Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Gordon Brown Calls Pensioners Bigots

So old age pensioners who are dying in their tens of thousands every year due to fuel poverty are bigots because they want the same rights to fair treatment as given to immigrants.

So the definition of a bigot is now anyone who disagrees with Gordon Brown and the Labour Party.


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Anonymous said...

Interesting how he regressed to a 19 year old 1960s student. Its a shame he didnt call her a fascist as well!
The BNP needs to run with this; most people dont pay attention to the election and throw leaflets in the bin but they will remember this.It has made all the news and it is why the Labour party will fall to less than 30% of the vote next Thursday.
Use it BNP canvassers. After all this old " bigot" was a labour voter!

Anonymous said...

The BNP should be going HUGE on this. It is a massive gift! A gift, gift, gift!!!

It shows up just how much the Labour party hates it's own voters. How the Labour party will say one thing to the voters face and another behind their back. It shows the lack of respect the Labour Party has for the public. (Incase we didn't already know it after Neathergate)

The BNP must make the most of this TO THE MAX! The election is drawing near, the BNP must strike whilst the iron is hot!