Monday, 31 August 2009

Asian thugs attack cops - blame BNP Ghosts

Image - Tourism brochure for Luton. It reads ;

" Welcome to Luton, home of the Bedfordshire Taliban. Twinned with Kandahar in Afghanistan, Luton is a welcoming town for all Islamist radicals and anti-white racist thugs. The local police are castrated by Political Correctness, so we Islamists run the town. We can even get democracy, free speech and the right to peaceful protest cancelled and banned in Luton as we threaten to attack the Kuffar when they dare excercise their democratic rights to protest our presence in the town. The police are so busy kissing our arses, under the orders of the Labour Party and the government who want our votes in the forthcoming general election, that we can virtually do as we want "

It appears that the real face of thuggish extremism has appeared from behind the mask of UAF and liberal media bullshit.

Apparently the Asian rioters in the article below are going to claim that they were driven to attack the police, local shops and local shoppers by the presence of BNP ghosts seen floating around the area going 'whhooooo' to Asian youths who were busy constructing a local art project which neccesitated them roaming the area whilst carrying bricks, fireworks and rocks.

Because the 'fascist' police and 'nazi ghosts' were in the area without the permission of the local Taliban commander, then this drove the local members of the Taliban militia to attack the police and seek out the BNP ghosts they all saw in their tiny little minds.

I wonder how the UAF are going to spin this away - as there were no football groups, no casuals and certainly no BNP to blame for their violence and attacks on the police.

When you take away all the excuses all you are left with is the local Taliban using violence against the police and local people.

The job of the UAF is to provide a semi-plausible cover story for the Taliban when they attack people, by blaming everything on the victims of the violence instead of the perpetrators of the violence.

Next week - stoning of unmarried mothers comes to Luton and women seen on the streets without Burkhas will be whipped by local Taliban commanders and their militia.

Riot police break up mob of protesters

Published Date: 30 August 2009

Riot police were forced to break up a mob of 200 youths in Luton after they threw fireworks at officers.

Officers wearing helmets and carrying shields were sent to Bury Park in Luton after Asian youths attacked local police.

A statement from Bedfordshire Police said the protesters were deterred from entering the town by a banning order approved by Home Secretary Alan Johnson last week.

The force added: "Sunday's disorder follows weeks of engagement and public consultation by Bedfordshire Police and Luton Borough Council in response to tensions within the community after the town was identified as a potential location for a march by right-wing supporters."

Police had to send in an extra 50 officers and six police horses at 4.30pm as the violence escalated. Two people were arrested for public order offences.

The force said there was a strong police presence to ensure the safety of local residents and the disorder was dealt with by 7pm.

Chief Superintendent Andy Frost, from the force, said: "I am extremely disappointed that some members of the Asian community have used today as an opportunity to commit disorder and undo much of the excellent work that has been done by both the police, council and community leaders to ensure today passed without incident.

"There has been extensive public consultation and work behind the scenes to ensure Luton was not the chosen venue for any kind of march or protest but it would seem that for no apparent reason disorder has broken out in Bury Park.

"Although this incident was contained within Bury Park it has again put Luton under the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

"The town has enjoyed excellent community relations for a number of years but it seems a small minority has let Luton down."

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Unknown said...

Police have condemned a mob of 200 Asian youths who attacked officers and threw fireworks in Luton.

Defender of Liberty said...

And the government pats them on the head and builds them a new community centre.

Defender of Liberty said...

And the government pats them on the head and builds them a new community centre.

rick in luton said...

... and it wasn't 'fireworks' - it was thunderflashes the muslims were throwing under the horses and around the streets. The same 'fireworks' they use at ramadan to frighten and intimidate the 'kuffar'.
Most people are totally sick of hearing about poxy fucking muslims, and can't even bear the sight of them!