Friday, 14 August 2009

They Shall Not Pass - UAF Racism will be resisted

The politics of modern fascism are liberalism and leftism, whilst Nationalism is the only true democratic political philosophy left as it places the interests of the individual before Political Correctness and the State.

The ban on Preston Wiginton attending the RWB is another Labour government gimmick, the same as the ban on Michael Savage by the vile Jacqui Smith - a ban the silly tart later rescinded after being sued by him for libel ;

This is just another gimmick by the war criminals and expenses thieves in this bent government of bent politicians.

The fact that Searchlight are involved is not surprising - the Zionist maggot Gerry Gable has many contacts among the Zionists that infest this government like David Milliband and Ed Milliband, the Zionist agents of Israel in the Labour government.

I have met Preston and he is a nice guy, a man determined to defend his race and European and White American Culture - if he was black he would be regarded with as much respect by this government of leftists as Nelson Mandela.

Unlike Nelson Mandela, Preston has never been a terrorist, planted bombs and sung songs about killing whites - all of which the 'hero' Nelson Mandela has done.

First reports say the RWB is going well - attendance is high, weather fine and kids having a great time.

Though the UAF filth on their site gloated about putting syringes and used tampons in the area, this has proved to be false.

The fact that the 'liberals and leftists' of the UAF would even think about putting used syringes which the filthy junkies have used to inject heroin on a site with children, just goes to show you how sick these people truly are.

As for the demonstrators tomorrow - they are nothing but a collection of idiots, ignorant lemmings, thugs and bussed in trade union activists.

They are an utter irrelevance - the only regret is that they will try and disrupt a lawful, peaceful festival and cause problems for local people.

But they dont care about that, as all that matters to them is their fascist determination to deny other people their democratic rights - but of course only if they are white.

You never see the UAF or trades union attend and demonstrate against ;

Islamist group meetings

Nation of Islam meetings

Meetings of the Board of Deputies of British Jews

This is is because the UAF is a racist organisation comprised of thugs and fools who are too stupid to understand their own hypocrisy and cant.

The BNP represent the interests of the indigenous people in the democratic process, yet these thugs only target the BNP with their ridiculous demonstrations - thereby displaying their real agenda - which is to support far left political causes and to attack the civil rights and interests of the indigenous British people.

This is a struggle for the survival of White people all across the world though as the same liberal fascist forces in this country that seek to deny us our civil rights are the same racist and fascist forces in America and across the world that also seek to deny White people their civil rights.

Have no doubts - this is a civil rights struggle.

We whites have the same rights as all other ethnic groups to organise collectively in the multi-cultural process in order to protect and promote our collective community interests.

The racist attempts by both whites and non-whites to surpress and deny us our rights is racist - as only whites are denied the same rights to collectively organise as other racial groups.

The UAF is a sad joke, a racist organisation whose members are so brainwashed and moronic that they are incapable of even seeing their own innate racism.

The motto for the RWB is ' They Shall Not Pass ', for those at the event will hold the line against these racist thugs and the tiny minority of media maggots that pump out the corporate propaganda that is the basis of their false consciousness.

The UAF, and those that attend this demonstration are mental slaves to the corporate media, brainwashed drones of the conditioning that the media has inculcated into their tiny, closed minds.

People like Preston Wigninton are not 'racists', they are heroes holding the line for liberty and democracy against the tide of effluent that is the UAF and its corporate propagandists.

The penultimate stage in the breakdown of Capitalism is liberalism, followed by Islamism.

The corporate media promote liberal values along with consumerism to those 'leftists' that go on demonstrations against Capitalism whilst wearing Nike trainers, wearing IPods and using mobile phones.

Then the corporate media will be bought by the Arab Oil Oligarchs and buy our nations and impose Islamism on us via economics.

The fools on this demonstration are not defending democracy, fighting racism or defending free speech - they mouth these facile platitudes whilst doing the exact opposite for they are undermining democracy, creating racism and undermining free speech.

I have worked with people like these on the demonstration against the RWB - they are drug addicts, people with mental health issues, leftist thugs, trade union dinosaurs from the 1970's, criminal personalities and the ignorant, stupid and demented.

The UAF is a joke - its just a pity that they cannot see the country is laughing at them.

Western Civilisation is at the edge of an abyss - and soon it will tip over into the darkness.

On that day the fools who marched with the UAF will be forced to wake up - and as they are consumed in the chaos they created for themselves they will expect to come to us to help save them.

On that day they will reap just what they have sown.

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1 comment:

alanorei said...

UAF seem to be vying with immigrants and asylum invaders as effective recruiters for the BNP.

That's all their demo will achieve, which is not a bad thing, of course.

They consist solely of rage and obscenity on the street, hubris and broken promises in the House.

In the meantime, the jobless total exceeds 2.4 million, since 1995, i.e. mostly in the period since the UAF parliamentary equivalents came to power.

Not fit to run a bath*, let alone a country.

*Probably a novelty for UAF adherents in itself.