Saturday, 24 April 2010

Paxman is a Prat

Hey Paxman - how about next time debating POLITICS instead of talking a load of old bollocks about whites / blacks / etc etc.

To be honest the media are a joke. They do not debate with the BNP, they simply ask a series of idiotic questions about whites, who is black blah blah and avoid the debate.

You get a better debate down the pub than on Newnight.

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Andraste said...

Paxman talked complete bollocks. As usual Nick was not given time to respond properly before Paxman fired something else at him. Paxman is a fucking knob. He knows damn well he would not question the ethnic identity of Maoris, it is only the indigenous British that Paxman (as an establishment tool) wants to deny our identity. This is in fact an act of genocide to deny the rights of the native people. Paxman is vermin, he is prostitute scum.

Adrian Peirson said...

Did I read somewhere Paxman is paid 1 Million per year.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get to see the interview, but if the question Paxman was asking was the old "who is white/where do you draw the line between who is white and who is black" question, then a good response to this is to reply: "Who is white? The people who don't qualify for the black Police Officers Association of course!". Then mention positive discrimination and how the Labour party seems to have a pretty good idea of who is white and who is black when it comes to discriminating against whites. Labour seems to know what white is when they remove funding from projects they deem to be "too white". Or you could mention that Birmingham Labour candidate who was refused by Muslim leader for being "too white".

Whenever somebody asks stupid questions like this, always punish them by launching into an attack on the Labour Party. This is particulary effective if there is an audience of Labour supporters watching on because it will embarass them and make them squirm and wish the stupid question had never been asked.