Monday, 26 April 2010

Lazy Media Bastards

The exact same article in three different papers.

Lazy useless journalist bastards.

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Anonymous said...

I await a media expose of Hasbara the organised pro Israeli media organisation. Here is how it works on the Mail; An article with a middle East theme is written. Comments from the army of commentators are written. People can green arrow as they approve. Thus a comment suggesting that Israel should stop building settlements on occupied land is green arrowed +30. Hasbara alert goes out. The board is flooded with pro Israeli comments and that comment suddenly becomes red arrowed -30.
On the Times likewise Hasbara floods articles with pro Israeli comments.
Hasbara only requires an organised group of about 100 to operate but small groups which are well resourced can achieve results. Lesson for the indigenous British!!

Adrian Peirson said...

It's true Anon, I've heard that Jews will only buy from another Jew but will sell to anyone.
Good luck to them for supporting each other in this way,

we should do the same.

Of course in our case it would be immediately outlawed.

IE Harriden Harmthem will immediately bring in a law that we must eat 10% halal meat and visit 1 Indian restaurant every two weeks.