Sunday 2 August 2009

Krakatoa Awakes

Restless now are the rocks, sloughing smoke,
As the groaning goddess surrenders,
Her bubbling blood in crimson rivers,
That run in serpent streams to the sea.

Spitting fiery sparks from the stack,
She shrieks in pain as the pressure builds,
As deep within the magma chamber, contracting,
The earth labours to bring forth death.

In tumults of steam, with passionate sighs,
The waves bubble and boil as the sky abates,
Lava floods the shore with liquid fire,
As cold sea water penetrates her womb.

See her stone flanks shuddering, palpitating,
As she struggles to abort her many monsters,
Each erupting in chokes of ash and with fiery roar,
Until finally the white walls of a wave arise.

Rising forth from the infernal cauldron,
Monstrous in its majesty, awesome with power,
Arises anew the Lord of the Old Gods, Earth Trembler,
Sweeping mans hubris away with snarling waves.

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