Monday, 26 April 2010

Ethnics Only Please

In order to prove they are not racist, whites must become racist against their own people.

Dont bother applying for the job below if you are white.

Bang goes our meritocracy.

From Aristocracy to Affirmative Action in one small step - and fuck the white working class.


The Foundation Placement Scheme is a 9 month, pre-entry level, paid, vocational training placement for individuals from Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic backgrounds who are looking to build experience in the media industry. Screen Yorkshire, ITV Yorkshire, BBC and Skillset will give talented individuals from across the region the opportunity to gain the skills, experience and networks in order to kick-start a career in media & broadcasting.

There are currently 3 vacancies. They are:
- Trainee Camera Assistant (Mezzo Films)
- Trainee Sales & Marketing Assistant (Mezzo Films)
- Trainee Technical Assistant (True North Productions)

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Anonymous said...

Yes and in a local area to me, a sign as appeared again saying

No Whites Allowed (allegedly)

indeed, the Veritable ghetto created by labour council seems to ring true in this statement

the anti white venom of rabid Marxists

David T said...

Dear Lee
There is another example here in Wales, funded by BBC Wales i.e. the license fee payers of Wales, to discriminate against the Welsh people:-

David T
(not to be confused with the David T I've seen you mention in a previous article)