Wednesday, 12 August 2009

One Rule for Whites - One for non-whites

Here we go again.

One rule for whites - one for non-whites.

Birmingham man given suspended sentence for racist remarks

Aug 11 2009 by Ross McCarthy, Birmingham Mail
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Gulfram Khan

A MAN who bombarded a police officer, a member of court staff and a barrister with racist abuse has been branded an “arrogant fool” by a Birmingham judge.

In passing a 40-week jail sentence suspended for two years, Judge William Davis QC said he was bound by the ruling of a previous judge telling Gulfram Khan “I can do no more than impose a suspended sentence because that is what you were promised.”

Khan, 43, of Wood Lane, Handsworth Wood, who had previously admitted a charge of harassment, was also ordered to do 120 hours’ unpaid work.

Claire Harris, prosecuting, said that the defendant, after being stopped by an officer and receiving a summons for a driving matter, had made racist remarks about the officer, who was of Irish origin, on numerous occasions.

She said these included making references to the Irish potato famine, suggesting he and his family led a criminal lifestyle and calling him a “plastic paddy”.

Miss Harris said Khan also had a previous conviction relating to abusive calls he made to a barrister who had represented Lloyds Bank in a county court matter in relation to an unsecured loan.

She said he also traced the court clerk in the case and bombarded her with calls which had “racist and sexual overtones”.

Gulraiz Khan, defending, said that Khan had been heavily involved in politics for the Conservative party in Aston and that he had “lost control” following a £100,000 county court judgment against him which meant the possible loss of his business.

After the hearing, Khan claimed he had always intended to honour his debt which related to a fast food outlet and went on: “I accept my actions were not the best of actions but they were not the worst of actions.”

He added that he believed he had been the victim of racism when the court judgment was made.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yep the non-white get concession after concession, where as we all know that if the same had been said by a white man to an Irish man (although this might be less commonly said) or indeed to a fella like Kahn the white man wouldn't have got a suspended sentence and this would be be screaming from all news outlets

“I accept my actions were not the best of actions but they were not the worst of actions.”

not the Worst, today if your a white such racist words and sexual provocation is the worst crime according to our liberal left PC Marxists

maybe supporting the conservative party, having a non - white business which i am sure donated to the Torys - I -like - Muslim-votes Cameron and and being a ...non white helps

of course this is racial discrimination against whites