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Immigration and Revolution

Another interesting article from the Brussels Journal website.

Immigration in France: Counting on the Enemy

From the desk of Tiberge on Tue, 2009-08-11 10:15

In his previous posts, the French economist Gérard Pince demonstrated through his own calculations, which were in turn based on a handful of givens furnished by leading research institutes, that the official figures on immigration are not only too low, but deliberately skewed so as to fool the general population. According to Pince, by the year 2060 (50 years from now, but in fact much sooner than that, since for certain age groups, the tipping point is about to be reached), the ethnic French people will be a minority in their own land. Furthermore, he demonstrates that the number of North and sub-Saharan Africans and Asians in France today is at least 9 million. (The figure bandied about by many news sources is still 5 million, based on data from the Interior Ministry from several years ago. But time has passed, and inevitably the numbers have doubled).

Pince sees only one possible "solution". I put the word in quotes, because it is not the solution we would have wanted, nor is it the only possible one, but given the probability that there will be no change in government policy, no matter which party is in power (and there really is only one party at this point), it becomes, by default, the only thing one can hope for. In a word, he is counting on the enemy to overplay its hand:

To defuse the bomb of ethnic invasion, we cannot count on our compatriots. However, hope comes from our adversaries. Let me explain this paradox. The French people who are conscious of the peril haven't the slightest chance of convincing the majority, conditioned by propaganda from childhood. We can expect nothing from public opinion or from elections that direct the life of a democracy. On the other side, the Islamic powers have the same demographic projections as we do. Ever since Boumedienne and Qadhafi, not a day goes by that some mullah doesn't announce the Islamization of Europe before the end of the century. For the ripened fruit to fall on its own, it is nonetheless imperative to avoid excessively visible demonstrations that run the risk of waking up our countrymen. Now, it happens that a part of the youth of the Third World is exhibiting more and more impatience. At the opposite pole of our bleeding heart liberalism, this youth dreams of fighting it out as quickly as possible, and the smallest spark could, therefore, ignite a general conflagration.

Boumedienne, former president of Algeria and Moammar Qadhafi have both predicted the takeover of Europe by Islam.

In this way the adversary becomes an ally. In truth, general and long-lasting riots would modify the behavior of our countrymen. In a former life, I used to go to Gabon where I visited a couple of leftist expats. One day in 1964, the president of the country was overthrown and right away the populace spilled out into the streets shouting "Dirty whites! We're going to bust your heads!" You can imagine my surprise when I discovered my left-wing friend on her knees praying "My God, send the parachutists as quickly as possible!" This comical volte-face means that fear can disconnect even the most conditioned opinions. People recover their normal behavior patterns, as if a spell were suddenly lifted. In the event of major disturbances, the majority of Frenchmen would demand the intervention of the armed forces, the application of martial law and the installing of a provisional dictatorship under Article 16.

The word "paras" refers to military parachutists, an elite regiment of the French army, who would end the insurrection. Article 16 of the French Constitution grants exceptional powers to the president in a time of national crisis.

My belief is that things have to get REALLY BAD before people exhibit the type of disenchantment Pince refers to, but it could happen that way.

You might object that events such as these do not necessarily imply a reversal of massive migrations. First, let me say that wars have the advantage of bringing solutions to problems that are unsolvable in time of peace. Among some of these solutions are, notably, the numerous examples from the last century of population relocation. We can cite, for example, the departure in 1948 of 500,000 Palestinians from the territory that is today Israel. As the Israeli troops advanced, the Palestinians had to flee their quarters and their cities and eventually relocate in refugee camps. In the same way, after a general insurrection, the re-conquest of territory by our armed forces would inevitably provoke an exodus by the insurgent population and their relocation to camps in the border regions, which could come under UN control. To those who constantly warn us about concentration camps, all we have to do is remind them of Israeli policies: policies that have never aroused the indignation of our intellectuals who frequent the cafés of Saint-Germain-des-Près!

So there does exist a slender hope, but it doesn't depend on us. For the time being, let us fight to ban the burka, to stigmatize the head scarf and to dissolve salafist sects. This road map should be enough to rally all those interested in resisting.

Do we need another 9/11? Does France need more riots, devastation, murders, muggings, rapes and arson fires? God forbid. But that is what Pince is saying.

One of Pince's readers says:

[...] a premature civil war would be to our advantage. That is why the best sources of anti-terrorist information come from Libya and Saudi Arabia. Muslim strategists know that this isn't the time to pull the trigger. They know that it will be the entry of Turkey into Europe that will definitively seal the outcome of the war. The genocide of Christians will then begin irremediably and gradually (as day follows the night). But I bet that the United States will first let the Muslims weaken Europe, while they reorganize. They will lobby for Turkey's admission, and I think they will get it.

He is making the charge that the U.S. will attempt to weaken Europe, by seeing to it that Turkey enters the EU, thus effectively putting an end to Christianity (in other words, it doesn't matter if the French even do manage to push back the Muslims. By admitting Turkey, the end of Europe is guaranteed anyway.) This is an enormous charge, entailing a great deal of speculation, but it is a common thread at French websites, namely, that the U.S. wants to destroy Europe by pushing for the admission of Turkey.

If French opinion is going to change under pressure from extreme violence committed by Muslims, this change has to be one that is durable. The French also have to realize that the United States of today, despite some signs of life from the Republican Party, is not the United States of Eisenhower or even JFK, but a new monster, multi-culturalized, feminized, socialized and dramatically weakened morally, and that its current president, like the current president of France, is not working in the best interests of traditional America, but only in the interests of this newly created monster. Therefore the patriots of France and the patriots of the U.S. have a common battle, but how these patriots (from all countries of the Western World) will ever coalesce into an understanding, and eventually into an effective opposition to the main-stream governments, is beyond me. It seems we are hopelessly embroiled in useless mutual hatreds, suspicions, accusations and misunderstandings.

Here's another comment to Pince’s observations:

I began to despair of ever finding that the French people have have reached an awareness of the dangers that threaten their very existence, despite the numerous cries of warning from Monsieur Pince and other prophets. What a shameful thing to see these masses go wild over Secret Story, vote for the UMPS, swoon over Diam's, when each day the news informs us of the advancing barbarity on our own soil.

Perhaps you have found the key to this awareness, Monsieur Pince, in this fear that touches a person in his own vital space and leads him to the most terrible reality. As Maurice Dantec said, the conquering Mohammedans will not show any special kindness to the left-wing bobos who have been kissing their feet for years. The sooner the riots you speak of come, the less we will have to educate the masses.

Secret Story is a TV series; Diam's is a female rap singer who often sings disparagingly of France. Maurice Dantec is a Canadian Catholic writer.

I have to keep reminding myself, and others, that speculation is speculation. We don't know what will actually happen. If the French, as a people, feel themselves to be doomed, then they are doomed. If they feel they can bring about a change, then they have to bring about this change.

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