Tuesday 25 May 2010

Simple Tips for Activists

1) Dont use your work laptop for private postings

2) Dont say anything on your work laptop that you wouldnt say to your boss.

3) Dont forget that we live in a Liberal Fascist regime, not a democracy with free speech.

At all times at work talk through a flower.

The aim of activism is to effect change in our communities for the benefit of our people, not lose your jobs.

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the song "California Uber Alles" by the Dead Kennedys.


". The song illustrates lead singer Jello Biafra's concern with left-wing politicians mandating liberal ideas to the point of authoritarianism or fascism. "

extant said...

Funny as it is, my Doctor says different.
He says that I am suffering with Delusional persecution and paranoia , I say no way, they are all watching me :O).

The simple truth is, that if you show any form of resistance or any ability to a free thought process,you are label'd mad, as we are ;o)

1st they laugh at us

2nd they attack us

3rd they join us.


Bob said...

fucking dimwit thick legal illegal fake !!
what would you,fuckwit griffin and aitken know about free speech ??? same as your mother knows about contraception --- fuck all or she wouldnt have borne a dickshit like you

Anonymous said...

This is sound advice for some, but not for ARTISTS.

For artists, I would suggest to do deliberate art based thought crime and get caught on purpose for it. Get banned from art galleries or get sent to prison and make sure you get plenty of publicity in the process.

Why? To become a martyr and to expose the regime for what it really is. To show the regime up as an unreasonable regime that limits artistic expression. How good would it be if the multicultural regime actually started sending high quality artists to prison? It would go down on record that the regime isn't a bunch of liberals, but a load of fascists that send artists to prison.

These art martyrs will would have to do a really perfectly balanced, high quality thought crime, with plenty of artistic merit, of course. A thought crime so perfectly tuned as to disgust the establishment whilst simultaneously impressing the general public. Gillian Duffy is one such example of the perfectly tuned thought crime.

Gillian Duffy is the gold standard in thought crime because it achieved the 3 key components of the perfect thought crime:

a) Her thought crime disgusted the establishment
b) The general public saw nothing wrong with her thought crime
c) Her thought crime got massive media exposure

The end result was a driving of a wedge between the general public and the establishment. It discredited the establishment and showed it up for what it really is. It showed the establishment up as being unreasonable. It exploited the gap in thinking between the establishment and the general public.

All art-based thought crime should deliberately aim for that gap. That gap contains the key.

Anonymous said...

May I also suggest, if you live anywhere near Rotherhithe, don't write BP on anything otherwise some sensitive ninny will report you for supporting the BNP.

Heaven help us.

Adrian Peirson said...

much of what is going on is simply not a possibility in the minds of the people, people do not beleive anti white racism exists because they have never seen the words written down or heard them uttered.
I think small stickers with just those words written on them, hand written if need be placed at major thoroughfares like tube station steps etc will awaken that possibility in their minds.

Anonymous said...

How good would it be if the multicultural regime actually started sending high quality artists to prison?

Now as an Artist, I have been thinking along those lines..

Anonymous said...

Regarding social activism local communities.

I recently have had recourse to communicate a few ideas to
local )Labour council) supported funded indoctrinated community and regeneration organisations

In one case I had a very interesting telephone conversation with someone who was very interested in my ideas. This organisation had pots of money for projects focusing on creativity young people and the community.

Of course this conversation I had was weeks before the election. I of course stood locally as MP and Post the election, all my telephone calls emails were ignored by this same women..