Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Envoy

I saw the first Swallow of the year today, high upon a warm west wind.

Beautiful, in the sun.

I wrote this when I got back.

The Envoy.

Upon the scythe of a high turn, slicing,
Through the white silk veil,
Of low cloud, arcing awing,
She flickers, chasing sunbeams,
Summer‘s envoy, slick upon the wind.

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NWO EUSSR youth army said...

Tories support Hitler youth, BNP could have crushed this but as the BNP `had` national service in the manifesto they have no grounds to claim the high ground for liberty and freesom as the NWO creat their indoctrinated army, that will be used to crush opposition.

dump the national service militaristic claptrap and get with the liberty movement, claim the high ground and expose these Nazis!

This is why i warned the BNP time after time about the national service nonsense, it puts us in a corner, paints us badly and now we are left standing their with nothing to counter the NWO!


now for the reality

Anonymous said...

Eh? whats this to do with swallows

Election rigging NWO style said...

Lee, it looks like they plan to rig this election.

Get the BNP onto this strait away!
showing the countless cases of electoral fraud.

also highlight the fact that many oficials will be communist purpose graduates (EU communists) who state they build leaders for a post democratic age and invest our councils, civil service and police.

Adrian Peirson said...

Britain now a


Boring trolls said...

Anonymous said...
Eh? whats this to do with swallows

8 April 2010 10:16

Do you have a point to make?

The poem is about swallows.

the messages are the latest in and are informative and relate to politics and nationalism, seeing as this is a nationalist blog where ideas are shared it seems to be in the right place. informing Lee of the latest developements and the relevance of them to the BNP.

Is this a hard concept for you to grasp?

Now run along, and don't forget to ask mummy to tighten the chin strap on your safety helmet this time.

Nick gets better with each day said...

Lee great to read Nicks blog today and spot the mentioning of the billderberg group and researching it.

Well done Nick, the BNP should be able to go from strength to strength on this ssue as Nationalism is the only counter to globalism and corporatism.