Monday, 31 August 2009

Chomsky On The Media

Noam Chomsky is bang on the money when he defines the nature of the US and UK media in this article here ;

Chomsky also addressed the media and freedom of expression in the U.S. "In the United States the socio-economic system is designed so that the control over the media is in the hands of a minority who own large corporations... and the result is that the financial interests of those groups are always behind the so-called freedom of expression," he said.

If the corporations that control the media dont like what you say then you dont get to say it to the public.

All those 'revolutionaries' who are allowed access to the media, such as leftists, liberals and environmentalists, are simply products of the system - in that the system allows 'dissent' but only dissent that the system can control and that the corporations can profit from by peddling the trite, castrated ideologies and books of the liberals and left to the public.

Leftism, Liberalism and the Green Party type of environmentalism are allowed to be broadcast and propagandised in public as they are products of the system and run and controlled by agents of the system.

The only ideologies that are attacked by the system and the media, such as Nationalism and the BNP, are attacked simply because they represent the ONLY threats to the system.

Leftists, Liberals and Green Party Environmentalists and anti-Capitalist groups serve the system, as they ensure that the energy and money of the revolutionary masses are directed into the impotent farce of posturing and profiteering instead of into revolutionary nationalism that could bring down the entire system itself.

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