Monday, 24 August 2009

The Wrath of Christos

Image - note the inverted cross after the tornado hit the Church.

The wrath of Christos is not often displayed in such an obvious manner.

The inversion of the Cross and the timing of this event all suggest what Jung would have called 'synchronicty', or a conjunction of random events that suggest a deeper meaning.

Homosexuals who are having sexual relations cannot be preists.

Homosexuality is a sterile relationship, predicated on lust not the sacred principle of creating new life.

Therefore those who are homosexual cannot speak in Gods name when they defile their bodies and other peoples bodies with perverse sexual acts.

Perverse sexual acts are irrelevant as regards ordinary homosexuals in our society, but not for preists.

Thats why we regards preists as special, as they are supposedly not indulging in lustful acts of perversion.

Just as being born blind disqualifies you from being a pilot, just as being born with one leg disqualifies you from being a high jump champion, just as being a heterosexual male should disqualify you from being a shower attendant in a womens gymn and just as having a penis disqualifies a male from giving birth - then being a homosexual disbarrs you from being a preist.

What you lawfully do with your sex organs when you are a private person is your own private business, but a preist is not a private person - their very role makes them a public and spiritual figurehead, therefore they cannot claim a privacy opt out.

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