Saturday, 1 August 2009

The Gary McKinnon Defence He Should Run

I have been thinking about the Gary McKinnon case and I have worked out the best defence he should run.

In all the testimony of Gary McKinnon that he has given in media interviews and police transcripts under caution he has mentioned three important things ;

1) That he downloaded from secret NASA files images of UFO's above the earth taken from secret US sy satellites

2) That he downloaded US navy pay files and fleet deployment listings that revealed the US has an off earth space fleet run by the US navy

3) That he saw other files that revealed the existence of UFO related technology being used by the US military.

Now this leaves prosecution case in a perilous position.

In order for McKinnon to be held guilty, then at the time of the criminal offences he committed he must not have been 'insane' or suffering from a mental abnormality that affected him to such an extent he was not aware of what he was doing.

But the testimony of McKinnon is so 'absurd' and so 'insane' ( as everyone knows that UFO's dont exist, that the US navy does not have an off earth space fleet and that the US military does not have UFO technology and energy systems ) that at the time of the offence he must have been insane.

In order for the prosecution to prove the case they must also prove his sanity at the time he did the offences. The testimony reveals that McKinnon was clearly insane.

In order for the prosecution to prove that McKinnon was not insane then they must admit that ;

1) The US has an off earth space fleet
2) That they have UFO technology and energy systems
3) That NASA does have photographs of UFOS's above the earth

Therefore the prosecution have to admit that the testimony of McKinnon was correct, in order to prove that he was not insane at the time he committed the offences.

In fact McKinnon must still be insane right now - as he still believes that he saw those things he downloaded from the US computer systems.

Therefore as he was insane at the time he committed the offences and he must still be insane now, as he still believes he saw those 'insane' things he said he saw, then he clearly should not be allowed to go to trial.

It appears that the judges who heard this appeal did not understand the nature of the linkage between McKinnons mental health and his capacity to stand trial nor the lawfulness of such a trial when he is clearly still 'insane'.

McKinnon must clearly be insane.

The fact he said those 'insane' things means he has to be insane - rational people who are responsible for their actions do not see such things as McKinnon said he saw on the US computer files.

The US must also, if it wants to win the case, prove that the material McKinnon saw was classified material.

If they cannot prove the material he saw was protected under defence laws, then they cannot assert the damage to 'national security' occured.

Therefore the US has to admit both that the files McKinnon said he saw were real, and that they are the most highly classified documents in the US military, or they cannot prove their case in relation to the charge that he damaged US national security.

What McKinnon must do is make this a crusade for UFO disclosure.

In order to convict him the US must in effect admit UFO's are real.

This case means McKinnon can take on the military industrial block in public - and force the US to expose the secret it has been keeping.

If he explains the moral aspect of his actions, to find out if the US is hiding advanced energy systems that could save the planet, and that he was motivated not to damage US national security interests, but to simply expose the truth about UFO's - then the jury will not convict him.

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Anonymous said...

Andraste said...

It's a fucking disgrace how McKinnon is being completely fucked over by the absolute scum in the establishment.

I fear he will attempt suicide, as he has already expressed such intentions due to the dire nature of being put on trial in the US.

I am not sure if it is correct but I also read that rumours that he will be transferred to Guantanamo Bay as a terrorist!

In respect of his legal defence. I know someone who was involved in a massive inductrial incident (I'll put it that to give more details would make it obvious who he is). Anyway, he was accused of causing several million pounds of damage to a public facility, admittedly he was intoxicated whilst "operating" very heavy machinery. Anyway, the prosecution stated that it was the accident was caused due to his intoxication, and the defence developed a brilliant defence. The man in question stated that the machinery he was using was defective and that he had pictures of the machinery he was using. Now the prosecution was in a dilemma because they could not question if his pictures were his machine because of they did so they would be admitting that there are other machines with defective controls. Therefore he got a reduced sentence because they had to accept that although he was intoxicated the machinery was in fact defective.

Having no real knowledge of law it seems a good tactic to use to put the onus back on the prosecution and get them to prove the opposite to their position in order to make their case, as you state in your article Lee. The US would surely have to open up files to prove that McKinnon is not correct, and would they really want legal teams digging through NASA archives?

Sorry for the long and tedious rant, I hope my point is clear.

Anonymous said...

"Guantanamo Bay as a terrorist!"

Read the above guardian article by ronson, the US prosecutors have already stated that he will likely face 18 months to 3 years. I doubt that he would spend more than 3 months behind bars, especially under this Obama administration.
Gary also damaged his own testimony by stating that he deleted US government files.
He also goes to state on the record that he saw craft which were satellites and not UFOs, and he admits to smoking "a lot of dope".

This case has been blown out of proportion by the far left, the UFO conspiracy theorists, the Bush administration and the UK government.

Gary will be in and out of a US minimum security prison before you know it. It's better he has his show trial, plays on his mental disability, pleads stupidity, plays up his far left tendencies and the far left Obama administration will give him a slap on the wrist.