Saturday, 10 April 2010

A Haunting In The Woods

A haunting has begun in the woods,
And distant hoots and hisses drift,
In upon the cusp of darkening dusk,
Out past that point of beyond,
Where the street lights flicker and fade,
And city folk seek to bury their sins,
Unaware of the witness, watching above.

And as the light sloughing sun,
Falling, sets the sky ablaze,
Dying again its daily giant death,
Burnt before the black gates of night,
In the bower of an ancient oak,
The eye of an owl is opening,
Oracular, as a full moon rises,
High over the harvest fields,
Strewn with hollow husks of wheat,
Running alive with rats and mice,
And stretches forth its white angel wings,
To kill and kill, and to kill again.

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BNP back the NWO? said...

I see the BNP came out and backed the NWO Hitler youth and conscription when it should be fighting this with every breath it has!

The NWO create their brownshirts and the BNP pat them on the back?

Have the BNP gone insane?

This will now be used to crush the BNP and why? because the BNP have some dogmatitic pro view on conscription!

As our civil liberties are stripped from us by the NWO the BNP supports it!

Lee, please get the party to oppose this and end the conscription mantra, it may be needed should the BNP come to power since the NWO will target us, but supporting the NWOs wing of this is so insane it makes me wonder what the hell is going on at BNP HQ.

Also please publish my comment as it would be nice to get some other feedback on this issue rather than burry it, or censor it.

The BNP now have to become the anti NWO party, no more backing the NWO, otherwise their will be no point in the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be completely off topic, Mr Barnes, but on the main BNP site under "RESOURCES", then under "LEGAL RIGHTS", is it possible for you to start listing what our legal rights are as individuals when faced with certain situations? For instance, when being treated by a section of NHS staff that have been exempted from following "Best Practice" when it comes to hygiene.

Marxist gets run out of town said...

Galloway finds he is no longer needed as a trojan house, he is now surplus to requirements.

Anonymous said...

Get it on ALL BNP election leaflets and posters, especially Barking and Stoke - it is a gift to the party.

“manifesto pledges are not subject to legitimate expectation”. Gordon Brown, February 2008.

Unknown said...

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more bilboards in barking and stoke please said...

Hi Lee, Hope you are OK blogs been a bit quiet lately though i expect you have ben busy with the party.

I just wanted to say that i thought Nicks idea of bring our boys home on the polling foem was a great one, only just found out about it.

I have been critical of using this cause as a sole issue, and i still am but after just watching Nicks latest speech it seems Nick is on the ball.

as long as it's not a one issue political broadcast.

But again i was pleased to see this on the polling card - non contraversial and it makes people search their conscience when thinking of voting for the others.

Hope it will push some into voting green or something away from the mainstreme if not us.

great stuff!

Also saw Jim Dowson's speach. don't know much about the guy, but it was a good speech, with a good style, if a little long.

We have some great speakers/debaters in the BNP now, Nick, Dowson, Bowden, yourself and Andrew brons.

Also one last thing - please try and get as many billboards up in Barking, Dagenham and Stoke.

It really does make a BIG impact, gives the party a BIG winning feel and everyone wants to be associated with the winning team, go the extra mile on the billboards where possible please.

Their impact is massive.