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Israelism, Zionism, 911 and Pavlovs Dogs

The only people as self serving as the Pro-Israelist media are the anti-Israelists that blame everything on Israel.

Take for instance Afghanistan.

Anyone with a brain knows that the reason we are in afghanistan is not to ;

1)Fight terrorism
2)Find Osama Bin Laden
3)Build democracy

We are simply in Afghanistan because the oil and gas the US and UK needs from the Central Asian republics (Eurasia) has to be pumped through Afghanistan and Pakistan in order to avoid the pipelines having to transect Russian or Iranian soil.

Yet the anti-Israel mob still insist on blaming Israel for our being in Afghanistan.

This is simply the biggest load of bollocks I have ever read.

Israel has no strategic interest in Afghanistan. Iran before the invasion of the US regarded Afghanistan as a threat, simply as Iran has the highest number of heroin addicts on the planet and the heroin that supplies the Iranian addicts comes via Afghanistan and because the Taliban and Iran were hostile to each other.

Iran is mainly Shi'ite and the Taliban mostly Sunni ;

Iran and the Taliban almost went to war in 1998 - it is only after the Taliban were replaced by Karzai that Iranian and Afghan relations began to improve, leading to a new era in economic co-operation.

In fact the US puppet Karazia who runs Afghanistan is seeking closer co-operation with Iran, whilst the Taliban who were regarded as threat to Iran, are being hunted and killed by karzai's army.

If America and Israel really wanted Afghanistan to be hostile to Iran then they should have left the Taliban in power - instead Karzai wants good relations with Iran ;

" Iran and Afghanistan are also cooperating in the fight against the trafficking of drugs from Afghanistan.

Iran’s strained relations with the United States have not prevented Tehran from strengthening its economic and trade cooperation with Kabul since the U.S.-led fall of the Taliban in late 2001.

Colonel Christopher Langton, who heads the defense analysis department at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, said Iran is an important country in the future reconstruction and development of Afghanistan.

“They are being closely linked by efforts against the Taliban in the past, but also because of the influence that Iran can bring there with the Hazara population [who, like Iranians, are Shi'a Muslims]. And in the development sector, there are already projects which Iran is involved in -- for instance, the road from Bandar Abbas on the Persian Gulf up through Afghanistan to Central Asia is a very, very important project for the future of Afghanistan," Langton said. "There is a whole list of political, economic, and security issues which connect Afghanistan and Iran.”

Iran and Afghanistan are also connected historically and culturally. And Iran’s strained relations with the United States have not prevented Tehran from strengthening its economic and trade cooperation with Kabul since the U.S.-led fall of the Taliban in late 2001. "

The removal of the Taliban and the election of Karzai have drawn Iran and Afghanistan closer, not further apart.

Therefore where is the payoff for Israel if Iran and Afghanistan are now not wasting time, money, weapons and troops fighting each other ?

The same thing happened in relation to Iraq, where the downfall of Saddam Hussein INCREASED Iranian influence and power in Iraq, not decreased it.

Therefore the idea that Israel wanted the US in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to destabilise Iran was either the most stupid plan in history - or the idea that such plans existed is one of the most stupid ideas in history.

No-one, neither the Pro-Israelists in the media, or the anti-Israelists ever stop to think that perhaps they are being played, and that by defining everything in the terms of Israel, that they are doing exactly what someone wants.

The US is divided into two camps ;

1) The Pro-Israel media

2) The Anti-Israel groups

The former is powerful in relation to what we see on TV and read in our papers whilst the latter is powerful in regard to the Internet.

The Military-Industrial Block therefore has an interest, along with both sides of the 'Israelists' as I define them - to define and frame every issue in the context of Israel.

The Israelists know that by defining every issue in relation to Israel it means they consolidate their own people around that issue - the pro-Israel media can then use the issue of Israel to get their people to support the issue on TV and in the papers, whilst the anti-Israel groups can use the issue to consolidate their own groups around the issue.

Yet who really benefits - it is the Military Industrial Block who sits in the middle, keeping its head down whilst both sides wage war with each other over the issue of Israel.

For instance - the media were told that the Iraq war was designed to protect Israel, so therefore the media beat the war drums to ensure the interests of Israel were protected.

At the same time the anti-Israel groups believed that the Iraq war was about Israel, so when they opposed the war they defined their opposition in relation to Israel.

Meanwhile the real motive for the war, OIL, was cut out of the debate (apart from sections of the far left and far right ) - and the media constantly talked about scuds filled with WMD's hitting Israeli cities and the opposition talked about AIPAC and the US using the war to support Israel.

This how the Israelists have been trained like Pavlovs Dogs - whenever anyone rings the 'Israel Bell' then both sides start barking and they make so much noise that the truth gets lost between them.

The pro-Israel mobs pump out propaganda on the TV to bolster the case for war, whilst the anti-Israel mobs pump out propaganda on the internet to bolster their case against the war.

Both sides allow the truth to be hidden as the entire debate is framed in the context of Israel.

Every now and then some 'ex-insider' of the US government or military will pop into public prominence and announce' I was told the war was about Israel' and then both sides jump on the statement that the war was about Israel in order to bolster their case - whilst the real reason for the war remains hidden.

