Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Anti-Extremism Strategy = Manufacturing Terrorism

In all my years as a person interested in politics I have never seen such a blatant piece of corruption as the changes to the governments anti-extremism policy


The policy has been changed simply for two reasons ;

1) To buy off the Muslim block vote

2) To try and undermine the BNP vote

The 45 million pounds a year policy was initiated by one of the most bent politicians this country has ever seen, David Blunkett and the idea for the changes to the policy came from his policy adviser Anne Turley who somehow managed to retain her role when her master resigned for being a crook.

Note the comments of Khalid Mahmood below, a LABOUR mp, who quite clearly sees what this policy revision is all about - and now we can see why all the brownosing coppers in ACPO and their little arse licker minions have been so busy in The Guardian recently talking about some fictitious 'Far Right terrorist threat'.

The old bill career chasing, pension chasing, politically correct idiots that have sold the police out to the Labour government have been leaking little bullshit stories to the media for weeks in order to prepare the way for this announcement - and we can see that this is a co-ordinated policy ;

1) Come for the BNP via the EHRC and try and ban the party

2) Attack individual BNP members via the case against Tony Bamber even though the CPS know they will lose it in order to try and frighten people into submission

3) Change the extremism strategy to allow funds to be targeted at Labour wards where people are voting BNP in the guise of 'fighting extremism' in order to try and buy back the white ex-Labour voters that now vote BNP

4) Create a fictitious 'Far Right threat' with the aid of bent coppers who have sold themselves and the police service out to the Labour party for money in order to justify 3) and allow the police to harass BNP members

Note that these idiot coppers arent focusing resources on the UAF - who, as we all saw on the videoo footage, news reports and press photographs of the Birmingham demonstration, initiated the violence on Saturday.

This is simply because the UAF is a tool of the system - the UAF is a weapon designed to trigger violence in the streets and then allow the media to blame the victims of that violence for starting that violence in order to benefit the government.

It appears that the long and well documented history of violence that the UAF have been linked with, including starting the Oldham riots is being ignored in order to counter a fictitious 'far right threat' in order to benefit the Labour party politically.

The police should be investigating the UAF and prosecuting its thugs, such as the 36 thugs who attacked police at last years RWB, but they never do.

The police and CPS have never prosecuted any UAF thugs for any acts of violence, including those who have attacked police and who have been filmed attacking individuals and private property.

This proves that the UAF is a state run organisation being used by the government and security services for their own agenda - which is to initiate violence on the streets in order to allow the government and security services to benefit.

For the CPS and government to have arrsted hundreds of UAF thugs over the years and NONE have been prosecuted for any of their crimes ranging from hammer attacks to attacks on houses is proof that the UAF is a state run group.

The UAF are protected as they serve the interests of the state.

The slogan that should be chanted at the UAF when they appear in the streets from now on is 'UAF / MI5' or 'UAF - SPECIAL BRANCH' because that is what they are, they are simply tools of the state to allow violence to be provoked in our communities via the UAF proxys for the security services and government.

This is not just political cynicism of the most shocking kind, this is dangerous.

Diverting coppers away from investigating muslim extremists and having them investigate a fictitious 'far right' threat simply because the government wants to bolster its voting base, is not just an abuse of power it is putting all British citizens at risk.

The arse licking coppers that we see at the endless public funded events where the rent a cop seeks to arse lick members of the muslim community by equating the BNP to the Taliban is proof of both their stupidity and corruption.

Any copper who parrots the line that the BNP are a 'terrorist' threat or that the BNP and the Taliban are the same 'extremists' merely proves their own stupidity and that they have been bought and paid for by the government.

What the government knows, and so do the police, is that if the BNP collapsed then real terrorists and real terrorist groups would arise in this country.

If our people saw that the government and the police had conspired to shut us out of the democratic process, then real extremists and terrorists would arise to replace democratically elected politicians and democratically elected political parties.

The only reason why the indigenous people of our country have not rioted, started forming terrorist groups and undertaking terrorist campaigns is that their anger is being diverted into a peaceful and legitimate forms of political expression by voting for the BNP and other nationalist political parties and hoping that their vote can change things via democratic means.

The moment the system shuts down the democratic process and excludes our people from having a voice in our democracy - then terrorism will begin, and no doubt instigated by agent provocateurs of the secvurity services and government.

I supect that terrorism is what the government wants.

I suspect terrorism is what some sections of the police want.

The government can then pass more laws to silence dissent, more surveillance state laws to spy on people and more liberal fascist attacks on our civil rights.

The police will get more funds, more overtime, more powers and more equipment.

For the government and the police and the secutity services its a win / win situation - if there was no terrorism in this country then the only losers are the government, the police and those in the security services cashing in on terrorism.

I honestly believe that the government want more terrorism in this country.

That is the only explanation for what they are doing, along with self serving political machinations, as it is obvious to anyone with a brain that the more a government stifles the ability of an angry populace to express their discontent via democratic means that at some point the denial of democracy creates the foundation for terrorism.

