Saturday, 24 April 2010

Dhimmitude and the Politicians

Here we see why all the political parties arse kiss the Muslim lobby groups and voting blocks.

As the polls continue to reflect the changing fortunes of the main political parties the closer we draw to polling day, the impact of Muslim voters in certain marginal and target seats could hold the key to the election outcome.

Muslim voters are concentrated in fifty parliamentary seats in which they form up to 20% of the constituency population*. Muslim voters stand to affect outcomes in key three way marginals and low swing target seats. These include Pendle, Poplar and Limehouse, Ealing Central and Acton, Hampstead and Kilburn, Bethnal Green & Bow, Enfield Southgate, and Ilford North.

Muslim voters also stand to benefit from the campaign focus on younger voters, many of whom constitute ‘floating voters’ in this election, given that around half the British Muslim population is aged 25 years and under.

Mohammed Asif, CEO of ENGAGE, said, “This is a crucial election for the UK. It is the closest fought for a generation and the interest and enthusiasm in Muslim communities to have their voices heard and make their votes count is immense. With the rise of the far right, and the continuing debacles of Iraq and Afghanistan, Muslims are keen to make a difference in this election, and that’s what we’re supporting and working towards.”

ENGAGE launched its Get Out and Vote! initiative in mid-March to help mobilise Muslim communities to play an active role in the general and local elections. The campaign has continued with the hosting of election hustings around the country including in key seats like Pendle and Ilford North.

ENGAGE have brought together leading British Muslim scholars** to stress the importance of civic responsibility and the significant difference Muslims could make to the outcome of the general election 2010.

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Rijker said...

Hi Lee,

Check these out:

Plus Camerons "Conservative Muslim Forum" -

And of course -

The whole liblabcontrick!

extant said...

15-20 years we will be an Islamic state, if we dont get our shit together.
Rijker, the last vid of the man who takes Penis up his bottom, does make me queezy, please can we sensor his ugly ck gobbling face from it, I would feel much better :O)

Anonymous said...

Bit of a dilemma for Mo Asif of Engage - he criticises the rise of the 'Far Right' and also the debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan; yet it is the so-called 'Far Right' Party which opposed those wars.
Seems the islamuppets want it both ways.

Anonymous said...

I believe that no non-White ethnicities should be granted the right to vote in our countries at all. (This would mean radically reappraising the basis of their citizenship status along racial and cultural lines since they are not indigenous and ought not be granted natural rights as these are only applicable to indigenous peoples. In other words, their 'rights' would merely be of an artifical nature, subject to change and even removal at any time.

To permit such a situation to continue will see non-White aliens being enabled (by our own traitorous political elite) to eventually politically and judicially usurp us, and hijack our ancestral homelands with the indigenous peoples of Britain and, for that matter, Europe dispossessed and increasingly disenfranchised of their inalienable rights within them, leading, of course, to the destruction of their languages, cultures, heritages, denial and thus theft by racial aliens, of their infrastructural, art and literary achievements, scientific and technological legacies, belief systems and traditions leading further to eventual enslavement if our indigenous populations continue their descent into minority status, removal of their natural human rights accompanied by forced miscegenation via an intensified programme of psychological coercion of the guilt-tripping and anti-racism propaganda variety, in other words, genocide.

None of the ethnic hierarchies of those same Third World invaders presently allow or would ever permit the reverse of the above described situation to ever occur in their own respective homelands. Subsequently, we must exercise our natural and inalienable rights to enact the course of action necessary for our own physical and cultural surivial.

In passing, I believe White people who do not appreciate the truth and righteousness of our cause have to be deemed traitors and enemies along with the racial aliens presently invading and colonising our ancestral homelands.

Adrian Peirson said...

The Muslims must be in a dilema, do they vote Labour who have been instrumental in the violent deaths of over 1 million Iraqi's since our iunvasion or Conservative who as Zionist tools will push for war with Iran.

So much for Muslim solidarity, if they had any sense, they'd vote BNP.

Anonymous said...

The Muslims have a really high birth rate and are growing 10x faster than the rest of the population. That means they are "young" and this means that the politicians regard Muslims as the future. This is why they are sucking up to the Muslims - they are sucking up to the "future".

Meanwhile, the white British have a very low birth rate of about 1.3. This means they are shrinking in size and aging. The politicians regard the shrinking white British demographic as "the past" and so don't feel any need to suck up to "the past".

To remedy this, the white British need to become "the future", they need to start having loads and loads of white British babies. When that happens, the politicans will start to see the white British as a growing demographic and therefore will start sucking up to the white British.

Whoever has the most babies wins.