Monday 10 August 2009

The Real Face of the UAF

The UAF like to portray themselves as simply a protest group, but they are not.

They are a front group for Islamists, Communists and violent thugs with links to heroin importation gangs.

The UAF have been linked with violence across the country.

The images below show just a few of the results of UAF demonstrations - which are race attacks upon lone white people, riots and attempted murders.

Politicians like David Cameron support the UAF and donate money to the UAF.

The Labour Party support the UAF and labour supporting trades unions donate money to the UAF - even though they know their money is going to support violence and racism.

The UAF is supported by money from people like the singer Pete Doherty, a vile heroin addict whose money he pays to drug dealers is sent back to the Taliban in Afghanistan and used to kill British troops.

The UAF have worked with and given a platform to air their vile views the same Islamist thugs that spat on British soldiers returning from Afghanistan in Luton in 2009.

The UAF are not a legitimate organisation - they are a terrorist group.

The UAF must be proscribed by the government before they trigger a civil war in this country or before someone is killed as a result of their thuggish members attacking innocent people just because they are white.

Image - UAF and 'Pakis4lyf' thugs try to murder innocent white lad just because he is white in Birmingham. Note how many of the 'Paki4lyf' rats its takes to attack one young kid. Gutless scum.

Image - - UAF Islamist supporters in Luton in 2009. The UAF has worked with and supports Islamist groups such as these and deployed Islamist thugs to launch race attacks on lone whites at UAF demonstrations such as in Birmingham 2009. The UAF have NEVER held a demonstration to prevent Islamists from spouting their hatred on British streets. The UAF have allowed islamists a platform at UAF meetings to attack British troops.

Image - Pete Doherty, heroin addict and UAF supporter and funder whose money he uses to buy heroin is being sent back to Afghanistan to fund the Taliban kill British troops. Doherty performs at UAF festivals and is a UAF role model for young children.

Image - UAF demonstration Blackpool 2008. Note the Communist flags, more proof of their adherence to a vicious, violent anti-democratic ideology.

Image - UAF thugs march alongside the Communist Party during anti-BNP march. The UAF are the proponents of a genocidal and racist anti-white communist ideology and many of their members are are addicted to hard drugs and violence.

Image - UAF Communists attack police outside Manchester Town Hall 2009. Note the clenched fist salute of the thug, the same salute the Communists used whilst murdering millions in the Gulags of the Soviet Union and Russia.

Image - June 2009 UAF thugs attack police in Lancashire at town hall council meeting. Police were spat at and abused by the crowd.

Image - UAF thugs attacking police at RWB family festival in 2008. Over 36 members of the UAF arrested for violence.

Image - UAF thugs attack elderly BNP members house and burn the Union Jack in 2008.

Image - Burnley riots where young Muslims were incited into violence by UAF demonstration. Dozens of police officers were injured and the mob also tried to murder police officers.

Image - UAF Islamist thugs try and kill young white lad at Birmingham demonstration. Note the member of the Muslim gang 'Pakis4lyf' jumping in the air on the left in order to smash the young lads skull and murder him.

Image - Islamist UAF thug tries to attack woman at BNP press conference. Note the kick aimed at her back. Note the image above of the asian jumping on a young lads head attempting to murder him during Birmingham demonstration.

Image - Nick Griffin attacked by UAF thugs in 2009 after winning seat as MEP.

Image - UAF thugs attack Jean Marie Le Pen and the police in 2004.

Image - Tony Ward who was attacked by UAF members with a claw hammer in 2009. This is the level of violence the UAF uses against those it considers its enemies.

Image - UAF Islamist thugs atack a lone old white man and then burnt the Union Jack flag. The police did nothing to stop the attack on the old man and nor did they intervene to stop the Union Jack flag being nurnt by these scum.

Image - Birmingham August 8 th 2009. UAF thugs organise a demonstration to prevent an anti-Islamism protest. The UAF have never once organised a demonstration to stop the Islamists who spat at British troops returning home and who called for a new 911 and 7/7 on British streets. This is because the UAF is linked with Islamo-Fascists. The young white lad in the picture was attacked and beaten by the UAF and their Islamist allies just because he was in the area. He had nothing to do with the demonstration.

Image - Oldham 2001. After the UAF organise an anti-BNP rally in Oldham the muslims they whipped up into a frenzy rioted in the town. There were a series of race attacks on whites, such as the young man above who was beaten and stabbed, culminating with an attempt to burn down a social club with defenceless old people in it having a quiet drink.

Image - UAF thug throwing brick at police in Birmingham demonstration. So much for the UAF being a peaceful protest group. They are nothing but filth.

Image - another white young victim of the anti-white UAF racist pogrom in Birmingham.

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gatesofvienna said...

The report calls for the Government to allocate resources to tackle all extremist ideologies, arguing that the recent increase in far-right extremism is as much of as a challenge for local communities as Islamic extremism. In July this year Scotland Yard warned that far-right extremists are planning a “spectacular” terrorist attack in Britain to try to stoke racial tensions and that more resources need to be targeted to tackle this form of extremism.

Thought this report may interest you.

published 10 August 2009

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is Lee if the tide turned then the NWO backed mainstreme will start to support racist scape goating and worse in order to cling to power, they wouldn't blink an eyelid, they would be more vicious than Hitler if the need should arise.

As long as they cling to power and stopped the real people of these islands having anything but corrupt and fake reprecentation through their corrupt media, maintaining the people as slaves and cannon fodder for their world empire.

If people think the new world order has anything to do with giving the third world equal opportunities then they are insane.

They have two motivations

1. maintaining power for their family dynasties forever.

2. the racist destruction of the Europeans, which means first world for no one and third world for everyone.

Number one trumps all.

The psuedo communists(there are no real communists)do not understand that they are backing a system that wishes to enslave, not bring about equality and certainly not lifting the lot of the working class or the third world.

The plastic Communists are nothing but stooges, useful idiots to the NWO banking elite.

The sooner the BNP publicises and argues this fact the sooner the left and the do gooders will fade away with nothing but shame for their ignorance and the sooner PC is exposed as the destructive and racist sham that it is.

Anonymous said...

Get jobs, you'll feel better you chavs.

extant said...

The UAF gutless scum will not be the first to kill an EDL member or an innocent bystander, the Police will have orders to do it, in an attempt to give a serious warning.Remember my words.

Nothing will stop this, it will just get worse until the previous Ireland will look like kindergarden stuff.

But we must remember to show the people who rightfully own this country Cameran and co's signitures are the ones who paid for it.
The real fascist's and Racists .