Friday 28 May 2010

Zbigniew reveals people waking up to NWO

Zbigniew Brzezinski giving the CFR branch in Montreal a presentation discussing world government and his fears of the mass global awakening that has taken place.

The NWO is afraid of the Internet, for the Sheeple are becoming aware and awake and becoming the People.

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Anonymous said...

Which is why they are doing all they can to cut the internets balls off.

Anonymous said...

They will have to revert to their intended tribalistic plan then.

They have managed to create enough division and amount sufficient wealth and power for themselves, to sit back and laugh at us either way.

Adrian Peirson said...

I read somewhere that Ron Paul is reporting the Fed is similarly alarmed at the mass awakening to the money Tax scam too.

I'm not suggesting violence but I tend to think that if all we are prepared to do, they will just laugh and carry on.
Given their crimes against humanity, the deaths of hundreds of millions, if not billions, At what point can it be claimed that violence against them was justified for the greater good of humanity.

Dr John Coleman on the
Committee of 300

Anonymous said...

The internet is being targeted. Internet piracy undermines their revenue streams, so obviously it has to be cracked down on hard. Gotta keep making people pay through the nose to be bombarded with mind control propaganda:

Big Brother fear over copyright police and dossier of 'suspects'
A LIST of online pirates who counterfeit songs, films and computer games is to be drawn up by UK internet service providers, under proposals from sector regulator Ofcom.
The plan is contained in a draft code of practice it hopes will curb illegal downloading, which costs the film and music industry billions of pounds in lost revenue every year.

Names and the number of times individuals infringe copyright laws will be logged by providers, and offenders will have letters sent to them warning them that practice is illegal.

Any internet user who receives three letters in the space of 12 months faces having their personal details handed over to the owner of the copyrighted material so they can be sued.

Consumer and citizens' rights groups called for the fair treatment of customers accused of copyright infringement using filesharing networks.

Robert Hammond, head of post and digital communications at Consumer Focus, said: "Consumers face considerable confusion while Ofcom tries to work out how to implement new laws under the Digital Economy Act."

Ofcom said the code should come into force in early 2011. The call for the creation of the code is contained in the controversial Digital Economy Act (DEA).

One of the most controversial elements of that act was its granting of powers to the Secretary of State to cut people off if they ignore warnings.

I was saddened that the BNP chose an anti-piracy stance in it's manifesto this year. A pro-piracy stance could be an opportunity to connect with younger voters aswell as undermining the revenue streams of the media. The media as we all know is one of the biggest critics of Nationalism. If we can't manage to get our people inside the media, then pro-piracy could be one way to undermine the media's power.

Adrian Peirson said...

The Music & Film studios could slash internet piracy at a stroke simply by lowering the cost of their CD's and DVD's to something sensible.

Of course people will be tempted to copy and pirate when a new DVD can cost over £20.

Make it a couple of pounds, what are we tslking about here, a piece of mass produced plastic.

Most of the money from a CD Sale doesn't go to the artist anyway, it ends up with Sony Executives, advertising etc.

I would have thought that top artists would have the money and clout today to set up their own recording and distribution, if they included a few adverts on the disc and in the video CD content I'm sure a price tag of £2 for a new disc would be achievable.

The system appears geared up for the Globalists like the Film and Music studios and to milk as much money from the public as possible, with the added benefit that when the public do start copying, they can then start arguing for internet controls.

Top artists and the public, file sharing networks need to start talking and working together and start cutting out the Big CCorporations.

Jane said...

The NWO bosses must really be laughing at how stupid we are to see Islam as a bigger threat than the NWO - and especially since Islam is the one ideology that truly offers any coherent threat to their tribal ambitions.

Anonymous said...

Anon 18:44

The BNP do indeed have to be the antidote to the NWO at every step, it has to be aware of the NWO agenda and its methods and I believe Nick is well aware but does not counter it at this time nearly as effectively as he should.

This is the long game and we need to position ourselfs for that long game, just as Ron Paul has and Alex Jones, their movements are now bearing fruit, the UK is behind them in waking up but advanced of them in the NWO police state.

It is time the BNP woke the people up on more than just Islamists.

We have made some moves in the right direction in the past year but we need to new posts filled with two new experts as mentioned the other day.

We need a NWO expert to help guide policy and expose the whole scam, and we need a proper propagandist, someone who understands mass marketing/image/behaviour manipulation.

Without these two we will be lagging behind the NWO media rather than out in front of it holding up a big sign for the public exposing them and their frauds and wars for all to see.

It also helps protect the BNP to some degree as people would get more suspicious of attacks on the BNP by the media and goverment should the BNP be holding up a huge NWO sign.

some may laugh and say we will be marginalising ourselfs, yet look at Ron Paul his son and Alex Jones, people now look to them for the truth!

As our predictions bare fruit just iike ron paul and alex jones, people will come to us for the truth on all political aspects.

but unlike Alex Jones the BNP can also offer them the solution as a political alternative.

The US has no real credible alternative parties - we do!

Adrian Peirson said...

I know that much needs to be kept simplified for many but Can I suggest that the BNP host regular news feeds from alternative media sites like Russia Today, Webster Tarpley, Max Keiser, Alex Jones, Al Jazeera, Gerald Celente, Wayne Madson and many others including researchers like John Coleman.

These people are dedicated researchers, would benefit from BNP exposure and I think BNP would benefit firstly by introducing alternative media to a wider public and showing those in the know that BNP is well aware of the NWO and their Agenda.

A win win win situation for all concerned.

The new BNP said...

Adrian I just posted about this before I saw your post and i posted about Russia today a few weeks back, I agee 100%.

The BNP must do all it can to promote Russia today as it not only influences and informs oneself but also the entire family and the news gets around that the only news channel worth a damn is Russia today, the BNP has massive readership and with promotion of Russia today it could really take off in the UK, blowing a huge hole in the mainstreme media propaganda.

This is critical, to not do this would be akin to not wanting the party to expand and spread the word, once the people truly distrust the media then the doors open for the BNP message.

we can as you point out, play a critical role in this.

Anonymous said...

Al Jazeera???
Russia Today????

You mean you want the BNP to promote Osama bin Laden's TV channel of choice???

Are you completely stark raving bonkers??

Or maybe a troll....

The BNP is a nationalist party. It shouldn't be blowing the trumpet for foreign powers.
And it shouldn't be getting itself a reputation as a bunch of tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists either.

Discredit the BBC by all means. There are many BBC employees with links to Al Jazeera, for example.