Thursday, 20 August 2009

Lucy James, The BNP and THE BELIEVERS !

In the West, the most ignorant in any society are usually the most well educated.

This is because wisdom is like a pearl, in that it is formed over a lifetime.

It cannot be found, bestowed or produced in books.

It is produced only by direct experience of life.

Students are taught to think only in black and white, like the lines on the pages of the books they read where they derive their learning.

The problem with students is that they regard 'learning' and wisdom as the same things, when they are not.

A learned student that has just been excreted from a modern university with a new degree is not a wise person, for a learned student has simply learnt what the Establishment in power at any given time wants them to learn.

The proper aim of an educational system is to create fully realised, free thinking individuals whose innate talents have been awoken and trained to their very pinnacle of perfection.

Thereby the whole country and then the world benefits from the wise ones that we have invested so much money, time and enormous monetary, environmental and physcial resources upon.

The fact that most students leave university with closed minds and their values and beliefs warped by arrogant misconceptions and poisoned by asinine hypocrisy is primary evidence that the true aim of the modern education system is not to educate students into becoming fully realised, free thinking individuals but to produce politically correct bigots filled to the brim with bullshit and opinions, but little wisdom and even less intelligence.

We can prove this when we read articles such as the one here in The Guardian by ;

Lucy seems like a sweet child.

Her face is even still shining with the waxy vernix of her infancy and she even resembles a precious little china doll.

Yet Lucy, in the hubris of her learned ignorance, believes she can diagnose a disease, then offer a cure, not without any direct contac or experience with the contagion or any research into why the contagion is spreading, but simply by reading of the contagion in books written by others who also have never had direct experience of the contagion or researched why it spreading.

The fact is that sitting in a university and reading books is not going to make you a wise, intelligent or useful person - in most cases university simply turns you into a tool - of the establishment, the existing class, political and economic institutions and interests and transforms you an enemy of all true free thinkers.

You see Lucy what you dont realise is that there is not ONE BNP.

You and your ilk see a monstrous monolith of ideology, when the reality is that the BNP is simply an organisation where free thinkers with dissident opinions gather to exchange ideas.

Take your article on Islam.

You argue that the way to take on the BNP is to challenge it on the facts.

First of all your use of 'facts' to rebut some of our propaganda are not in reality 'facts' at all.

The only true 'facts' are based on fundamental scientific principles and realities that remain eternal and unchanging in relation to the status of an individual object. Eg the orbit of the earth around sun and the composition of an atom of iron.

Your facts are simply products of the existing power, class, political and economic system - in that they are commissioned, sanctioned and disseminated by the system for its own benefit. Take for research into race. Up until a few years ago there were no research programmes in racial difference, and therefore scant 'facts' were available as to the reality of racial differences. Because of this failure to research the reality of racial differences the scientists and politicans could announce 'racial differences do not exist as we have no evidence to prove they exist' - and of course this was correct as they had NEVER looked for any racial differences and they had never funded any research into racial differences. Therefore no 'facts' existed to prove racial differences actually existed.

But with the advent of the era of pharmacogenomics, then the profit motive has caused the corporations, universities and research bodies to begin to investigate the science of racial differences. This is why we now see many papers being released on a regular basis that reinforce the 'factual evidence' of racial differences.

It is not until one section of the establishment has the power to initiate and authorise the evidence of a 'fact' that a fact becomes established as a fact.

Therefore the 'facts' you rely upon are merely projections of the present power structure, and therefore as the present power structure has an interest in undermining the BNP then it only allows anti-BNP 'facts' to be written, published and disseminated to students and the public via academic publications and newspapers - even though those 'facts' are not facts but are based solely on new lies built upon old lies - and these 'facts' that are then published into wider society or that end up in books in university libraries and on 'essential reading lists' for students.

Therefore each new crop of students simply adds another turgid turd of a dissertation or 'idea' based on the bullshit they have learnt on top of the already festering dung heap of ignorance built up by previous generations of learned idiots.

A new turd on top of the dungheap is not a 'fact'.

This is because in their arrogance and stupidity university students are foolish enough to believe that universities are institutions that are designed to produce wise individuals, instead of learned slaves.

The present Establishment does not allow democracy, free speech, free debate and the free flow of ideas in our society. Therefore your 'facts' are simply products of a flawed system and thereby can only produce flawed facts.

