Thursday, 13 August 2009

Zionist America - A Poem

Zionist America - A Poem.

They put a black man in the Whitehouse,
Just to make you feel better,
Whilst draining your wealth like a louse,
And binding you in their fetters.

I saw George Washington’s ghost walk weeping,
In a rose garden blighted by wilt,
As a nation of patriots lay silent and sleeping,
And fools choked on their guilt.

The New World Order is the puppet master
Of Obama the false media whore,
‘On your knees for slavery’ says the pastor,
As the cops kick in your front door.

TV is the only God in this fake republic,
Each citizen is now a media whore,
If we show you our fat ass you must kiss it,
So command the rich to the poor.

Each night the Zionists wave plastic flags,
On every channel of the daily news,
As they tear old glory into tattered rags,
Saying, 'Obey us, Christ was a Jew’.

Preachers feed their flocks with zionist lies,
With challah bread unleavened,
For each empty canal is a devil in disguise,
Rebranding this hell as heaven.

Diversity is the dull mantra of liberal morons,
The conformist brainwashed TV undead,
Who surrender their kids to the federal fiefdom,
Mandated by law to poison their heads.

The FEMA camps are now ready and waiting,
Death camps in the land of the free,
Your crime is dissent, redefined as hating,
As tyrants rub their hands with glee.

You must hold your children whilst they are injected,
With flu vaccines filled with WMD lies,
If you dare refuse their orders you will be arrested,
By the FBI and googling government spies.

America has fallen, the great eagle slain,
With bullets stamped ‘security’
Now refugees roam the roads in the rain,
Past the crucified corpse of liberty.

Blood now runs from a thousand deep wounds,
In the oil rich deserts of the East,
And the bones of fallen heroes form the tombs,
Where the vampires gather to feast.

'Is this what we fought for' the dead cry out,
As America now falls into its ruin,
Each heart is hollow and filled with doubts,
The day is dark, a storm is brewing.

Rise up my folk, and refresh all your roots,
With the blood of all those traitors,
Or you will be forced to lick their jackboots,
In the prisons they’ve built for ‘haters’.

Thanks to David Dees for the picture on this poem, the best modern artist in the world today.

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