Tuesday 4 August 2009

Race Relations Laws = Communism

The BBC have sent an undercover reporter to investigate if landlords are refusing to allow as tenants foreigners.

Apparently some landlords dont want foreigners such as asylum seekers and migrant workers to live in their property - and this is illegal !

This is how private property became owned by the State.

You have a house. You want to rent YOUR property only to British people.

But the Race Relations Act says that if you dont want Vietnamese Cannabis growers, Polish pissheads, Latvian prostitutes, Albanian gun dealers, Russian gangsters, Jamaican crack dealers or any one of the myriad nationalities involved in crime present in this country to live in your house then that is illegal.


Its your house.

You should be entitled to only allow people in that property that you want to be in that property.

This is why the State has destroyed the concept of private property with all this politically correct crap.

The principle of private property is that you own that property and you should be allowed to do with as you wish, with one exemption which is if you do something on that property that threatens the life of people such as your neighbours eg you store gallons of petrol on the land.

That is the only legitimate reason for any state to get involved in telling you what to do with your own property.

All these laws should be abolished.

If you own your own property then you should be entitled to do as you wish with it in regards having tenants.

If you dont want whites, blacks, pinks, browns - whatever - in your own property then that should be down to you.

This is why the entire race relations legislation should be scrapped.

Private property is private property.

The whole process of immigration and multi-culturalism required that the law force people to accept foreigners amongst us - or be taken to court under these pathetic laws.

Whilst the government shipped them in - the government then passed laws that forced us to accept them living amongst us.

Those that did not want them in their own property were prosecuted - and this is how multi-culturalism was built - with fear, threats and terror - it was never built with consent, good will and with genuine acceptance.

Multi-culturalism was forced upon our country via the threats of arrest, prosecution and fines.

This is why multi-culturalism will fail - as it was constructed without good will and genuine consent.

The old chestnut about 'No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish' should be met with a big 'so what ! '.

I am half Irish and no doubt some of my relatives were told they couldnt stay in some hotels etc when they came to the UK.

So what.

It was their property and they were free to do as they wish with it.

If that meant my relative had to look for alternative accomodation then - so what. I am sure they were able to cope with the rejection.

Just as BNP members have to face being rejected by the police service, prison service and various trade unions - we just get on with it.

It appears though that rejecting the BNP from such organisations is okay, but individuals saying they dont want foreigners in their own proerty is unlawful.

It appears that some forms of discrimination are lawful and moral, whilst other forms of discrimination arent.

The law is therefore an ass.

These laws were designed to facilitate the imposition of multi-culturalism, and therefore they should be scrapped.

Britain never wanted multi-culturalism, and now its time for the whole process to be scrapped, revered and a New Britain created out of the multi-cultural chaos.

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Anonymous said...

"the government then passed laws that forced us to accept them living amongst us."

I think the word “accept” should in fact be endure, I for one do not “accept” any of the immigrants, illegal immigrants, those from the EU, asylum seekers, or those granted asylum. In fact I consider them all illegal’s as they were “forced” upon us and our nation.

Philip said...

How??? Why???? Who the fuck let this happen???? Is this some topsy turvy Alice in wonderland or GREAT BRITAIN?????? What the fuck does your average indigenous Briton do all day??? How can your average Brit ignore what's happening around him? But, you know, I live in a nation of fucking idiots, idiots who voted in a half African and white man, a man who ignores his white past and uses the language of supremacism to promote his African heritage. But to point this out makes me a racist. How did we all come to this position? This is madness and has to end.

gatesofvienna said...

The BBC don't object to ads stating Muslim only household when the owner is looking to rent out rooms.
Thats' a clear indication which cult this is aimed at.

Anonymous said...

Here.here. Scrap the imposition of the fascism 'multi--culturalism'

Anonymous said...

Lee, Freudian slip in your last paragraph? What are you revering? I think you need to do a u-turn and reverse. Unfortunately things will have to get a whole lot worse before the majority see what is really going on.