Monday 24 May 2010

Taser Clips

My favourite Taser Clips

And heres one for the anti-racist brigade because laughing at drunk driving black people being tasered and having the shit beaten out them by cops is 'racism' but watching whites get beaten (eg Zimbabwe, Reginald Denny) is either irrelevant or just plain funny ;

Thats how you cure drink driving.

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Anonymous said...

The First URL contained a malformed video ID.

Anonymous said...

urgh! rural America and drinking doesn't work, try getting a cab out in rural North Carolina or Virgina at 3am at your local red neck bar.

It's impossible.

For these rural communities drink driver prosecutions is a cash cow for small town city halls. there's a lot of abuse going on by local sheriffs fudging DUI results and those DUI walking, finger to nose tests are always designed to fail. They are called sobriety tests. A good DUI lawyer will tell you to always politely refuse those and to insist on a blood test at a hospital of your choosing in the presence of an attorney.

40 years ago, trust me, that guy would've been left alone to drive his pickup truck home, as in most states drunk driving laws were much more liberal, especially in the south and in rural areas. It's .08 in all of the USA now, was .12 a decade ago. Soon to be reduced further to UK levels. Should all drivers even having one beer and refusing to take the faux DUI sobriety tests be tasered bpower hungry sheriffs?

Sure drink driving is bad but when there are 13 million "undocumented" illegal aliens in the USA, many hundreds of thousands involved in prostitution, drugs, gang crime then I think the cops need to start clamping down on the real criminals. not hiding outside bars to arrest a guy who's had 3 beers after working all day long. And then tasering him when he refuses to take their test. He was a dick about it yes, he could've politely refused, it's legal to refuse.

Though back to the cash cow problem, there's no money for city hall in arresting illegals and setting up costly surveillance operations of drugs gangs.
So per usual they set up more draconian petty laws to rip off the tax payers.

Have you ever wondered, if all crime was somehow defeated, such as illegal drugs becoming legalized, a massive reduction of murder etc, you think that the Governments wouldn't be making up new laws to keep hold of power and fleece the public with their new laws.
Could you really picture a world with a 70% reduction of the police force, city halls, ATF homeland security etc?? No, because crime is a big business.

damn, I thought of all that over a youtube video, thanks Lee!

Russia Truth said...

@ anonymous (24 May 2010 19:08)

Spot on, the police are going for the soft targets as they are now nothing more than the states' revenue collectors. I am sick of seeing speed cameras, they are cropping up everywhere, even blighting areas of beauty. In the last couple of months I have got 2 parking tickets, both are contentious but impossible to dispute. Traffic wardens are fucking everywhere now.

Nevermind the real criminal scum, no, target people who are just going about their business. It's a fucking joke.