Friday, 21 August 2009

I will see your Hitler, and raise you a Holocaust

Here in a nutshell is what is wrong with the US reactionary right.

Note the comment here " Knowing how committed Mr. Limbaugh is to the State of Israel, I find it very painful to hear liberal Jews denigrate a man so committed to Israel while they applaud the President, whose loyalty to the Jewish nation becomes more and more questionable every day. "

The ONLY loyalty any American President should have is to America.

One cannot be loyal to America and Israel.

The idea that the President of America should be loyal to any nation except the US is insanity.

The only interests any President or Prime Minister serves should be only the NATION AND THE PEOPLE.

This hubris is astonishing. The Chutzpah of it !

They're carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on healthcare.
- Nancy Pelosi (August 5, 2009)

Table talk at a poker game can sure get out of hand when the healthcare stakes are high, and it all began with Nancy Pelosi on August 5. Much to my chagrin, however, Jewish organizations across America (American Jewish Congress, Anti-Defamation League, Simon Wiesenthal Center, etc.) have conveniently overlooked the galvanizing swastika table talk begun by Speaker Pelosi about average American citizens practicing their free speech rights at town hall healthcare meetings, and instead fallen into the familiar liberal line of condemnation for Rush Limbaugh. Leading the way on this front, in my opinion, has been the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC).

As a member of what the National Jewish Democratic Council refers to as a "small anti-Obama wing of the Jewish community," I must call the NJDC to task. The facts are Nancy Pelosi, the same Speaker Pelosi who last May accused the CIA of "misleading the Congress," started this recent Nazi finger pointing mess. Rush Limbaugh added to the volatile table talk on August 6, and upped the ante with his ongoing comparisons of Germany's National Socialism under Hitler to that of the Democrat's national healthcare agenda. The National Jewish Democratic Council, also seated at the poker table, then specifically accused Mr. Limbaugh of abusing "the memory of the Holocaust," and started a control-Limbaugh petition drive demanding he stop dirtying the memory of millions of Holocaust victims.

We in the Jewish community, like all Americans, are having enough problems trying to figure out the various 1,000-page reform bills floating around Congress. We do not want to be distracted from our mission. We do not enjoy distracting table talk, and we certainly do not need the NJDC or anyone else to confuse the issues by starting a new card game of their own called, I'll see your Hitler, and raise you a Holocaust.

To be sure, Mr. Limbaugh is a key leader in the conservative movement, and as such, I can understand why liberals stand against him. However, when it comes to Israel, it is important that all Jews should understand that, whether they are liberal or conservative, there is none more committed to a strong Israel than Mr. Limbaugh. One only has to listen to him speak about Israel to know he stands solidly with the tiny nation. I say this from personal experience. One day, while I was riding in my car (during the Clinton years) I was arbitrarily going through the various radio stations when I came upon the most inspirational speaker I had ever heard regarding the State of Israel. Articulating the need to avoid legitimizing Arab terrorists like Arafat, he made the case that America's most important mission in the Middle East should be to support democracy and our democratic ally, Israel. As I listened, I wondered who this Jewish man could be that so profoundly described Israel's history, people and vulnerable situation. As it turned out, he was not a landsman. He was Rush Limbaugh.

Knowing how committed Mr. Limbaugh is to the State of Israel, I find it very painful to hear liberal Jews denigrate a man so committed to Israel while they applaud the President, whose loyalty to the Jewish nation becomes more and more questionable every day. Now I find myself sorely disappointed to hear different Jewish organizations chastising the recent Rush Limbaugh commentaries while overlooking Nancy Pelosi's "They're carrying swastikas" diatribe.

Perhaps now would be a good time for all Americans to move away from the distracting table talk of swastikas, Nazis, and the Holocaust, and instead concentrate on the real game in town: President Obama's sleight-of-hand healthcare reform shell game.

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Andraste said...

Nancy Pelosi is a NWO goon. The patriots protesting against "Obama care" are not bearing swastikas, that is black-ops in order to discredit anyone protesting against Obama, i.e. you are against Obama you must be a racist.

Check out this video:

Alex talks with "Chris," the man who carried an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle to an Obama event in Phoenix, Arizona, on Monday. Arizona has an open carry law. The corporate media has spent the last several days attempting to demonize the man and the Second Amendment.

In this interview Chris, who is black, dismisses the racism attacks leveled at opponents of Obama and states it is simply a term used to prevent dissent.

Andraste said...

What this article refers to are not the Jews, it's Zionists, but the media try to blur the distinction so that the two become synonymous.

However the Zionists are in turmoil, not knowing which way to turn... they have for decades peddled multi-multiculturalism as a means to destabilise European countries and destroy national identity of course for their own agenda, but now they don't like the results of the social experimentation and meddling. Because their whole experiment was predicated upon indoctrinating the weak-minded European that anyone of a different race is superior than them, but the problem is that when you have mentally deficient people like Harriet Harman then you have a fatal combination... someone with an extremely weak-mind induced into self-loathing theology and you have what we see now... evangelical self-loathers furiously delivering their sermons of self-hate from a pulpit of Zionist intent.

So now Harriet Harman runs wild in her religious fervour, her delirium which sees her pronounce any race bar her own as deserving of sacred status. This is classic blow-back and now the Zionists rue the day that they created such a beast, because now Harman advocates all others over the indigenous British. But her psychosis lies deeper, the Zionists conditioned her that the indigenous British are always bad and all others are good, very simple, but that's all he mind can understand... binary determination. However the distinction of good and bad was fed to her in terms of master/slave, or evil dominator / good victim... so this belies all her reasoning... now when you have Zionists running amok, i.e. Israel ready to strike Iran, the Palestinian issue, etc, her programming (created by the Zionists) instructs her that she should automatically side with the perceived victim... so she now finds herself against her original masters, her programmers... she is against the Zionists who created her... this is the irony that the Zionists never did foresee... it's Frankesteins monster... the mad scientists has created a beast more powerful than he can control who then blames him for it's woeful condition...

Of course Harman is the lab-rat for my rant, she is but one example of the mass freak show available for equal critique.

LOL... of it's fantastic to observe how the Zionists are currently indulged in a tail-chasing exercise, not sure which way to turn or what to do... brilliant.