Both sides never think for themselves ' Hey man, what if this dude is simply telling us what he has been told and paid to say, and that it wasnt really about Israel' instead they accept what they say as gospel and then both start jumping up and down about Israel even more !

Its pathetic.

Of course the media wins the public debate as it the most powerful and the war goes ahead with massive public backing as the public have also been conditioned by the media to support Israel or they are 'antisemites', and the war and the issues around the war are forever defined in relation to Israel and NOT OIL.

An example of how Obama has used this conditioning as regards Israel for his own political benefit is how he has employed so many Zionists and Jews in his administration.

He has done this as the pro-Israel camp will see his appointees their natural allies in defence of Israel and not attack them or Obama's policies on the TV and in the media for fear of being seen as 'anti-semitic', whilst the anti-Israel camp will constantly target Obama and his spokesmen because of their race and support for Israel - and thereby also never focus on their real agenda or attack them on the grounds of their policies.

Therefore the entire issue is dominated by the issue Israel - and this allows the truth to be hidden away whilst both sides adopt reflexive positions either for or against Israel.

This is a superb plan - it utilises Jewish ethno-communalism and Zionist influence in the media to obscure and hide the truth (classic neo-conservative and neo-trotskyite methodology - The Noble Lie ) whilst it allows the opponents of everything Obama says and does if they mention Israel or the Jewishness of his staff to be painted as a rabid anti-semites.

To be frank I am sick of both sides.

The pro-Israel media were suckered into supporting the Iraq and Afghanistan war simply because they believed it was in the interests of Israel - when the end result has been to consolidate the Middle East around the issue of religious and tribal loyalty instead of nationalism - and thereby united Shi'ites in Iran and Iraq and at the same time has led to Iran and Afghanistan drawing closer whilst Iran funds Hamas and Hezbollah to checkmate Israel.

The anti-Israel camp by constantly depicting every issue as about Isarel, rather than simple truth such as OIL in Iraq and the OIL and gas pipelines in Afghanistan, have merely ensured that no real opposition to the plots of the Military Industrial Block can develop for people fear being called 'anti-semitic' if they are heard or seen criticising Israel - each side sits in their own pro/anti Israel bunker masturbating over the issue of Israel whilst the Military Industrial Block is free to do as it wants, invading nations, stealing their land and natural resources.

It is time that the Israelists, those whose loyalty is to Israel or those who hatred is directed at Israel, both fucked off.

The Israelists in the media have been played as fools by the Military-Industrial Block and the Israelists in the anti-Israel camp have also been played as fools by the same Military Industrial Block.

Both have allowed the Military Industrial Block to hide their crimes and duplicity even in events such as 911.

The fools in the 'Truther' movement who see the shadowy figure of Israel behind the 911 attacks simply serve the interests of those within the US Military industrial Block who want their role in the 911 attack to be hidden from public view.

Those who talk about 911 as being the responsibility of the US Military-Industrial Block can then be lumped into the anti-semitic 'Truthers' camp and this alienates the majority of normal people whilst allowing the guilty to hide in plain sight.

Instead of debate we have two wild dogs barking at each other - one pro-Israel dog in the media and one anti-Israel dog on the internet.

Meanwhile the Miliatry Industrial Block knows it can do as it wants as the barking dogs are distracting everyones attention away from what they are doing.

The Israelists are more than just fools, they are dangerous as they provide the smoke and mirrors for the real devils to get on with their work in private.

The Israelists merely allow the guilty to hide in plain sight.

I am an Pro-Israel and anti-Zionist.

I am Pro-America and anti-The US Military Industrial Block.

I am Pro-Palestine and anti-Islamist.

I am anti-Islamism not anti-Islam.

I am Pro-the Iranian people and pro-the Iranian nation and anti-Iranian Islamist fundamentalism

I am Pro-Christian and anti-Christian Fundamentalism

I am pro-Fatah and anti-Hamas as Fatah are NATIONALISTS and Hamas are Islamists who want a global caliphate which is antithesis of nationalism.

An anti-semite is not someone who is anti-Zionist as Zionism is a political ideology

Anti-Israelism is not a position that any nationalist can take as Israel is a nation and nationalists support the right of all nations to exist.

Any 'nationalist' that says they are against Israel is an anti-semite using nationalism to hide behind.

Anti-Zionism is not anti-Israelism, this is because Zionism, a political ideology, is where the agents of Right Wing Israeli politics have invaded, usurped and comprimised our political, economic and media systems in the US and UK to serve the interests of the Israeli political right wing instead of serving the interests of our own nations.

We must differentiate between Israelism and the Israelists, both pro-Israel and anti-Israel, in order to concentrate our attention on the US and UK Military Industrial Block and the activities of the political Zionists in our nations ( AIPAC, Board of Deputies of British Jews, Searchlight, Christian Zionist groups, evangelical Christian fundamentalist zionist groups, rightwing conservative and left wing Zionists etc ).

It is the US and UK Military Industrial Blocks, the Zionists in our nations, Christian Zionist fundamentalists, the Taliban, the Iranian mullahs and conservative politicians within Iran, Hamas in Palestine and the Islamists in our nations that are the source of our problems, not America and Americans, Jews, Muslims, Israel, Afghanistan, Iran, Christians, Judaism and Islam.

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