Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The VB Take Back The Belgian Parliament

The Belgian Paedophile run government collapses - the VB prepares for power and national independence.

Watch the video on the bottom of this link - it almost brought a tear to my eye to see nationalists taking back their Parliament from the traitors and criminals ;


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Anonymous said...

Hasbarah alert hasbarah alert!!!!

The Daily Mail has published an article on how the "Russian" oligarchs will leave the UK if Labour stays in power. Someone has commented they can always go to Israel. wonder how long that comment will stay....

extant said...

Keep your tears back for a moment Lee, because the whole of Europe will turn to Nationalist parties, its happening right infront of our eyes.

wimwauters said...

Yes, the corpse that is Belgium is still twitching... Belgium is dead, long live Flanders!