpton.

Then there is England, Broken up into five regions for the NWO's EU.

What Shrimpton is suggesting is simply a carve up of Germany in the same way that Britain is to be carved up into EU regions.

Apart from an obvious carve up for the NWO, having defeated Germany, what possible use is there in carving up Germany.
None its simply cutting Germany down to size for the EU, like we did with Serbia all based on lies.

It;s easy to spot traitors, wars are not necessary, they surrender sovereignty, give away fishing grounds,sell off your industries, flog your gold off cheap.
And borrow rather than coin our own money, in othere words, Parliamengt is full of them.
Any word on addressing these issues, apparently not, Shrimpton appears quite content to allow these bunch of Treasonous scumbags to lead us to war in two yrs.
Which means cast Iron dave.

So cast iron, a man of not any real substance is ok to lead us into war against those naughty germans who have been flooding us with drugs.
90€ of the drugs come from Afghanidtan, we are there not the germans.
This talk is so full of holes.

So we are going to war against germany because they asre behind the eu and we dont want to be, but they darent give us a referendum cos we might say no.
Yep, makes sense to me.

This war is to carve up Germany, to cut her down to size for the EU.
Possibly the war will go badly and after yet more British troops killed, over several months the NWO's UN will need to step in and adminster Europe.

Job done.

Are we going to do anything about the aledged german assets in Britain before we attack, who does Blair work for now, the bankers isnt it, what about Major, where will Brown end up, in the IMF most likely.

This talk is so full of holes,

Look at depleted uranium in the gulf and the thousands of deformities being suffered.

Depleted Uranium

Don't tell me, let me guess, the Germans force our troops to use them.

And although we want to, the Germans wont let us destroy the poppy crop in Afghanistan.

Shrimpton is NWO, they intend to do to the German people what they did to Serbians and will later do to us,

Adrian Peirson said...

Did I hear correctly, at a time when we have thousands of Russian Tanks and tens of thousands of Russian troops in Western Europe, Israel intends settling a few scores in the Mid East, like Iran and syria for Example.

And Russia is Allied to Iran.

Great Idea Mr Shrimpton,
who put this little plan together,

A rapid ramp up of Forces, let me guess, there are lots of minorities in Germany, this will require ethnic minority units setting up in the British army who will then be posted back to Great Britain, for the Riots.

Why do I get the impression this is simply what the Communists have been engineering all along, Carving up Serbia, no Germany, look at the EU's map of Great Britainall carved up to.
This is the same agenda under the pretence of getting us out of the EU.

Get Britain and Germany to knock each other to bits then let the Red army Roll ( IE the Communist inspired UN ) into Europe.

That was the plan in WWII and the UN takes the place of the Red army in this little scenario.

And based on past experience, the Sandhurst Tea set will probably walk right into it.

If you're a patriot, we're on our own, forget military intelligence.

a rapid Ramp up of capability, mmmmm let me guess, are we going to Borrow money to do this ?

War and the Bankers

Adrian Peirson said...

Shrimpton's plan looks like EU Regionalization

Syria and Iran are known NWO Targets so this plan to carve up Germany looks like EU Regionalization to me, so it's business as usual, like the lies tha led to Serbia being carved up.

This is a European neighbour, what about the harm to the National Psyche of the German people when these lies are made more public.
Three times they have been made scapegoats.

Even if this German intelligence crap were true, the key players and evidence are not going to remain in Germany.
Is Angela Merkel to be arrested, and if she is not and representgs the Govt, then why can't the German Govt, along with the military close down this aledged inteligence group.
Publicise what is going on and the German people can deman the (aledged) inteligence network be closed down.
Do the German people want their country to be carved up, have they been asked, sounds to me like its all been decided already.

If the drug trade is so bad, who is gaurding it in Afghanistan where 80% of heroin is grown, it's British and US Troops.
Why not destroy the crop.

Could it possibly be that

We are the drugs traffickers

More on the Anglo Dutch Drugs trade

It's quite amazing that through the use of words and censorship we can be involved in the deaths of 2 million Iraqi's since Gulf war 1, start wars based on lies in the Mid east, and the Balkans, and still most Brits believe we are 'the good guys'

Adrian Peirson said...

If Germany were behind the drugs trade, 80% of which flows from Afghanistan what would be the best way to cut German Intel funding.

Destroy the poppy crop, something German Intelligence is Specifically suggesting

But Nato and the German Parliament ( read EU ) says no.