Monday, 17 August 2009

The Poison of PC and How It Breeds Racism

The story below is validation of what many people have been saying and forecasting for a long time and something that the Liberal Establishment have always denied, which is that Political Correctness itself breeds racism and acts an incentive to criminality.

The story below reveals how politically correct teachers, politically correct trade union shop stewards and officials, politically correct council officers, politically correct head teachers and politically correct police all created a situation where acts of racist violence were ignored if they were perpetrated against white children but acts of racism against non-white children led to politically correct witchunts and persecutions, leading to a situation where non-white gangs who used racist violence against whites could operate in a community with utter impunity simply by playing the race card.

This led them into violence and criminality against anyone they wished, as they knew that they could get away with it time after time simply by playing the race card time after time.

The creedo of Political Corrctness is a POLITICAL ideology - it is not a moral law, it is not a legal duty derived from statutory authority and nor does it have the force of law and yet people bow down to it as through it were some divine moral or legal imperative.

Those that choose to adhere to the ideology of political correctness in all its forms from making all members of the public have to wear Bikini Burkhas when swimming in public pools in order to appease the demands of muslims to banning hot cross buns at Easter for fear of reminding certain sectors of the population of the Crusades to allowing certain caravaning communities to ignore all the planning laws, environmental protection laws and the laws that govern the rest of society just because they live in a caravan, all these people are simply making a political choice to do obey political correctness.

Most do so as they get paid for it. The Servile State spends billions of pounds per year on these total waste of money politically correct parasites - from race relations officers, diversity advisers, translators, refugee advisers funded by legal aid, immigration lawyers, human rights lawyers for cannibals and war criminals, public inquiries, QUANGO's, NGO's - tier after tier of sad and pathetic tax payer funded parasites whose wages are paid for out of the public purse.

These maggots produce nothing but racism and debts.

Others follow the cult of political correctness as the faster way to shinny up the greasy pole, is to become a proponent of political correctness as promotion always follows.

The most greasy little turd in any public institution always floats to the top.

Political correctness is the most dangerous political ideology in the history of the West, for its very existence is predicated upon it being a weapon of mass destruction within the West. It aims to undermine the cultural, religious, political, economic and racial basis of Europe and European culture.

What is its most powerful weapon is fear.

Through creating fear it undermines truth.

Those ideas, truthes and facts that conflict with the state sanctioned lies are simply repressed, whilst lies are propagandised and depicted by the corporate media as truth.

The Servile State suckles on the pustulent teats of Consumerism, whilst the corporations and governments merge into the New World Order.

Political correctness corrodes the soul and integrity of its victims first. They know when they ignore the fact that a racist gang is targeting white kids that is wrong, but they stay silent out of fear and guilt or self serving opportunism.

This how political correctness poisons a school, a community and then generates racial violence and eventually an attempted by an armed racist gang.

Just because the kid was white.

You read in the media and the police interviews to the media about a mythical 'right wing threat' to British society, yet you never hear the police give interviews about the real and terrible crimes being committed day in and day as a result of political correctness.

Why not ?

Because the Police have allowed themselves to become infect by it - even worse than that actually, the Police are now one of the worst offenders afflicted by this political disease of the mind.

From police women dressing in Burkahs for the day, to officers having to knock on doors before being allowed to raid the homes of suspected terrorists, sniffer doggies in booties, trans-gendered transvestites from transylvania acting as police interpreters (allegedely) to the banning of BNP members for the non-crimes of thought crimes but allowing ex-IRA terrorists, ex-members of Al Qaeda and asylum seeking Daleks fleeing robotophobia in the universe to join the police and be fast tracked to promotion because of their ethnic, religious or alien origins (probably).

The utter absurdity of this mental disease of PC is that those most affected are unable to even recognise that they are the most sick.

In fact in their delusional and sick mental states they actually get a warm and fuzzy feeling when they perform acts of political correctness, rather as some male spiders gets a warm and fuzzy feeling whilst being eaten by a female spider after having sex ( come on guys, we've all been there ).