The more the government and their arse licking copper minions seek to repress the BNP, and suffocate dissent through repressive means, the more they lay the foundations for future terrorism.

Without the BNP giving a democratic voice to our people then bombs would be exploding on our streets as the anger and frustration of our people descended into violence and nihilism.

When a government undermines democracy and free speech they place the power into the hands of the real extremists and terrorists.

History shows us that this is correct time after time.

When it comes to Muslim extremists the government and police policy is to allow them to articulate their issues with the government, police, council and anyone else.

This is why we see muslim terrorists and islamist radicals sitting on government advisory boards and why islamist groups and islamist 'community leaders' have meetings with the police to articulate their demands and issues.

But when it comes to the indigenous British people - then the policy is simply state terrorism against our political parties and elected representatives, police repression and oppression, the denial of democratic rights, vilification and abuse.

The government says ' we must talk to the Taliban / Islamists / the IRA / Iran ' etc etc but at the same time bans the BNP from the police, arrests our activists, allows groups like the UAF to attack us with impunity and bars us from any dialogue with councils and the police.

This is not just illogical - this is provocation.

The intent of this policy of 'Talking to Islamic Terrorists' whilst 'Ignoring and Attacking BNP and nationalist democrats' is simply a mechanism to produce terrorism and terrorists.

If the police cant see this they are stupid.

If they can see this they are corrupt.

If they remain silent and complicit then they are guilty of preparing the grounds for future terrorism.

Banning the BNP will only lead to one thing - terrorism.

But that is what they want.


Warning over BNP focus ‘undermining’ terror battle

Aug 11 2009 by Jonathan Walker, Birmingham Post
Comment (1)

Reforms to a multi-million pound scheme to prevent terrorism must not undermine attempts to fight extremism in Muslim communities, according to an MP.

Khalid Mahmood (Lab Perry Barr) issued the warning after the Government announced plans to focus more on threats from the far-right, including the BNP.

The £45 million “preventing violent extremism” programme was set up in 2006 to prevent young Muslims turning to terrorism.

But local government minister Shahid Malik has announced that it will now work in deprived “white areas” as well. And it will be re-branded, following reports that some Muslims found the name offensive.

Think tank The New Local Government Network has published a report warning the scheme risked backfiring as some Muslim communities felt stigmatised by it.

Mr Mahmood said: “There is an issue with the BNP. They are extremists as well.

“But they do take part in the political system. I deplore them, but they are trying to get a democratic remit.

“What we need to do is to focus on those people who are acting outside the limits of the political system.

“We know that they exist and it doesn’t make sense to lump them in with the BNP.”

Although al Qaida-inspired terror remains the UK’s main concern, Scotland Yard has switched some officers to monitor a recent surge in the number of suspected far-right plotters.

More than 30 people were arrested over the weekend in Birmingham after violent clashes between Union flag-waving anti-Islamic fundamentalist protesters and Unite Against Fascism marchers.

The NLGN report was written by its deputy director Anna Turley, a former special adviser to David Blunkett, who said the Prevent scheme had enjoyed some notable success in its work with mosques. But she said its unique focus on Muslim communities had fostered resentment in some areas.

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Peter said...

You know what Lee, You write a superb article and I cannot disagree with one word of what you write.

Anonymous said...

My that was good article.

What you you say is true.

Adrian P said...

Running the country is a doddle, all it requires is someone to act in our interests, the fact that Brown, Cameron, John Major et al are not and were not is why we are in this mess.
Gold Sell off, industries trashed sold off, fishing and farming destroyed, mass immigration.
We are under attack.

all it would take to get us back on our feet, anyone to act in the right direction.

think of it like a team pulling, if you all pull in the same general direction, eventually you can get to where you want.
Trouble is, for the past fifty yrs, Succesive Govts have been pulling in an entirely different direction to the rest of us.

the other problem is that all the public know about Nick Griffin is he has a moustache, wants to kill everyone non white, eats baby chicks and puppies for breakfast and his Grandfather was Adolf Hitler....
Ditto any BNP Supporter, at least that is what the masses think, of course they are not going to support the British National Party.

Get Nick Griffin sat in front of a Camera and spell out BNP POlicies, its not rocket science that we need fishing and farming, that we need industries with which to trade with.
That wealth cannot be created out of thin air by Banksters issuing thin air credit to us which we repay through our work.

The people need to see someone speaking common sense, I also suggest they will only accept this from certain sources, they have been brainwashed via the Box for 50 yrs, the message has to come from the same source.

The message needs to come from their TV screen not on a leaflet.
Leaflets have their uses but can you put 3 hrs of high quality video evidence and information on a Leaflet.

If you do not believe this ask yourself Why BNP policies are never put out through the Box.

10,000 DVD's put out at random spelling out sensible BNP policies asking viewers to pass and copy to others.

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks chaps,