Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Judge That Roared

The role of a Judge in modern Britain is to serve the interests of the government, not the interests of Justice.

Most judges are arse licking, career chasing, pension pot accumulating, politically correct middle class tossers who were picked as judges because of their family connections, old school tie or because they ticked one of the right politically correct boxes - such as Peter Herbert the judge who is the head of the Black Lawyers Association.

It appears that a judge who tells the truth is to be regarded as a threat.

It appears that a judiciary that has the temerity to regards itself as independent of the government must be threatened and an example sent out to the rest of them.

Go to your local court.

Go the listing section and see the cases listed for that day.

Note the names of the people before the court.

In most cases they are foreigners unless you are blessed to live in a white area.

Most judges know the extent of crime involving foreigners but they are paid well to keep their mouthes shut.

This judge didnt.

Expect him to be sacked or disciplined to send a signal out to the rest.

This is also why any soldiers who dare speak out about lack of kit, crap equipment etc are also threatened.


Judge Trigger could be sacked from the bench

Tuesday August 4,2009
By Chris Riches view/118330/ Facing-probe- judge-who- criticised- migrant-cheats

A JUDGE who spoke out to highlight Britain’s “completely lax”
immigration system faces an investigation that could lead to his
removal from the bench.

Supporters of Judge Ian Trigger were left outraged yesterday on
hearing of the probe following concerns he made while sentencing a
Jamaican drug dealer who should have been deported years ago.

He noted that Lucien McClearley, 31, had remained in the UK to sell
drugs and said “hundreds of thousands” of illegal immigrants were
flooding here, placing a huge burden on the taxpayer.

His comments were cheered by politicians, pressure groups and
think-tanks for highlighting the UK’s border problems but infuriated
Gordon Brown’s Government.

Now the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, has referred the outburst to
the Office of Judicial Complaints to rule on whether it was too

But last night there was outcry that the probe might have far-reaching
effects on other judges who wish to raise genuine concerns.

Sir Andrew Green, founder of MigrationWatch, said: “There is a great
deal of concern, privately expressed, in the judiciary about the
number of cases involving failed asylum seekers. There ought to be
some way in which this concern can be expressed without infringing
judicial guidelines.”

Matthew Elliott, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “It is disgraceful
that political correctness is now intervening in the judicial

Judge Trigger made his scathing comments last Tuesday after his court
heard McClearley had entered the UK in 2001 on a visitor’s visa.

He was arrested in 2002 after overstaying his welcome but appealed for
asylum and was released while this was pending, allowing him to

His application was finally rejected in March 2004 but he was arrested
only last February when police noticed his car reeked of cannabis.
Liverpool Crown Court heard how police found £3,700 of cannabis, a
fake driving licence and passport and a gram of cocaine.

Judge Trigger jailed him for two years for drugs offences, stressing
that he hoped he would be deported after serving his sentence, saying:
“Your case illustrates all too clearly the completely lax immigration
policy that exists in this country.

“People like you, and there are literally hundreds and hundreds of
thousands of people like you, come to these shores from foreign
countries to avail themselves of the generous welfare benefits that
exist here.”

The final decision on whether the judge stepped out of line will be
made by Lord Judge and the Lord Chancellor, Jack Straw. If the
complaint is upheld, sanctions include reprimand or even dismissal.

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