Once upon a time people respected the police as well as feared them.

Because of political correctness people now regard the police as lions led by donkeys.

The ACPO Cult, the PC simians in uniform that run the police in cahoots with the Labour Party and their place-slimes in the Servile State, have dragged the reputation of the police down to a historic low.

The public see an institution in the grip of a cabal of politically correct pension chasing placemen and women and the police force being abused by that cabal of creeps as a fist in the face of the silent majority whilst being forced to act as simpering bootlickers towards privileged minority groups.

This attitude is reflected by the public across all the institutions and the story below reveals just one example of why this is and what effect political correctness is really having in our country.

When campaigns of racist bullying by ethnic gangs targeting white kids is ignored, minimised and appeased just because the race of the victim meant more to the politically correct staff of that school and local authority than the race of the victim, then this shows us that political correctness is not just a mental illness of those that are afflicted with it - but that they are complicit in allowing racial terrorism, racial violence and racist attempted murders.

This means that unlike the ban on the BNP, which was based on zero evidence, that here we have real evidence of why political correctness should be prohibited within the police and the teaching and nursing proffessions.

But fat chance eh - the police, teachers and nursing unions are so addicted to PC that they could never go cold turkey. They mainline PC every day. They are the public institution equivalents of those tragic, slurring heroin and crack addicted whores that gather at midnight by the High Street to sell themselves to stinking old men and teenage boy racers who go home and give their under age girlfriends chlamydia.

The fact that PC is now proven to be generating racism against whites, hiding racism against whites and leading to racist attacks upon whites then it must be regarded as a real threat to our society.

That means this ideology in all its facets is now a threat to our lives, our children, our society and our liberty.

It must be resisted at all levels, for its victory is our defeat.

School sued by hammer attack victim

9:00am Saturday 15th August 2009

A “culture of racist bullying and harassment” that infected a secondary school led to a bloody hammer attack which wrecked a pupil’s life, a top judge has been told.

“Undue indulgence and leniency” towards disaffected Asian pupils at the 1,400-pupil Ridgeway Foundation School, in Wroughton, created an “obvious risk of racial violence” for which 15-year-old Henry Webster paid a terrible price, said his barrister, Robert Glancy QC.

Members of a schoolyard gang known as ‘Asian Invasion’ – along with young men from outside the school thought to have been summoned by mobile phone – savagely beat bullying victim Henry near the school’s tennis courts in January 2007, London’s High Court heard.

One of the outsiders laid into him with a claw hammer, fracturing his skull and causing devastating brain damage. Now the teenager, of Wroughton, is mounting a unique bid for massive compensation from the school.

Thirteen young men and boys were sentenced for their parts in the incident following two trials at Bristol Crown Court last year.

Setting out his case, Mr Glancy told Mr Justice Holroyde: “We say there was a failure to provide security at the school and to prevent intrusion by trespassers. There was also a failure to supervise the tennis courts exit from the school and a failure to impose and maintain adequate disciplinary standards, including control of the group of pupils known as ‘Asian Invasion’.

“There was a failure to deal with racial tensions and incidents, or to promote good relations between different racial groups. The pattern of events over several years led to the inhuman and degrading treatment of Henry and a breach of his human rights.

“They should at least have put up a security fence, as they did almost immediately after the attack on Henry. We say that the net effect of all this led to the incident in January 2007.”

However, Ronald Walker QC, for the school, pointed out that the attack on Henry took place after school hours and insisted that, short of stopping and searching every visitor, nothing could have been done to prevent what happened.

The school’s duty was to discipline pupils, not outside adults, and arguments that laxity in enforcing school rules contributed to the attack on Henry were described by Mr Walker as “fanciful” and “implausible”.

Denying the school has any liability to compensate Henry, the QC added: “The idea that some sort of disciplinary system would have been effective in preventing an Asian pupil contacting his brother on his mobile phone is, again, fanciful”.

