Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Army of Yaldaboath

These priests do not serve Christ - they serve Yaldaboath.

The Christian churches of all denominations are filled with pederasts and perverts.

The other religions are just as bad with their racist rubbish about being 'the chosen people' and that the Kuffar must be killed.

Each serves evil, not good.

Notice how many of the priests in the Catholic Church are homosexual pederasts.

The liberals like to portray homosexuals as perpetual victims of heterosexuals, but Liberals never mention the crimes of homosexuals against children who they abuse for their sick, obscene pleasures.

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extant said...

Give me just one single reason why a Justice Minister , Jack fkn Straw would want to abolish the right for children in care to report Adults abusing them.

Fucking sick Marxist degenerate, check this out-

YouTube - Jack Straw CAUGHT Lying about children in care

extant said...

Sick cnt Straw, copy and paste please, you have to see this-


alanorei said...

The infection has spread even those some of those that I would regard as genuine 'fundamental' Christians.

This is from the Christian Institute's Election Briefing 2010, which deliberately omits the BNP manifesto, p 4:

"The deputy leader of the BNP recently attacked the democratic rights of Christians. Simon Darby said: “Well, there’s an issue here that the church consistently, every time there is an election, interferes in the electoral process. Perhaps if the church took the attitude that they’ve got a problem with falling congregations and the fact that churches are being rapidly turned into mosques all over this country, people would, would listen to them.”"

You never saw a more blatant lie in your life than the statement which the CI inserts in front of Simon Darby's comment.

Gerry Gable and Billy Bragg would have a hard time keeping up with the CI on this occasion.

Simon Darby didn't attack anybody's "democratic rights."

He stated 3 verifiable facts, e.g. the church does interfere at election time. For example, from Simon Darby's blog of April last year, reproduced in May on yours, Lee:

The Rev Ian Bishop, of St Michael and All Angels Church, in Hightown, Middlewich: “In my opinion to vote BNP is to oppose Christian values and the Christian Church. I have made it abundantly clear that I cannot see how it is possible to call yourself Christian and vote BNP. The Archbishop of York was recently quoted saying: ‘A vote for the BNP is like spitting in the face of God’.”

Bishop and Sentamu are a pair of religious fakirs. By inspection, they are first cousins ideologically of the papal anti-christ of Revelation 13, who is a racially integrated man, which is where all anti-BNP rhetoric eventually ends up.

Simon also pointed out the real problems that the C of E is facing.

Naturally the CI ignored them. If you've ever wondered why the church of the last days makes God sick, Revelation 3:15-18, you have the answer.

It should also be noted that the CI never said a word about the desecration of the C of E graveyard of St John the Apostle's Church in Manchester by Muslims and Marxists on the Manchester City Council.

Only the BNP protested. The CI are hypocrites.

alanorei said...

The first sentence of my previous comment should of course read:

"The infection has spread even to some of those that I would regard as genuine 'fundamental' Christians."