Saturday, 15 August 2009

The Spiritual Tragedy of Modern Man

The tragedy of modern man is that multi-culturalism leads to a divided, incomplete and unhappy individual.

Modern Man exists only in the present, for he seeks to remove himself from any roots in the organic world. Via technology and ideology Modern Man in the multi-culturalism system seeks to remove the individual from all sense of loyalty to the past or connection to all commonalities, even those organic realities such as race, culture and country.

Modern Man is a solitary being, forever seeking to repress all that which is truly human within himself. He removes himself from all forms of the social participation mystique, all forms of collective and communal forms of identity which provide him the physical presence of his mind, body, spirit and soul and cocoons himself in an electronic shell. He demonstrates in public only his loyalty to treason, such as his participation in UAF demonstrations and other suicidual death cults.

Modern Man thinks he is the epitome of the cultured man, yet in reality he exists in a culture of ignorance – ignorant even of the totality of his own being or the possibility of totality of personality.

Hypocrisy provides him with his sense of morality, for that which evil is simply that which benefits his own race, country and culture.

What is good is whatever accelerates the downfall of his own civilisation.

The spiritually of Modern Man is crass sensualism, for each seeks to become a voluptuary of consumerism, a catamite of the credit card companies and banking system submerged in the cash nexus and concerned only with being able to satisfy the emptiness at the core of their being with false needs whenever they wish. By abasing themselves before the false idols of Mammon, and adorning themselves with the toys and trinkets of status symbols, the dull and insipid personality finds its only meaning. This is why the half beings of Modern Humanity must decorate the body and lives with such status symbols in order to fully illustrate the poverty of their souls and personalities.

The more bling, the less within.

The Modern Man seeks only to attach a cash value to his existence – never a meaning.

He defines himself and all others simply by how much money they have, not the content of their character or souls.

The religions of the Modern Man are White Guilt and White Hate. Non-Whites preach White Hate, whilst Modern Men who are white preach White Guilt.

As racial identity has become conflated with criminality amongst Modern Men, therefore the white man must purge from himself publically all loyalty to his race, community and nation.

The Modern Man seeks to flagellate himself in public rituals of purging similar to those in tribal societies where they drink the roots of hallucinogenic plants mashed into some rancid purgative potion which then provokes bouts of projectile vomiting.

These are the UAF demonstrations we see in our city streets, the public purging of their own guilt for even existing.

These ravening mobs of hate filled half beings, the sanctimonius ciphers of the spiritual undead, gather in their howling packs like primitive animals seeking prey to hunt and kill in order to demonstrate their treason to the self.

The soul of Modern Man is a maggot.

Modern Man seeks to repress at all costs the whispers of the unconscious. He must disconnect from all those organic realities that challenge his technological and ideological artificialities. He stands before an abyss of ennui and anomie that blight his existence, and thus appear as depression, drug abuse, alcoholism and self harm.

Modern Man has no roots and therefore he can never bloom into a higher being.

His friends are virtual, abstract lines appearing on internet forums, text messages, e mails and twitter – he exists in cities of millions yet remains alone in a single room connected only to the world via an electronic umbilicus. He unites only to mate and hate. He abandons his young, his mate aborts her unborn babies and betrays his people and organises only to target and kill those who remain connected to their roots.

It is the triumph of darkness over light.

Like a foetus in the womb, the infant that is the individual seeks unconsciousness via the consciousness in order to escape the non-being of his being. He creates a cocoon in which can never escape and yet defines this captivity as the epitome of his liberty, haunting as a ghost the world in which he truly dwells.

Multi-culturalism is a cage in which the nation, the people and the individual is imprisoned by the state.

In order to be a complete person one must be able to achieve a totality of being, and that includes an organic connection to the roots of ones existence, these being ones race, ones country and ones culture.

These three roots of Ygdrassil sustain the mind, spirit, body and soul of all men.

The Modern Man in the multi-cultural system is simply one among the multitude, not an individual in the midst of a national community.

As a result of his monstrous existence Modern Man breeds his own monsters, the barbarians of religions and atrocities of perverted science.

Modern Man uses genetic engineering to ensure the apocalypse, manipulating the building blocks of life in order to create weapons of mass murder and destruction.

The rotting remnants of dead religions infect the whole world with the poisons of their psychotic prophets and preachers, the demagogues whose insane ideas have infested the twisted minds of their maggot followers and led them into holy wars and mass murders. They preach with atomic bombs, hijacked plans and chemical weapons sermons of genocide and slaughter.

Each religion spawns its own apocalypse, each prophet preaches his own unique hatred. Science provides them with the weapons of their own mass destruction.

The dark stirrings of the unconscious are seen in the wars, terrorist atrocities and crimes that afflict our societies. Man seeks to the chain the beast inside, but it always manages to rise to the surface and escape.

Like some levithian ascending from the abyssal depths, dark and deadly primitive creatures from the depths of the unconscious arise from the primal silt and slime of the human past, and these monsters seek the sun that glimmers upon the glassy waters above.

The darkness forever seeks to manifest itself in daylight, and spawn its creatures amongst the world of Modern Men.

The enantiodromia they are called, manifested as bio-weapons and nerve gas shells, depleted uranium bullets and hijacked airliners.

The suicide weapons of a civilisation that defines itself by self hatred.

The repressed self than rides forth on the four horses of the apocalypse. Materialism, Consumerism, Liberalism and Religion are the four beasts upon which the four riders sit – Anomie, Ennui, War and Lust.

In a vortex of war man destroys the world and himself.

In order to avoid this apocalypse the hewn oaks of the past must be re-grafted with new roots so that the sacred oaks of our natural existence may live again, and so that from the new branches that will bud and grow again we can form the sacred spears with which we can slay these monsters.

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Leo said...

"Participation mystique". "Enantiodromia". That's some fine Jungian writing. Just seen that the BNP site is down. No chance of an update, then, of what's happening at RWB. Grr.

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The now Obama Adviser!

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