Saturday, 17 April 2010

Debate This

I didnt watch the debate.

Why bother, they only lie to you.

It was a simply a competition between liars for the title of best liar.

It appears that Nick Clegg did well.

That reveals just how many morons are amongst the British public.

In a society destroyed by liberalism, the idea we need MORE Liberalism is insane.

The debates do nothing for democracy, all they do is empower the media.

Policies are replaced by personalities, politics by spin.

The idea that the fortunes of the Liberal Party can be boosted by one tv debate, and according to some polls defeat Labour, shows how powerful the media are.

Not only do the media control the social consensus, they also define the political consensus.

This in effect means the media control our democracy.

Yet the media serve only their own corporate interests and the political interests of their owners.

Therefore the media owners decide who are the government.

That is an Oligarchy, not a democracy.

Whilst the media peddle their propaganda to the masses about who was the 'best' performer and celebrate free speech, at the same time the media are using their propaganda to attack the BNP and deliberately undermine our voting base.

The idea that the masses are so stupid that they cannot see they are enslaved by the media sickens me.

To be mentally enchained is far worse than being in physical chains. Mental slavery via media conditioning is largely unconscious whilst physical slavery incites rebellion.

A true media slave is not even aware they have been conditioned - they define the thoughts and wishes of others inculcated into them as their own free will.

Advertising for consumer commodities, and its creation of False Needs in people in order to demonstrate their social status, is an example of the power of conditioning.

Political conditioning is very subtle in most cases, or blatant bias in the case of the BNP.

The entire political paradigm of 'acceptable politics' is defined by crooks, traitors and corporate media barons.

Therefore only those who have prostituted themselves to the media's corporate owners, as both Blair and Cameron did with Murdoch, are peddled to the masses as within the 'Acceptable Politics Paradigm'.

Those political parties that threaten the corporate, political and financial interests of the corporate elite like Murdoch are then attacked by the media as 'extremists' or 'racists'.

The TV debate the other night did nothing for politics.

It reduced its essence once again to the level of some idiotic talent show like the X Factor for politicians.

Substance is replaced by style, politics by propaganda.

If you choose your politicians on the basis of their smile, accent or acceptability to the media then you are only ever going to get idiots, egotists and traitors running our nation.

There should be free and open political debates in every town and city across the country where all political parties are allowed to attend and participate.

In fact we should pass a law stating that town halls will have to hold an open political debate for the public every month that invites all political parties that wish to attend.

That way local politics will rejuvenate as the farce of national politics becomes a sad version of 'Britains Got Politics'.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldnt rely on the opnion polls,Nick Griffin even said on radio that they are rigged !

Anonymous said...


I see Eddie Lizard has been selling himself for labour this week.

to add to the media i would like to add how they (NWO - TV) manipulate culture and in particular so called comedy.

I have now lost count of how many extreme left wing unfunny goons are wheeled out to tell us what is funny and what is exceptable.

almost all to a man or woman is extreme left wing middleclass private education gimp. including several former anti BNP nuts as they dropped funnier.

It seems to me, if you have no talent you just scream about the BNP say how much you love Marx and your in!

This off course means that the hip kids never get any viewpoint outside of the NWO conditioned ones.

This shows just how deep the marxist tools of the NWO have penetraited and just what we are up against.

This is why I said we need to make sure we give an image of popular consensus and that the other paerties have the minority view.

more people wont vote than will, are they potential BNP voters browbeaten to feel it is hopeless by the NWO media and their clowns?

Anonymous said...

If democracy was a threat to those who control and govern it would have been banned long ago. The MSM can manipulate the public mind in the way it seems fit and there is the plan to boost nick Clegg as the "good" alternative vote beacuase the ploy of using UKIP isnt going to work in this election as it did last year in the Euros.Most people are too busy catching up on Eastenders to realise they are being fooled!