Henry’s compensation bid will now go ahead for a full High Court hearing which is expected to start on October 19 and which is due to last five weeks.

If Henry, now 18, wins his case, he could be in line for seven-figure compensation. His younger brother, Joseph, his mother Elizabeth, and his stepfather, Roger Durnford, who all say they were left deeply traumatised by witnessing Henry fighting for his life, are also seeking damages payouts.

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Andraste said...

Excellent article Lee.

The cult of political correctness exists because it has sickeningly and parasitically infected its way into society at all levels, it is a parasite, and therefore it feeds off a host organism, accordingly it needs a healthy host in order to survive, and then it leeches all life force from it's victim until the host is destroyed. Obviously political correctness is purely a human ideological concept, and yet the deeper urge of which political correctness is the manifestation, would seem in evolutionary terms as a dead-end because ultimately it perpetuates death over life of itself, at first this contradiction would seem to deny that political correctness could fundamentally be a collective suicidal impulse, because some will ask "how can political correctness be a terminal condition if us humans allow it to exist?" - well the answer is simple, because primarily the indigenous European man has been conditioned to believe he is sick by his rulers. Because it is not really Western society that is sick it is the rulers who are sick. Western man is the victim is a vast case of Munchausen by proxy syndrome.

Western society is not sick, those at the top are sick, and those at the top feel good about themselves, or moreover they feel a sense of self esteem, when they can make others believe they are sick.

Anonymous said...

PC is simply politically driven peer pressure that relies on unjust and irrational polarised demonisation and deification of certain groups to achieve it's political agenda.

When constantly pushed by the media and goverment it takes hold until it reaches critical point where all follow for fear of victimisation by their peers, it relies on conformity and peer pressure reinforced by unjust demonisation.

It is no different to the most extreme Nazi propaganda and has similar results.

It is often a form of abuse, is often the opposite of what it claims to be and it needs goverment media support reinforcing the lie to survive.

Any party or ideology can be enforced in such a way and will be, this is why we need a truly free press and zero political interference in our schools and on state television.

Can PC be defeated when it is constantly reinforced, even if it is based on a lie?

Well possibly once the realities have a personal cost and outweigh the propaganda, then it just looks dirty, sinister and hated and the mainstreme lose all credibility.

however by the time the public may view it as such, it may be too late, as of now the public has used PC as well as anti free speech laws to ensure their program has gone largely unhindered for the last 10 years.

Those 10 years may well have been enough to see PC no longer needed as the job is done and demographics will do the rest.

Anonymous said...

PC will not die until a)whites become a minority, which is the objective, at which point we become a police state or b)the NWO is thrown out of power.

Until that time PC will keep on rolling.

The media and schools are too powerful for dumbed down Britain to wake up, unless the NWO try to run too fast and slip up big time.

The middle classes will never wake up as they will simply keep moving and emigrating until it is far too late for the country.

This is why the BNP need to focus more on the NWO and not race.

Nick will still not touch on the issue prefering instead to refer to corporate issues - this means nothing to the majority and is seen simply as business.

With each new brainwashed generation you further lose your chances to regain the country.

So the focus has to be less on race which is defeated by the PC pavlov dog responce which is now conditioned from an early age and other factors and highlight the motives behind such methods, the NWO.

THIS (the NWO) is not covered by PC conditioning or the pavlov dog responce and can be aired and given a fair hearing.

Yes they may deem you as a nut at first, yet there is ample evidence that can be presented and as the realities draw ever closer the people who at first called you a nut will then be on side as it effects them more and more, and no amount of conditioning will stop them as the NWO imperialistic ideology is counter to much of what is Liberal left PC.

In a way they have created a double edged sword with PC but in order to use it against them you have to do it before the demographics deem it too late.

lurkio said...

We all know who is doing it, but if you say so you're a "holocaust denier".