Wednesday 7 April 2010

War Criminals Welcome In Britain

Why would anyone let these savages into our country ?

Because they carry savage genes and their children will also be savages like their parents, and then when the race war against the indigenous British people begins, when the colonists are in large enough numbers to assert their power on the streets militarily as they already do now in relation to criminality, then the killers will be ready to lead them.

To allow scum like this to enter our country and disseminate their genes into our communities is like letting wild animals loose amidst us.

You can take the jaguar from the jungle, but you cant take the jungle out of the jaguar.

Our governments do not care about the criminals allowed to live in our country, nor the fact they are breeding amidst us, all they care is that they get their votes, money from their crimes lodged in British banks and cheap labour.

There must be tens of thousands of Islamist terrorists, murderers from every nation on the planet, killers from every war , criminals from every crime fraternity from the Triads to the Yardies in our country - and each year they and their evil grows - whilst we grow weaker and more degenerate.

April 6, 2010

More than 50 suspected war criminals living in Britain, says Aegis Trust
Laura Pitel


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More than 50 suspected war criminals are living freely in Britain after Scotland Yard was unable to prosecute them.

The UK Border Agency has recommended the refusal of immigration status to 513 suspected war criminals since 2005, referring 51 of these cases to the Metropolitan Police — but no arrests or prosecutions resulted, according to figures obtained by the Aegis Trust, a human rights group.

Suspects living in the UK include torturers from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq regime, a figure from the Mugabe regime, Afghan warlords and a member of the Sudanese Janjawid, the trust has said.

Legislation against war crimes is this week being strengthened. The International Criminal Court Act 2001 previously only allowed for the prosecution on British soil of war crimes committed after 2001. After pressure from human rights groups, the Government announced last year that it would extend the timeframe to include war crimes committed since 1991, in line with international law.
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The Aegis Trust said that the changes would allow the prosecution of four alleged Rwandan suspects who have been living freely in Britain since winning an extradition battle last year.

Nick Donovan, head of campaigns for the Aegis Trust, said that the new law would make a difference to the UK’s ability to bring war criminals to justice. “It will allow the prosecution of suspects who cannot be extradited or deported and are free to live here in impunity.” he said.

UK courts sometimes refuse extradition requests because of concerns over the possibility of a fair trial in the suspect’s home country.

“The time has now come to enforce that law,” Mr Donovan said. “It’s like white-collar crime, such as insider trading in shares. You need arrests to prove that the law is a ‘credible deterrent’.”

Scotland Yard said: “The Metropolitan Police Service has a group of officers who are the first point of contact for any allegations of war crimes. Information is dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Officers work to secure corroborating evidence available in this country to meet the threshold for a charge to be brought.”

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Ade said...

A civic society should have morals taught at an early age, not sex otherwise this happens.
The think tanks from who the Lib Lab Cons take policy know this.

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