Friday, 21 August 2009

Mandelson and the Rothschilds

The methodology of the elite that controls our nations is to hide in plain sight.

Take for instance the many holidays that Peter Mandelson MP has taken with the billionaire Nathaniel Roschhild ;

Even after this article revealed the strange coincidence of EU legislation favouring his fellow dinner guests when he was in the EU, he again went on holiday and again he stated that UK legislation would favour his dinner guests now that he was back in the UK cabinet.

Then we find out that somehow he managed to pay his entire 2.5 million pound mortgage within three years.

Mandelson is as bent as nine bob note.

He is the ultimate epitome of the modern politician, an unctuous, malevolent, sinister serpent.

The fact that Mandelson appears to be a bought and paid for fawning catemite of the Rothschilds cash, is interesting in relation to the role the Roschilds have played in the present banking crisis and European history ;

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1 comment:

Andraste said...

Mandelson is a degenerate socialite fuck. He is indeed the embodiment of the modern politician: narcissistic, vacuous, pompous, egotistical, effete, self-serving, cowardly, materialistic scum (I could go on but you get the idea).