Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Nothing British Supports Child Labour

Nothing British are trying to argue that globalisation and cheap goods made in foreign nations are beneficial to Britain.

Ignore the issue of British factories closing, British workers thrown on the dole and lets look at the real price being paid for those cheap consumer goods that Baron Bethell, Maurice Cousins and his other Tory chums so love as supporters of the global economy.

I am sure Nothing British love the fact that we get cheap consumer goods in the UK made by children in factories in India, beef made from farmers who are chopping down the rainforest, sofas from china filled with toxic chemicals, pet food and toothpaste from china filled with poisons, products made in Taiwanese sweatshops with bonded labour, goods made in Chinese gulags filled with prisoners convicted of crimes like ‘wanting a democracy’, jewellery products made from resources like blood diamonds and such goods as heroin, cocaine and ‘party drugs’ made in chemical factories in China that kill British kids.

Thats the joy of cheap goods in a global economy.

Slave labour.

Child labour.

Environmental destruction.

Death, corruption and warfare.

Nothing British About The BNP = total idiots.

Thats the real price people in those countries pay for the cheap goods sold in Britain.

Nothing British = immoral, greedy, corrupt morons.

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Rijker said...

Nothing British, or any other nation -


The usual suspects ............

extant said...

Truely one in the Bollox for the lefty scum, nice one mate.

Adrian Peirson said...

These are weapons that should be brought to peoples attention, the average Brit watching his DVD on his £15 DVD player doesn't realise the implications of his purchase.

It needs to be spelled out for them.

As does the 2 Million Iraqis that have died violently, or through sanctions since Gulf War I.
Most Brits have no idea as the BBC just says 'thousands' or if they are being particularly honest ( for them ) tens of thousands.

Also the birth defects being caused by the use of depleted uranium.

Not to mention the deliberate use of Mercury in vaccinations to dumb down the populations making it easier for the elites to rule over us.

Things need to be spelled out to the people.

It was Marx that said you need to stir the Passions, use the Left's weapons against them.

Use these issues before another party does.

As always, in my opinion.