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Daily Mail Lie Machine - BNP smear

One of the great joys of being a journalist is that you dont have to think or print the truth, as peddling mere conjecture, bile and bullshit suffice for a well paid career in the profession.

Take the case about the racist child who bullied a young black girl. This was a terrible thing, and the child was rightly prosecuted and punished.

But note the media silence on the report about the hammer attack on a white child by a gang of racist Asians and the schools cover up over a campaign of racist attacks on white children that had been going on.

The fact is that the child concerned was not a BNP member.

The childs parents were not BNP members.

If they were the court would have stated this.

The only link to the BNP is the fact that the child mentioned the BNP during his campaign of racism against the child as the evidence revealed in court.

Therefore there is no connection to the BNP in relation to this child, the only mention of the BNP comes from the child - and he learnt about the BNP AT SCHOOL AND IN THE MEDIA.

The fact is that this child will not have been using the letters 'BNP' as an advocate of BNP ideology, HE IS A CHILD.

Therefore the child used the letters BNP because of an association between the initials of the BNP and racism - and that is not the fault of the BNP.


The BNP image that the media peddle to the public exists nowhere other than in the imagination of journalists.

The only other place apart from the media that the child would have come into contact with the concept of the BNP, and where he would have been indoctrinated with the ideology of racism, White guilt and White self loathing, post-colonial guilt and glorification of everything ethnic, is at school.

Lies about the BNP are taught to children IN THEIR SCHOOL LESSONS as
part of their citizenship lessons.

They are taught what racism is and then taught by their liberal and leftist idiot teachers that racism in our society is caused by the BNP.

Therefore at every level of their educational and psychological development children are taught about racism and then about the BNP as being the epitome of racism - so therefore is it any wonder that when some act in a racist manner they use the BNP name.

Therefore the false image of the BNP becomes a 'flag of convenience' to be used by any sociopath or criminal whenever they seek to target an individual in relation to race.

For instance ;

The charge that someone is 'in the BNP' is enough to get you sacked from the police .

A child saying to their parents ' My teacher is a BNP supporter' would then get that teacher suspended, investigated and terrorised simply because of the accusation.

An arrested black criminal says ' The officer said he supported the BNP when he arrested me ', and this accusation can then be played alongside the Race Card and this will assist the criminal in getting off the crime.

Children are taught about the BNP in such a way that when racist incidents break out in the school, the kids use the BNP name as a gang sign.

This is how the propaganda about the BNP peddled by the media and the schools is used by the indoctrinated children when they seek to challenge authority or abuse other children.

The mythic monster created by the media comes alive in the minds of children and adults alike.

The anti-BNP propaganda put out by the media actually increases racism in society, for individuals who are affected by that propaganda believe it and mimic it.

This is also seen in the examples of young British Asians who have been involved in terrorism. Many of them are middle class, well educated, integrated, working with good careers. They are INSIDERS not outsiders.

Yet they watch the Al Qaeda propaganda they see on the internet and mimic it. They may never have had any contact with Al Qaeda or Islamic radicals but the propaganda they have been subject too turns them into Al Qaeda supporter and terrorist.

This is because they are taught ideas that infect their mind, memes whose unintended effect ( or perhaps actual intent ) is create the very thing they have been seeking to avoid

In schools they teach children about sex, and then the rates of teenage pregnancy, sexual disease and single families go up.

Sex education creates pregnant teenagers.

The same thing happen when they teach kids about racism - they create racists.

They teach black kids about the criminality of Whites in regard to issues such as slavery and thereby generate hatred against whites, at the same time as they teach whitre kids white guilt and self loathing.

Both groups are racialised.

Then they teach the kids about the BNP - and then the self loathing white kids that become racists then use that false propaganda that they have learnt about the BNP in their schools and in the media as a 'flag of convenience' for their actions.

But it is not the BNP who have generated these ideas of racism and criminality in the minds of those children - it is the schools and the media.

No BNP propaganda ever teaches our children to hate other races - WE TEACH OUR CHILDREN TO LOVE OUR OWN RACE.

The fact is that the BNP cannot be considered at any point to have any influence on this child - the people with access to that childs mind does not include the BNP.

This was a child of 15.

This child had never been anywhere the BNP nor, unfortunately had he read any BNP youth propaganda.