Your facts are products of propaganda, and therefore your 'cure' for the contagion will not work.

In reality, as opposed to the propaganda, the BNP is a hive of ideas.

The problem with the BNP is not that we dont have any good ideas, but that we have too many.

Take Lucy's research and report on Islam.

She believes she knows what the BNP as a collective entity thinks about Islam simply by secondary means eg via what has been written in party propaganda or what has been in published in the hostile media.

The idea that the propaganda of a collective entity represents the totality of opinion on an issue, is simply foolish.

Propaganda as a process is governed by many factors - such as the law, the medium of propaganda, the nature of the information to be transmitted, the culture of the recipients, the nature of the people and society and other issues.

Therefore propaganda does not reflect the totality of opinion in an organisation, but merely the process whereby certain opinions may be disseminated to the wider public at any given time.

As the nature of society evolves and the laws in that society are changed by those in power and become ever more rigid and shut down free public debate on an issue in order to protect the interests of the establishment in power, then in order to avoid arrest and prosecution propaganda is changed to ensure it remains within the terms of the new law.

Therefore propaganda changes to reflect social realities.

The present law is merely an instrument of control by those who are presently in power. The law does not uphold democracy, liberty or our rights, as only we can do that for ourselves.

The aim of the law in Britain today is simply to ensure the interests of the existing elite are protected.

The law, and those in power, are often the enemies of the people, and at such times revolutions are born.

The moment that any elite is so out of touch with the opinions, lives and experiences of ordinary people, and the scions of the elite obsessed with ideas rather than realities, then chaos is about to begin.

Lucy and her kind are victims of false consciousness, for they have been conditoned by the educational system and the media with opinions that bear no basis in relation to the reality experienced by millions and millions of people in this country.

Lucy is a prisoner in the illusions of her ignorance.

The two stories below reveal the reality of our country, and yet for Lucy this reality is to be ignored, hidden and minimised by focusing her attention on the propaganda that the BNP produce about Islam ;

A POLICE operation targeting robbery hotspots has slashed muggings of young people by 100 per cent, officers said.

Patrols including stop and search on the Rye, Desborough Road, Eden and a skate park saw robberies fall to zero from 177 last year, they said.

This was among 12 to 19-year-olds. Operation Gauntlet will run to the end of the school holidays.

Police chose to launch the six-week operation after attacks by mostly Asian and afro-Caribbean gangs on white teenagers last summer, police said.

DC Paul Bowen said: “Officers would still stop large groups regardless of ethnicity but they would have at the back of their mind that the robberies are committed by this group of ethnic minorities.”

About 80 per cent of last year’s robberies were committed by gangs of Asian and afro-Caribbean people, he said.

Of last year’s attacks, 44 included the showing or threat of a knife.

Manningham man shouted racial abuse before attack
9:03am Thursday 20th August 2009

By Steve Wright »

A teenager who stabbed and slashed a passer-by in a racially motivated attack has been locked up for five years.

Amir Rehman, 18, shouted racial abuse as 51-year-old Ronald O’Connor walked to a shop for a loaf of bread, near the gates of Lister Park, Manning-ham, last December.

Leeds Crown Court was told Rehman shouted out: “Manningham belongs to Muslims. We don’t want whites. We rule Bradford. We are going to get you out.”

His frightened victim, Ronald O’Connor, tried to get in the shop, but Rehman ran up and stabbed him twice in the upper arm with a four to five-inch bladed knife.

Lucy my dear, people dont vote BNP because of our propaganda on Islam.

They vote for us because they live in real fucking world.

Unlike you and your pitiful cabal of onanists, real people have real experience of the real world and this makes them wise.

They know the society they live in, the see how it is changing, they know the government lies to them and they know what sort of country their kids will have to live in unless this process of treason and betrayal by the politicians of all the mainstream parties is not stopped.

This is why so many socialists, leftists and liberals and other over educated, over priveliged, smug middle class idiots, mockneys and white flighting class traitors living in Dorset are appointed by the media to articulate the voice and interests of the working class - people like Billy Bragg, Miss Dynamite, Damon Albarn etc.

They do not represent the working class. They represent only themselves.

They have never experienced real life in a white working class estate as they exist in a cocoon of wealth, power and privelige that has managed to isolate from the real world.

Nor can white middle class university educated idiots ever represent the interests of the white working class.

