Friday, 21 August 2009

Welcome to the Jungle

Fantastic video detailing the money, rap culture and gun crime orientated 'Bling Lifestyle' of Black urban America.

Personally I think the soundtrack is crap and Guns and Roses songs should be the background tracks.

This pernicious Bling Lifestyle has devastated the African American community with its black on black gang wars and murders.

Since the early 1970's over 16,000 people in Los Angeles have been killed in Bloods versus Crips gangland killings - five times the number of those killed in the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

This video reveals how the Bling Lifestyle, and its focus on making money and violence, has become a threat to social order.

Note the actions of the idiot whites who have also adopted the Bling Lifestyle ;

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Andraste said...

I have not watched all that video, but so far it merely confirms what we already know... it's gang warfare, tribalism, Hutu militia shit... Coming to a town near you...

What's this... whose this?

... fighting the ghetto pimps corner is da beatch Lucy James. She who is that fetid shit animated into life by lightening bolts of pure bullshit, like some politically correct Frankenstein monster... she da pimp'd ho, thro'in bruvvers sum luvvvvvvvv...

Oh how Lucy hates her whiteness... she bears the stigmata.

lormarie said...

I'm so glad that I have enough resources to avoid living in inner city slums.

I'd have to say though, the girl fights were much more annoying than the guys. I expect women to be better behaved...regardless of race.