Perhaps if this child had contact with the BNP and read our propaganda for young people we could have taught him to love himself and not hate others.

Instead it is the media and the schools that have poisoned his mind for they had access to his mind day in and day out. They are responsible for his poisoned mind, not the BNP.

The chants the child made to this young girl were learned from DVD's he had been sold to him by the movie industry - not the BNP.

The ideas of racism that he learnt about did not come from the BNP.

The BNP are the antidote to the poison of the schools and the media.

Article here ;

A teenage BNP supporter who drove a classmate to the brink of suicide escaped jail yesterday - to the dismay of his victim.

The 15-year-old waged a campaign of abuse against his 14-year-old victim at their secondary school, branding her a 'wog', 'gorilla', 'c**n', and 'n******', a court heard.

But although he faced a maximum penalty of two years detention and training, he escaped with a six month supervision order and an order for his parents to pay £500 in compensation to his victim.

Yesterday, the victim, who can be identified only as Natasha for legal reasons, welcomed the compensation award but said her tormentor should have been jailed.
Lincoln Magistrates Court

A schoolboy who racially abused a 14-year-old classmate, driving her to the brink of suicide, was given a six month supervision order by a Lincoln magistrate today

Natasha said: 'He has got a slap on the wrists and been told he was a naughty boy - that's all.

'He has not paid the price for what he has put me through and he will never have to suffer like I have.'

Her mother added: 'My daughter attempted suicide because of the ordeal he put her through. If she had died he would have been looking at a manslaughter charge so to escape with a fine and a bit of supervision from the youth offending team seems extremely lenient.

'He told his friends he was happy she had taken an overdose but was sad she didn't die, because that leaves another black you-know-what in the country.'

The boy, who cannot be identified, was found guilty of racially aggravated harassment last month in the first successful prosecution of its kind.

Lincoln Youth Court heard he had taunted her with chants of 'White, white, white is right, kick them out, fight, fight, fight' - taken from a film about football hooliganism.

He told his victim: 'Go back to your own country, you don't belong here' during four months of abuse.

Natasha suffered in silence until she eventually attempted suicide in January this year.

She took a mixture of sleeping tablets and painkillers from her mother's medicine cabinet before writing a note requesting that nobody wore black at her funeral. She collapsed hours later at school, just as her mother discovered the note left at their home.

Natasha, who was born in Britain to a white mother and a father of African heritage, spent six weeks in a psychiatric hospital. She has now moved from the Lincoln area for a fresh start in another part of the country.

The boy lived with his father and mother, a housewife, in a village outside Lincoln.

Natasha's mother accused them of turning their son into a racist through their own views.

Police sources confirmed the boy, who had no previous convictions, supported the racist party and said he had tried to enlist other pupils to the cause.

At a sentencing hearing yesterday, Sunil Khanna, defending, told the court the boy was a promising footballer who had spent six years in Lincoln City FC's centre of excellence, but had given up the sport to join the Army cadets with a view to forging a career in the military.

Urging magistrates to impose a supervision order, Mr Khanna said the penalty would allow youth offending officers to 'explore his attitude towards race'.

Magistrates' Chairman Pam Newman agreed the order was the most 'suitable' punishment and sentenced him to six months supervision.

She also ordered him to carry out ten hours of 'indirect reparation' - the equivalent of community service for youth offenders, and ordered his parents to pay the £500 compensation together with £300 costs.

His parents, who claim almost £800 a month in working family tax credits and child tax credits, were also ordered to attend a session with a parenting support worker.

The boy was excluded from the school after the abuse came to light and is now at another school.

He was supported in court by his stockily-built father. The pair hid their faces as they were hustled away from the building by youths who had turned out to support the teenager.

Inspector Pat Coates of Lincolnshire Police said the 'targeted campaign' of abuse was one of the most serious cases of its kind he had ever dealt with.

The Crown Prosecution Service said the case was believed to represent the first time a child had been successfully prosecuted for racial abuse.

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Leo said...

A supervision order is much the same thing as being sent to a re-education camp.

I'd like to know how the authorities established that the boy supports the BNP and also how they worked out what his parents believe, if anything.

Same old, same old. The plaintiff's mother is the colour of titanium dioxide, but her father has a "heritage".

Anonymous said...

Good article