Saturday, 15 August 2009

The UAF Cult of Ugliness

Here below we see the dregs of self loathing human ugliness that comprise the UAF.

The dregs of a dying civilisation, the epitome of Modern Man whose self hate manifests in their hatred of others.

Rootless, raceless and self serving - the snarling self hating swarm that will usher in the fall in order that they may rise upon our ruination.

Here we see the very incarnation of the Modern Woman. A self loathing, sexless androgynous monstrosity.

Her tongue is pierced as a way to express her inner pain and self disgust, her arms are tattooed with ugly vulgar art that reveals no beauty or function other than simply to debase the beauty of her own pale, white skin, her hair is shorn to the skin like some religious penitent repenting the sin of her whiteness, her breastless chest mocking the female nourishing form that gave her and gives our race its life.

She is a monster, a sexless polymorphous perversion of nature.

These are the inheritors of White Guilt, the spiritually polluted children of multi--culturalism. Poisoned in the womb by industrial toxins and hormones in the drinking water, mentally and spiritually poisoned by lies and propaganda in the media and at school - and these creatures are the result of that process.

The suicide machines of a dying race, the portents of the apocalypse.

A pitiful product of the flaws in nature.

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Philip said...

not being aggressive or nothing but they look like a bunch of wimps, could'nt the BNP just place a few of their HouseCarls at the gate to send them away? But I guess they'd be arrested.
Over here, when we have our events the far left tend to stay away as we are heavily armed and can use deadly force on our private property.
Would so love to open up an M60 on this bunch if they came on my land.

Philip said...

"A pitiful product of the flaws in nature. "

HA HAHAHAHAHAH!!! Excellent.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell,

what an example of dregs from the gutter these perennial students and assorted freaks amply demonstrate. Such are these specious UAF whimps. Like Goblins they only 'threaten' whilst in large numbers.

They speak for no one other than their own innate self-hate.


Rijker said...

Self-loathers - and no wonder!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for an intersting and informative blog. Please continue with your excellent work.


extant said...

Brilliant :O)

You just have a lovely way with words mate, that are second to none.

In a nutshell, the androgynous monstrosity has been indoctrinated with anti white guilt ,who has a deep seated unnatural identity crisis, that it is attempting to expel the confusion the best way it can.