Friday 14 May 2010

Welfare Capitalism

The Credit Crisis was an engineered crisis to allow the New Left Neo-Trostkyites who had infiltrated governments and the US and global banking system via the Gramscian 'Long march through the Institutions' to merge Capitalism and Communism via the nationalisation of the banking system and the takeover of failed banks.

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Steve Harkonnen said...

Of further interest is the impending failure of the EU. Grab your popcorn. When Spain folds, there goes their precious union. So much for welfare capitalism. It was most likely the catalyst behind the collapse of Greek banks.

Russia Truth said...


Arizona recently passed a new laws giving police them rights to ask people to prove their citizenship. And this basic move has caused a veritable shit-storm, check out this article for full info:

Arizona under attack!

Harry said...

I agree 100% with your words on Minority Rights Radio .

I tried some years ago to make the points you made over on Stormfront, was described as a Jew/Red/Commie, and realised I was pissing in the wind.

Perhaps a more erudite chap such as yourself may have more success.

Thank you.