Friday, 16 April 2010

The Corporate Media and the Communists

The corporate media call them 'anti-fascists'.

They are Communists.

The people that attacked a BNP meeting yesterday admit they are Communists.

Yet the corporate media peddles their anti-BNP propaganda, lies and smears as though it is truth.

The Far Left is now an integral part of the totalitarian capitalist system.

The Commmunist boot boys do the work of the capitalist elite and the corporate media and attack British Nationalists.

More than 100 Trade Unionists, anti-fascists and Communists organised a peaceful and successful counter protest to the BNPs attempt to intimidate people visiting UK Borders Agency office at Lunar House in Central Croydon yesterday.

The BNP had attempted to organise a similar protest last year but had been blocked by police. Given the go ahead this year the BNP were drowned out by the lively counter protest, organised by South London Anti-Fascist Action (a group formed by trades councils in the south of the capital) and supported by PCS in Croydon who organise workers at the immigration centre - where many staff are black or Asian.

Staff came out to join the anti-fascist protest, and Mark Serwotka - general secretary of their PCS trade union - was among a series of speakers.

Serwotka told the demonstrators: "This was an outrageous ploy by the BNP to target vulnerable members of our society who go to Lunar House for advice and help from our members.

"We want to bring people together and we are committed to doing everything we can to oppose the BNP, which only seeks to divide our communities. It is very disappointing that the home secretary said he was unable to prevent a Home Office building being used as a platform for the BNP to spread its politics of hate."

Unite Against Fascism joint secretary Weyman Bennett said: "The BNP have been heavily outnumbered today and their attempts to whip up hatred against immigrants looked pathetic. It is unacceptable that the BNP, a bunch of racists and Nazis, should attempt to intimidate people in this manner."

Communist Party candidate for Croydon North Ben Stevenson called for support for the I love New Addington event organised by Love Music Hate Racism and the New Addington & Fieldway Labour Party event on Saturday April 17th.

"Many ordinary working people are turning to the BNP out of desperation because they feel they feel abandoned by New Labour. The racist & fascist BNP do not present any form of an alternative, it is our responsibility as part of the labour movement to continue to build unity in working class communities and to convince them that housing, poverty, unemployment and shortages in essential services are due to the policies of neo-liberalism not immigration."

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extant said...

Winston on Socialism-

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

Anonymous said...

****breaking UK election news******
forget immigration, the war in Afghanistan and the recession......

In other election developments on Friday:
Mr Cameron was joined by Take That's Gary Barlow to announce plans for a talent contest in schools!!!!

defeating ukip said...

Just had a thought about UKIP and how to defeat them in debate.

No doubt lord haw haw will try and say the BNP are racist - no doubt at all.

However all you have to say is that ukip used to say the BNP where racist when the BNP warned of islamic demographics - and now UKIP have jumped on board this agument after wailing about racism, could it be that the BNP is right and ukip are playing catchup lagging behind the BNP, waiting for the BVNP to make ground, gain votes on principle and them rush in to try and put our cloths on, a copy cat party that cant be trusted. they also used to have a lax immigration program but have now jumped on board.

why have an inpersonator cowardly mimicking real talent when you can have the real thing!

also ukip will bang on about the global warming scam and the EU.

what Nick needs to do here is go more in depth, make it known that Nick know his stuff regarding this and expand it into the NWO corporate elites not just leave it their hanging with no one any then wiser, especially concentrait on its direct impact to the people such as tax but also control - people will remember this when the control comes in.

Make it look like UKIP are just copying the BNP by appearing to be the expert.

They wont have monkton so it shouldnt be too hard to appear authorative.

Unknown said...

Well, contrary to what the article claims the protest last April did go ahead, and BNP members then outnumbered UAF counter-demonstrators roughly 2:1. Obviously we couldn't manage the same result this time as it was a Thursday and most people were at work...

Anonymous said...

