Thursday, 27 August 2009

BNP blamed for Climate Change

Apparently the BNP are to blame for the West Ham v Millwall punch up according to the idiot Donal McIntyre and also for kidnapping Muslims.

The latter is a bullshit artist whilst the former has a new book to flog and wants some publicity.

I love the way donal blames the BNP for the violence between west ham and milwall fans because we have been elected into MEP seats and then he says "He added: "Millwall and West Ham have been involved in football hooligan firms for the last 30 years, so it surprises me that the violence wasn't predicted" and therefore directly contradicts himself by saying footie fans have been kicking seven bells out of each other for decades - the total twat.

Lets hope the cops nick the bullshitting Muslim idiot who accused the 'BNP' of kidnapping him and no-one buys Macintyres shite book.

There should be plenty of CCTV footage to prove the twat in Essex is lying as his attackers drove him to Epping Forest - and then lets see if the police prosecute him for wasting police time when the CCTV shows the 'kidnapping' did not happen.

Next week - the BNP are to be blamed for climate change and the death of the dinosaurs.

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Dr Shipman voted Tory said...

Bit of a coincedence the trouble at West Ham happened a few days before the Notting Hill riots. Wasn't it strange that the Police cut the number of officers on duty by half the day before.It was highly organised said reports(special branch?)
Now when the rioting starts at the week end the opoligists for the trouble can say "well whites riot as well"

Anonymous said...

I thought that Dr Shipman voted Tory, how convenient for them that this footie violence came so close to the Nottinghill Carnival incidently i wonder if they'll be using the Drone over the NHC ? Can you imagine the intelligence they'd pick up from that, it would keep the police in overtime for many years to come.

As to the lying muslim who says he was abducted i bet when the police find out (if they don't already know) that he's lying this will be quietly dropped but judging by the comments section under the newspapers reporting this no ones buying the story- but a nice try all the same..Donna

Anonymous said...

How is it that someone can claim to be thrown into a boot of a 4x4 and no one picks up in the media that 4x4's don't have boots!
is the British general public really this fucking stupid to actually believe this propaganda?
If they do believe this then we deserve Islam, it will be one big fuck off wake up call.

Dr Shipman voted Tory said...

No body has commented on the fact that the mosque (the mullah called it a mosque in the BBC interview)is situated 100 metres from Borders Lane Synagogue.
It is also 200m from an area once called Little Isreal. Are you thinking what i'm thinking? I hope the police think the same.
Incidently, the Synagogue is in Debden estate where we have had an active branch and councillors for 9 years.Never have we the BNP had a problem with this Synagogue and never have they with us.
We have had no problems at all unto the mosque turns up.I'll defy anyone who says differently.