Even white working class kids who do go to university are filled with the leftist and liberal bullshit they are exposed too and then become a BELIEVER !

A BELIEVER is someone who has little experience of the real world, but who believes what they have been told about the real world by other people who have never really experienced the real world either - people like teachers, academics and those slaves of the system who are able to get jobs in the system, get book deals in the system, that get funding to do reasearch and print publications by the system and those who are paid to produce the books, ideas and opinions the systems want promoted in wider society.

Those who really KNOW the world we live in, are always the most excluded from any public discourse.

Once upon a time in America only middle class leftist Whites and Jews were allowed to lead the civil rights movement in America for black civil rights, then the Blacks were allowed to organise themselves and promoted their own community interests.

Today we have black and asian academics, middle class whites straight out of university, radical lesbians and activist homosexuals 'articulating' and assuming the power and authority to express the opinions, ideas and experiences of the white working class.

These self appointed spokesmen and women then issue reports, PDF's, articles in The Guardian and give speeches in the house of Parliament about what the white working class experience, think and feel - when in reality all they are doing is regurgitating the bullshit they have been told and the lies the system pays them to produce and promote.

Give me a fucking break.

The idea that any Parliamentarian, Asian, Muslim, Black, Lesbian or Homosexual or Upper Middle Class White person can understand, articulate and represent the interests of the White Working Class is patrionising nonsense.

The last thing these people ever do is actually go and talk to the white working class or the the BNP.

Instead they print their reports, their articles and their research papers and merely pepetuate the ignorance of themselves and their peers.

In every paper we read how some government minister wants the government to talk to the Taliban, Al Qaeda, the IRA, radical muslim youth etc etc - but no-one ever says 'lets talk to the white working class who we have demonised and abused as racists for decades and find out what they really think, and lets talk to the BNP and find out why it is that people are really voting for the BNP'.

Instead we get the white working class demonised by smug, middle class arseholes in The Guardian as 'racists' for defending their interests as a community, culture, religion and as a race in our multi-cultural society where every other community, culture, religion and race is expected, funded and subsidised by local councils and governments to protect their own interests.

Nobody talks to the BNP even though we are the elected representatives and voice of white working class communities.

Why is the police talk to unelected members of the ethnic minority communities in places like London and Leicester where whites are a minority, but the police do not ever speak to the minority white community in those areas and ascertain what their interests are ?

The two articles above are merely a drop in an ocean.

When you get the brain and the balls to realise you have been talking bollocks all this time, then come talk to us.

We will tell you all about the real world little girl.

You will not like what we tell you though and you certainly wont get any research money to fund your report or get it published.

There really are monsters in the real world Lucy, not just the bogeyman of the BNP that you have been conditoned to believe is the problem.

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odin said...

Dead right Lee!

Anonymous said...

"I love Lucy" the black-gang-bangers will say as they give her one and empty themselves many times up and in each orifice. She will have deserved her gang bang and their contents.

Anonymous said...

excellent as a copy been sen t to her?I doubt even that would awaken her

''In reality, as opposed to the propaganda, the BNP is a hive of ideas.''

That I found after I joined the BNP and I am glad that I joined as I am a hive of ideas to.

Indeed, the BNP as helped me to certain ideas within me and put them in a real world context

Anonymous said...

Good post Lee and mostly accurate.

At the moment I will only consider voting BNP, although I don't entirely agree with it all, such as all aspects of the race question.

Simply put the BNP put uncorrupted common sense back where it should be, especially Law&Order, national interests, environment, agriculture, industry and so on. It appears completely that the BNP only want a truly meritocratic system, as it of course should be.

I have to say though I am not always sure what is meant by terms such as (white) working class as opposed to middle class now? Surely 'middle' class work just as much as 'working' class - do they also pay more in tax? ..... and do we lump the pikey white underclass with the 'working' class? (My answer to that would be no by the way) (I am also aware that there is also an extensive black and half caste underclass) Any clarification would be welcome.

My dad was a telephone engineer at the GPO, my mother was once a nurse, then admin/secretary. I have worked in shops, factories, London zoo, cleaning - I have a degree trained to be a teacher (PGCE), but very much disillusioned and experienced the real crowd control and various other bullshit that it involved

..... I am doing something different now. With that backgroud and CV what 'class' would that make me????


Leo said...

Lucy to Lee: "Who you gonna believe, Lee? Me or your lying eyes?"