"supported by PCS in Croydon who organise workers at the immigration centre - where many staff are black or Asian"

Interesting nugget of detail there. So the savages are in positions that allow them to facilitate the entry of their "brothers" into Britain.

Labour = class traitors said...

Lee i just want Nick to know that as the mainstreme parties have rejected grammer schools it gives Nick a great platform to sing their praises in any comming debate, ignore UKIP where possible and aim for Brown and Cameron, in any debate, dont play off against the minnow parties.

Hammer home that Comprehensives are nothing more tham marxist prisons for the young.

To dumb them down and keep them and their communities poor.

How the others protect the class system - keep the poor, poor. through a two tear eductaion system.

That will hit home to the viewers, remember we are mainly targetting the working class and Labour but expose Labour as class traitors and their support will crumble.

where is the fairer society all these scumbags keep using in their sound bites?

If Nick underlines the fairer society klie by making the most of the school two tier system for the rich then that will echo with the public every time they utter the words ` fairer society`.

Nick can claim it for his own and turn their catch phrase against them.

Corporatism - media conformity = Fascism. said...

extant said...
Winston on Socialism-

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

16 April 2010 11:42

Depends how you define socialism, the BNP is a socialistic party to some degree as are humans.

which is why there is the perpetual back and forth between socialism and capitalism.

pragmatic reality lies somewhere inbetween.

we must also not confuse socialism with PC, PC is not socialism it is used as a substitute to appease the ignorant plastic communists(global socialism). socialism can be national - BNP.

Who are not even communists but largely state conformists, who in reality are supporters of corporatism and for want of a better ideology - fascism!

How ironic!

If the UAF actually studied the reality of their politics rather than the fantasy, they would realise they are fascists, the corporations boot boys!

Anonymous said...

The biggest irony is that massive, uncontrolled immigration (such as the Labour Party has imposed over the past 13 years), is the single most pernicious ploicy that can be imposed on those who have nothing to sell but their labour.
You see, the 'natural' rate of wages is 'subsistance plus reproduction', history tells us this is always the case when there is permanent glut of labour.But meanwhile, a glut of labour is manna for the rich - What, they can employ servants by the dozen, have skivvies at their beck and call, a tart in every brothel.
Only the stupid cunts at 'antifa' are too dumb to see this.
Even Thatcher was kinder to the working-class than New Labour.
Keep up the good work Lee.

Anonymous said...

Sad, Lee, just sad. You should have more character than that.

Anonymous said...

Labour = class traitors said...''Hammer home that Comprehensives are nothing more tham marxist prisons for the young.''

Cant Agree More

On a recent visit to a new comprehensive labour PFI Super school , surrounded by high fences , security concierge security gates and once inside all the doors and electronic swipe locked... I was no sooner in the reception when a young lad ran through the door just left ajar by some one who had just exited, and teh young lad was chased by about five ''teaching staff'', they wee rather embarrassed at the event..

Once I got 'inside' I remarked it resembled architecturally a prison layout..or is that an asylum...

Veronica said...

I was simply searching the internet on "Corporate control of media", because I'm writing a paper on the topic. I consider myself a communist. I obviously found no quality material here, regardless of my political allignment, however, I did get a chuckle, and a re-affirmation of my stance when I read "The Commmunist boot boys do the work of the capitalist elite and the corporate media and attack British Nationalists." I don't know who the BNP are, I'm from the crappy U.S., but if they were in fact actual communists, and not just puppets set out to try and discredit, I guarantee you they wouldn't be doing "the work of the Capitalist elite". I work each day to bring the Capitalist elite down. That's all, I bid you well. (As long as no stop spewing absolute rubbish)

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Veronica,

When you come to the end of your political journey, and gain some real political and life wisdom, then you will find you way back here.

You are not a Communist - you are just a child.

As you grow, you will grow in wisdom.

The path to enlightenment will lead you back here and to these truthes.

I bid you 'Adieu' Veronica,