Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Vote Lib-Dem for more Dhimmi-Liberalism

A vote for the Lib Dems is a vote for political correctness and Dhimmitude.

Council snubs St George's Day

Date published: 19/04/2010

The Liberal Democrat led Rochdale Borough Council is snubbing England's saints' day, by failing to organise a flag raising ceremony at Rochdale Town Hall on Friday 23 April, St George's Day.

The Council organises the raising of the Bangladeshi Flag for Bangladesh Independence Day, the Pakistani Flag for Pakistan Independence Day and the Irish flag for St Patrick’s Day but, despite calls for the patron saint's day to be made a Bank Holiday by Rochdale MP Paul Rowen, will not be raising the St George flag.

Independent candidate in Castleton in the forthcoming local elections, Frank Salt, said: "Once again the stupidity of our elected councillors is plain for all the country to witness.

"What pathetic excuse for this lack of community cohesion will they trot out this time? Will any of the sitting councillors of the ruling Lib Dems 'dare' to voice an opinion or as usual accept that the cabinet knows best.

"The cross of St George is a symbol of the day set aside as England's saints day.

"The sooner this bedraggled bunch is shown the door by the electors of Rochdale the better for all our communities."

Conservative leader Ashley Dearnley said: "It is totally unacceptable not to raise the St George flag, we should be proud of our heritage. If this is some politically correct stunt it is insulting to all people in our town. The council should be proud to raise the flag, as I am proud that we celebrate all other nationalities living in our town."

Labour leader Colin Lambert said: "Disgraceful example of a council which has lost its focus and sense of priorities.

The ruling group should all resign. They are only intent on representing themselves and their pockets not the true citizens of the borough.

Let's meet up at the flag pole and demand they fly the flag. It is not for any reason other than everyone having the right to be proud of their nation and their place of birth.

"Rochdale Lib Dems hang you heads in shame."

Last year the Lib Dems raised the flag but snubbed the Labour Mayor Robin Parker by not inviting him.

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1 comment:

Kratos said...

I wouldn't use the term "Dhimmi" which originated from Ottoman rule which was much more progressive than Europeans imposed upon foreigners in their land. The Dhimmi paid taxes, but it allowed him/her to gain protection of the state and equal rights.

That contradicts the abject isolation and discriminatory practices of Europe which was experienced by others who weren't considered Europeans or natives.

If you think about it, immigrants should be made to pay more taxes than average folks since they usurp the majority of public services.