Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Smash the N.U.J

Another aspect of the pseudo-democratic system we live in is the power of the media trade unions to issue propaganda disguised as journalism via the corporate media and state media.

As well as the globalist corporate media scum that we must deal with, we must also address the issue of the globalist corrupt media trade union scum.

The trade union lickspittles of the corporate media are as much the enemies of democracy as their bosses.

This article reveals just how corrupt the media trades unions are ;


Reporting the BNP

An NUJ website highlights the important role journalists and the union can play in opposing the rise of fascism and the BNP.

Reporting the BNP gives information on what the BNP actually stands for, with detailed facts and arguments to counter the far-right organisations’ unfounded claims.

NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear said: “Challenging the fascist politics of hate is a job for every fair-minded person in our society, not just a task for committed activists. NUJ members are proud to play our part in exposing the myths on which modern Nazis seek to gain power.

“Those journalists who may still believe that the rise of the BNP doesn’t affect them should consider the experience of Dominic Kennedy, investigations editor of The Times. He was brutally manhandled by BNP ‘security guards’ who expelled him from a press conference for the unspeakable crime of saying things their leaders didn’t like. That’s the true face of the BNP’s ‘freedom of expression’ policy”.

At the launch of the Expose the BNP campaign, NUJ deputy general secretary Michelle Stanistreet said: “My union believes passionately in the power of journalism. We believe the BNP should be subject to rigorous scrutiny. We believe their policies, their convictions, their history and their friends should be examined and exposed throughout the media so the true nature of the party and its racist and fascist ideas is laid bare.

“We can’t allow a comfort zone to the perpetrators of hate speech intended to degrade, intimidate or incite violent or prejudicial action against people. With democratic rights come responsibilities - responsibilities not to perpetrate hate speech, and an acceptance of the human rights of all citizens.

“Equally we can’t run away from the BNP’s ideas. Instead we must challenge them vigorously.”


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1 comment:

Adrian Peirson said...

If the NUJ think they are protecting society they should look into mercury and vaccinations, the MSG and obesity, diabetes link.
The number of children prescribed antidepressants in the US and Ewurope who have then gone on to carry out school shootings.

They should perhaps report on the 500,000 Iraqi's who died during gulf war I.
The 500,000 who died during sanctions.
The well over 1 Million who have died violently since our latest invasion.

They should look into ' the picture that fooled the world' into war with Serbia.

The NUJ, by not reporting on these atrocities are covering them up and hiding the news from the British people.

The British people will be not very pleased when they find out what Vaccines contain and what illnesses they are responsible for.