Saturday, 8 August 2009

Alan Dershowitz, Zionism and Jewish Racism

"Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away." - Benjamin Netanyahu. A comment made by Netanyahu to Jonathan Pollard (convicted traitor and spy) upon exiting Pollard's jail cell.

Why is it acceptable for Jews to have a 'racial consciousness' but 'racism' when any other racial group has a similar racial consciousness ?

Take the case of Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Pollard.

Jonathan Pollard is a convicted traitor and spy who worked for Israel selling them US military secrets.

Jay, as he was called in his youth, was known to be very intelligent and articulate, but was also regarded as a "smart-aleck."[6] Being small for his age, he became an easy target for bullies. After being beaten up many times in different venues (he was even roughed up by a non-Jewish boy during a visit to Israel in his teens), he began to blame the hostility directed at him on anti-Semitism.[6] He developed a romantic view of Israel, which led to his conceiving of what he described as "racial consciousness" or a "racial obligation"

Alan Dershowitz has been among Pollard's high-profile supporters, both in the courtroom as a lawyer and in various print media. Characterizing the sentence as "excessive", Dershowitz writes in an article reprinted in his bestselling book Chutzpah!, "As an American, and as a Jew, I hereby express my outrage at Jonathan Pollard's sentence of life imprisonment for the crime to which he pleaded guilty."[43] Dershowitz writes,

[E]veryone seems frightened to speak up on behalf of a convicted spy. This has been especially true of the Jewish leadership in America. The Pollards are Jewish... The Pollards are also Zionists, who--out of a sense of misguided "racial imperative" (to quote Jonathan Pollard)--seem to place their commitment to Israeli survival over the laws of their own country... American Jewish leaders, always sensitive to the canard of dual loyalty, are keeping a low profile in the Pollard matter. Many American Jews at the grass roots are outraged at what they perceive to be an overreaction to the Pollards' crimes and the unusually long sentence imposed on Jonathan Pollard.[43]

Now how many times has Dershowitz gone on the attack over 'nazis, racists, white extremists' etc etc that like Pollard have a Racial Consciousness, but who have never betrayed their own country ?

Dershowitz has made a career out of being a mouthpeice for Zionism and Israel - and here he attacks the usual 'nazis' for having a 'racial consciousness' the same as Pollard - which is the ultimate Chutzpah coming from Dershowitz, the primary gobshite of the US Zionist elite ;

Is there anything more hypocritical than a Jewish Zionist with a racial consciousness feigning moral outrage because an individual of another racial group has a similar racial consciousness !

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Anonymous said...

"Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away." - Benjamin Netanyahu''.

I wonder how much this kind of 'sentiment' applies to other white Western Countries