Sunday, 9 August 2009


Image - anti-free protestors burn English flag to protest The Satanic Verses book.

Image - Muslims burn Union Jack.

Image - UAF attack on elderly BNP members house where they set fire to the Union Jack flag he flew proudly in his garden.

Most of the 31 arrests at the Birmingham anti-Islamist demonstration on August 8th were all members of the UAF or Pakis4lyf, though a few of the free speech demonstrators were arrested for defending themselves when the Paki4lyf thugs broke through the police cordon and attacked the free speech demonstrators..

Not one person arrested was from the demonstrators opposing Islamist terrorism according to latest reports, though a few were arrested for defending themselves after being attacked by the Islamo-Fascists of the UAF.

As usual the UAF thugs are the only ones arrested for starting the violence.

It is time that the UAF were made a proscribed organisation - their role in triggering the Oldham and Burnley riots, their violent attacks on the BNP RWB event last year and the recent attack on Nick Griffin in London and the vicious claw hammer attack on a BNP activist shows the innate terrorist methodology of the UAF.

The UAF are more of threat to our society than the extremists of Hiz-Bu-Tahrir and other extramist groups as the UAF intent is to trigger and use violence for political gain.

Therefore the UAF should be a proscribed terrorist organisation - and the Birmingham riot proves that the UAF will use lies in order to trigger violence.

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