Monday, 31 August 2009

White Child Slavery - Australias Shame

For decades we have had self loathing white idiots banging on about the plight of the Aborigines, when young White British children were being treated even worse than the Aborigines were.

It is time for the suffering of Whites to be publicised and revealed, not hidden away whilst anyone with a non-white skin is made into some fetishised epitome of victimhood.

Whites suffered, and now its time our story was told instead of the endless propaganda movies about Jews and the Holocaust or blacks and slavery.

Australian PM to apologise to 10,000 forced British migrant children abused in homes
By Mail Foreign Service

Last updated at 3:58 PM on 30th August 2009
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Thousands of British children who suffered abuse in Australian institutions after being sent there by UK authorities are to receive an official apology, it emerged today.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will publicly say sorry after his government said their treatment in care homes was ‘unacceptable’.

Up to 10,000 youngsters, including orphans and children forcibly taken from unmarried mothers and impoverished families, were sent to Australia between 1922 and 1967.

With the encouragement of organisations like the Salvation Army and Barnardos they were sent as migrants to boost the country’s population with “good white stock”.
But many of those who made the 10,000-mile journey went on to lead to a life of starvation, slave labour and sexual abuse.

Mr Rudd’s apology will come eight years after a 2001 Senate report on child immigration recommended his predecessor John Howard to express his government’s regret for the misery endured by half a million children who lived in horrific institutions and apalling foster homes.

It follows his historic apology to Aborigines who taken from their mothers placed in state care during the last century.

Jenny Macklin, the Families and Indigenous Affairs Minister, today said a formal apology would probably take place before the end of the year.

She added: 'Many former child migrants and other children who were in institutions, their families and the wider community have suffered from a system that did not adequately provide for, or protect children in its care.

‘This is a significant national step in the healing process for forgotten Australians and former child migrants.’

TMany of the he British victims, whose average age was eight, often developed drug and alcohol addictions found it impossible to hold down jobs or marriages.

As soon as they arrived at an insitution they were given a number which replaced their name, and dressed in rags – with shoes becoming a luxury.

They were uniformly fed rotting food - ‘maggoty, mouldy, weevilly,’ a former child migrant described it in a submission to the 2001 inquiry.

Another said: ‘The freshest part of the food actually moved.’

They faced regular beatings with straps, canes and even cricket bats were common as was sexual assault.

In some Christian Brothers institutes, small boys were forced into bestial acts.

Many of the institutions farmed the children out to industrial laundries and local farms as slave labour.

And, even into the 1970s, hundreds of children and babies as young as seven months old were used as guinea pigs for new vaccines that did not work or failed to pass safety tests in animals.

The announcement of the apology has been welcomed by the Alliance for Forgotten Australians, which represents those who suffered in state care.

Caroline Carrol, chairwoman of the AFA, said: ‘As children, many of us experienced horrors in the places that were supposed to care for us,’ she said.

‘As adult survivors, we need acknowledgment of and an apology for the harm that was done to us.

‘The apology is an excellent beginning to what we hope will be a comprehensive government response.’

The apology, which may be delivered jointly by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull.

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Anonymous said...

my cousin who i only met 2 years ago, was one of the these children, was moved out to Oz in the early 50s when he was 6 years old he was sexually abused starved and abused by the christian brothers for a large part of his childhood. He is still very much mentally scared by the events. The church has payed him a small out amount of compo, and the Oz government is to do the same. he is in his 60s now but says many of his friends from his childhood have committed suicide, due to what has happened to them in childhood or the rejection from their families who they traced in the UK, but didnt want to know them. On the plus side my cousin did meet with his mother and 2 half sisters in Canada 60 years after his mother gave him up for adoption. He says after 10 years of counciling and finally meeting his family he can finally get to grips with life.

Anonymous said...

good post. Even in the US hundreds of thousands of British working class were forcibly brought over to work as indentured servants to pay off their debts. Which in reality meant a lifetime of slavery. The Irish were treated the worst, many hundreds died on the slave ships and were kept in worse conditions than the black slaves due to the black slaves being stronger and more in demand.

Funny how "they" fail to mention the white slave trade of the America's and Australia. Doesn't white fit in with their "Common Purpose" plans.

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks for the comments,

please give my best to your cousin, what they endured was horrendous.

Along with the plight of the children of German soldiers in occupied nations after WW2 who were raped, abused and attacked simply because of their parentage, the horrors of the kids in the 'christian' orphanages and care homes in Australia was a crime against humanity.

White suffering must always be minimised, and ethnic suffering maximised,



alanorei said...

Thanks, Lee

I was shown some material on this years ago so it's good that it's getting wider publicity.

For 'Christian,' however, read 'Catholic.' The term 'Christian Brothers' provides the clue. This organisation is Catholic throughout. What you are seeing is Rome in action, as she always has been and always will be until the 2nd Advent.