Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Is this Racist ?

Rule Number 1 of Obamaism - Though Shalt Not Mock the Messiah.

Apparently the image above is racist according to various black liberals, white leftists blah blah blah.

It appears that Blacks in the US are above criticism or mockery, even if they are half white.

Whilst it appears that Whites, especially poor whites / rednecks/ hillbillys/ trailer park trash / southerners / country folk etc etc can all be mocked with impunity by the media / liberals / leftists etc etc - thou shalt not mock the messiah.


Obama is just another filthy scumbag politician, regardless of what dominant gene gave him his skin colouring.

He aint the messiah, he is just another maggot in the political maggot farm.

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Philip said...

Obama is half white, half black. He chooses to promote his black heritage, he celebrates his African roots whilst he and the media ignore his white heritage.
This image is not racist, it's the joker, which he is, his proposals to tax middle class amerians to pay for welfare is sick. We already have medicare for the poor yet this is overstretched due to the millions of illegal immigrants on welfare and using our health system for free.

alanorei said...

Mulattoes always gravitate to their darker side, never the lighter one. It appears to be in their (mixed) genes.

Anonymous said...

When I scrolled down I just thought it was a very bad 'erm drag act

Lacnunga said...


President Barack Obama = Arab base, pink Democrat
President Barack Hussein Obama = A Democrat speaks inane rubbish

lormarie said...

No, definitely not racist. Some people (liberals in particular) will classify any criticism of Obama as racist. The treatment he receives from the right is no worse than Bush's treatment from the left.

Defender of Liberty said...

Spot on Lormaire.

They all deserve to be ridiculed.

They are all on the make.

David Hill said...

It's about time we had White and Black Minstrels anyway. I just don't like the tunes any more.

AdamS said...

Obama's only 6% black anyway (not enough to be officially black). Half white, and the rest Arab. Not as if that is hugely important, but even the whole 'black' thing is a total lie just like everything else about Lord Obama. Most important is exposing the powers behind him, the same people behind Bush.