Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Demented White Liberal Anglicans Down Under

Christ almighty, they even have these moronic white self hating liberal idiots down under as well as in the UK.

I want reperations for my ancestors enslaved by Islam during the slave raids on Europe by the Corsairs, and I suggest we leave Australia when all the oil in the Middle East is handed over to us and our armies occupy the Middle East until all the oil is gone.

What a twat these Anglican idiots are.

I emailed him this just now at this e mail address site where the form can be filled in ;

Dear Sir,

I have just read the comments by Dr. Adams re the ethnic cleansing of whites from Australia.

Could you ask the dear doctor if this would involve concentration camps, gas chambers and executions of those who resisted being ethnically cleansed from Australia ?

Is the dear doctor a nutcase or is he a Nazi ?

Is the dear doctor like Dr. Goebbels ?

One wonders whether this nazi maniac should be allowed to teach at your college seing as he is racist and a fascist and an proponent for Nazism.


L. J. Barnes LLB (Hons)

Compensate Aborigines or leave, says minister
Barney Zwartz
August 11, 2009

ALL non-Aboriginal Australians should be prepared to leave the country if the indigenous people want that, making restitution for the vile sin of genocide, an Anglican leader said last night.

If they stayed, they would have to provide whatever recompense indigenous peoples thought appropriate, the Reverend Peter Adam said.

''It would in fact be possible, even if very difficult and complicated, for Europeans and others to leave Australia. I am not sure where we would go, but that would be our problem,'' he said.

Dr Adam, principal of Ridley College, the main Anglican theological college in Victoria, was giving the NSW Baptist Union's annual lecture at Morling College, at Macquarie Park.

Dr Adam said Christian teaching required either restitution - returning what was stolen, the land - or recompense. If those who arrived after 1788 did not leave, they would need to ask each of the indigenous peoples what kind of recompense would be appropriate. This would be complicated and extensive but must be done or the genocide would be trivialised.

''No recompense could ever be satisfactory because what was done was so vile, so immense, so universal, so pervasive, so destructive, so devastating and so irreparable.'' Dr Adam acknowledged that some people had done their best to remedy wrongs, including some government actions, but something ''more drastic'' was required.

Dr Adam said churches shared responsibility because the land and wealth of churches came from land stolen from indigenous people. ''The prosperity of our churches has come from the proceeds of crime. Our houses, our churches, our colleges, our shops, our sport grounds, our parks, our courts, our parliaments, our prisons, our hospitals, our roads, our reservoirs are stolen property.''

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Anonymous said...

Down under has gone the way of the NWO, they have already announced the Obaaaama version of the Hitler youth along with Brooon and Scameron.

Why has Nick not highlighted this mandatory civil defence league bigger than the US army, as stated by Obama and his controlers.

Is Nick asleep?

This also highlights why Nick needs to drop his conscription nonsense now.

we need to be the antidote not more of the same poison!

alanorei said...

Actually, I could make a Biblical case that the Aborigines are trespassing. As a negrito people, they should have stayed in Africa, the land of their ancestor, Ham, Psalm 105:23, 27, 106:22.

I could also make a case that Australians, as the descendants of Japheth the elder, Genesis 10:21 via the original Brits who settled there in the late 18th century had a Biblical obligation to colonise the island continent and, since the Aborigines were already there, bring the incumbent blacks out of animistic savagery, Genesis 9:27. If the blacks remain, they are to be the servants of the whites, not their masters and the two races shouldn't intermarry.

These responsibilities have only ever been partially fulfilled up until now.

The Olde Booke is tough stuff in places. But the Texts I gave above are an unknown Bible to wilful ignoramuses like Peter Adam.

Anonymous said...

Really, you Limey's need to admit that the Germans were right, they stood for the survival and advancement of the Indo Euro races and UK would have been immeasurably benefited by National Socialism. So instead of calling the crazy Aussie Vicar a "Nazi", call him what he is - a demented Jewified racial communist.